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  1. Who me?!?! Never abandoning just a long leave of absence. Bacon!!!???
  2. Isn't Boulder like it's own country/State?!? There are lots of us....I have been super terrible about posting at all recently but am going to get better...or so I say. After my work audit maybe a new 6 week challenge will be in the works for me.
  3. Woot Woot way to go Hammi! Manitou is one of the hikes I haven't done that is definitely on my to do list.
  4. I see what you did there Zego....smooth.
  5. So I will be there Wednesday....I am planning on running to RockBottom from work, its only 4 miles so i should be there in plenty of time for a 6:00PM start. Look forward to meeting/seeing everyone.
  6. A bacon eating contest!!! I am pretty sure I have a shot at winning that! ;-) Sounds like alot of us are up north....I know my next Saturdays are pretty slammed but Sundays seem to be okay for now. Might I suggest a Run/Walk/Jog somewhere up north? Not sure where that would be but I am suggesting it anyway.
  7. Hello and welcome to the rebellion!! My life for the Horde!! ;-)
  8. You kicked my ass!! Haha. Great time btw no way I could run sub 8 minutes for 13 miles. RnR half is October 20th so I have time to actually train and am going to make it a focus for the next four months. (I hadnt run for like a month prior to the slacker haha) I think I have a lot of friends running the RnR too always like to have more people.
  9. I did okay....cramped up about Mile 7 in my calves. To be fair the most I had run prior to the half in my "training" (which was almost non existant) was 6 miles so it didn't surprise me my body spazzed not to long after that. Finish is 2:30 which i wasn't happy with but will take for not training. I think I am going to sign up for the Rock and Roll half and am going to shoot for under 2 hours. How about you???
  10. To say I am running would be a gross overstatement haha. I will be in attendance and I will be trudging 13.2 miles
  11. Hey all JPAN and I completed the TM this weekend thought I'd share the pic with you guys. JPAN rocked his NF shirt the whole race like a boss.
  12. I'd definitely be down for an August meet up when are LW and CHammy coming to town?
  13. Haha fair enough. I am only doing it because my dad had signed up but now can't run in it so I am going to make him look bad and run it super slow hahaha
  14. Sorry Ham! I thought about doing it again this year but i found out I will be playing golf that day in a tournament. You should still sign up for the slacker half marathon in June!! ;-)
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