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  1. Sorry I haven't posted on this in a while I've been so busy lol! I've found that after a month I have made very little progress on my flexibility goals. I know this may sound discouraging, but I don't like to give in easily. So, I've instead analyzed where I went wrong and what improvements I can make as I may continue this challenge for February. First, even though I created a well thought out plan here on the forums, I never really enforced it much. I never had a set time during the day to stretch. I planned to stretch every day but I never really set aside time to do it. I kind of just remembered to do it on a whim, and this created a large amount of inconsistency. So instead, I've come up with a new plan of attack. 1. I'm keeping the same general stretches that I had: hips, hamstrings, back, wrists, and general yoga. 2. I'm now going to create a set time every day (and write it down everywhere I can see) just for stretching, as I made the mistake of not doing this originally. 3. I'm going to create reminders on all devices until the stretching becomes a habit lol I don't know why I didn't realize this sooner as I am the kind of person that likes to plan every single little detail. Just a quick question (as I'm still relatively new here and am kind of clueless): Should I keep updating these goals on this page or should I move out of the level 1 forums since this is technically my second time doing a 4 week challenge? Either way, I'll be sure to update more often than I have been!
  2. Hey guys!! I’ve been reading NerdFitness articles for years but I’ve finally decided to join the rebellion. It feels great to be part of a supportive community dedicated to fitness. For starters, I am a very busy student trying to keep her grades as high as possible while simultaneously being the drum major of the marching band and an avid high jumper and sprinter (and possible pole vaulter this year, fingers crossed!). I’m already relatively fit, but my progress towards developing my strength is slow due to a lack of motivation, so hopefully joining this community will help with that. Outside of school, I’m a total nerd and gamer. If any random concept or question pops in my head, I will spend all my time researching it, then I’ll rant about it for a while before researching another topic. I tend to overthink problems and will spend hours making plans regarding my goals (carrying them out tends to be the issue). I cry whenever I watch a Disney movie, and I will absolutely gush when discussing technology and robotics. I spend any spare downtime playing video games (I literally play anything I can get my hands on), making digital art, playing piano, or listening to my favorite alternative bands. I also don’t mind a fun dnd session every once in a while even though I’m terrible at role playing. Introductions aside, I’m super pumped to join the rebellion, start a new journey, and work to improve my overall strength and coordination with a bunch of fellow fitness nerds.
  3. Yes!! Fellow noobs unite!! Thanks for the support.
  4. I’ll do a lot of wrist rotations and kneeling wrist stretches since I tend to have trouble holding the bar during a front squat. I’ll also do hamstring and calf stretches and yoga poses like the downward dog or just plain forward bends, and I’ll do poses similar to backbends, the cobra, and maybe wall handstands to improve core, back, and arm strength and flexibility. As for the yoga sessions, I’ll probably follow yoga flows with youtubers, such as Fightmaster Yoga.
  5. Hey guys! I know I’m a couple days late but I really want to try this. I’m a very busy student, track sprinter, and high jumper, and I tend to make excuses for not making improvements. So, I’m hoping posting here will make me more accountable especially with such a supporting community. I’ve always been very inflexible (I can barely touch my ankles or do a backbend) which poses many problems in track, especially for being a high jumper. So, my main goal for these four weeks is to improve my overall flexibility (and hopefully touch my toes or even the ground). My mini goals are: • Perform hamstring and hip mobility stretches at least 5 times a week, if not daily • Perform wrist and arm mobility stretches daily before bed • Sit down for a yoga session at least once a week I’ve never posted to a forum before and I’m hoping this works!!!
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