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  1. Here! Here! I'n here! Can I join the fun? Hello there! I'm alive! After more than 2 years away I rediscover the rebellion by chance. The other they I found @Teros and today I found you! I have to confess that I look throughout the whole battle log so I could catch up on where you are. To finally discover that you are restarting, that you took a much needed break on fitness and stuff to deal with life other than that. Self discovery and self knowledge are powerful! You are and will keep becoming stronger and better. Deal with our shadows isn't easy or pretty, but after the inicial storm things become better. I'm here cheering for you!!!
  2. Hello There!! It's been a loooong time since the last time I sign in. And today I did by chance. Lots of coincidences led me to click on the NF link on bookmarks, I was looking for a link about decluttering. The first thing I did was look for you here. I'm really happy that you are still making progress. And so many news! Some not so good, but looks that you are dealing fine. Maybe it feels that way, but looking from outside, and comparing with where I left ( more than 2 years ago maybe?) you made Huge progress. About that time you barely have any friends, you were strugling with school, with house situantios, meaningless job and more. Look where you are now! I come to realize that life is this, a eternal battle to better days, a everyday strugle to feel good and be happy.
  3. Hello people! I'm back! After a long long long break I'm restarting, respawning, whatever. I'm here now, to stay! For those curious, this period I was missing I dealt with with chronicle stress, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism (The diagnostic depends on the doctor, but the outcome is the same, a mess). This was the result of a stressful master course, and low resilience of my part. And crazy as I'm, and already sleepwalking in life, I went direct to a PhD program as soon as I defend my master dissertation. Well, the problems really started after a year into the PhD program, when I didn't have any motivation, will or want to do anything related to it, or to anything in life for that matter. I went to some doctors, and have my diagnosis, stress. After much thinking and pondering, I quit the PhD last November. It was the best for me. I took this year as a sabbatical. I want to go back to the work force sure of what I want to do, and not just doing what is expected from me. The first semester I did almost nothing. I did some soul digging, some training in self development, lots of reading of all kinds. Last July I had a clean bill on the doctor. All my tests are okay. Now I have to lose weight and everything will be great. (and of course I know that this is a lifelong journey! :P) And being part of NF Rebellion for a long time I know that crash diet won't work (my doctor tried to give me one). This challenge is all about build habits. And besides this challenge, I'm fallowing the NF Academy path. I tried to overlap them though. Why I'm doing all this? We heve one shot at life, so I want to do my best, and I don't want anything in the way of that, including health and self limiting beliefs. In a shorter time spam, I want to be as fitness as possible to this training that I will do in November: https://vimeo.com/175547986 This mean weight in 70kg and be able to do a body weight workout without modifiers. Mission 01 - Food log - I will take note everyday of everything I eat. There are 2 days that I will be travelling and I won't be able to do that, and won't be in control of my food, so I won't log those days, and as this is expected it is okay. Mission 02 - No soda - I don't drink soda. I don't like it and I'm drinking it almost everyday. No more! Mission 03 - WOW - I will workout once a week, on Wednesday. I will start small and simple to build habit. Mission 04 - Walk - I will walk at least 10k steps a day. Lets incubate those eggs! Mission 05 - Sleep - I will go to bed before 22:30h everyday. There are a lot of missions, but they are all small things, that can compound do become great. Scores will be based on the percentage of miss.
  4. I'm starting fresh. I'm using the new year, the new system to a new me. This isn't a thing that I just thought about, it is a ongoing process. In november I quit a PhD program, I decree 2016 as a sabatical. I will take care of my health, and I will discover (re-discover) what my passions are. I woke up from my sleepwalking life. I'm still a little groggy from the many years of just going with the flow, but slowly I will fully wake up to a awesome life. This challenge will not be rangerly, but I will stick with the guild as I am a ranger at heart since day one! I'm starting small, creating momentum. Baby steps, right?! Goal 01 - Food log - I will track everything that I eat/drink. Goal 02 - Yoga Camp - complete this http://yogacamp.pages.ontraport.net Goal 03 - Sleep more - Go to bed between 22-23h every single day. Grading will be based on the percentage of days that I complete the task. (I will wait for the new system to be up to set the points). PS: I will try to write a paragraph or 2 (or more) as fiction few days a week, to create a storytelling about my character.
  5. Clarys

    Clarys RESTART

    I disappear from here, but I didn't abandon the challenge. I'm not doing very well, week one was a disaster, I didn't meet any of the goals. I realize that I was with too big goals, so I scale down a little. R - I'm having trouble going to bed at a decent hour, when I do that and get up early my day goes better. So I'm trying to force myself to turn off the computer around 21h. E - Too much stress going on, so I'm just trying to not eat emotionally, what is being hard, and I'm keeping record of everything. S - I'm late on my word count, but I'm writing every day, some days, like today, it is the only thing I do! It's being fun to write fiction, and I'm so involved with the story that Im not doing nothing more (hence my absence). T - I did the BBWW one day and stay with massive DOMs for 3 days. As I have chronicle stress and I don't want to make that worse I'm listening to my body, everyday I make a assessment of how I'm feeling physically and if I have conditions to do something. I'm in the right mindset I think, but usually my body don't want to do anything extenuous, so I go for a longer walk with my dog, I stretch. Today I swim! It was a long time since I get on the pool! O swam 1k in about half hour, it was relaxing, I will do it more often now that I finally bought a new swimsuit! A - I will keep this as the same. At least one hour of something, and I'm not doing good... I will get better as soon as I catch up my NaNoWriMo word count. R - Meditation isn't a habit yet, but I keep trying. That is it. I'm still trying...
  6. Clarys

    Clarys RESTART

    No more excuses to have a good routine! I'm excited to create my new persona, I'm thinking about to start to do more creative writing around here! It is a enormous change! It is almost like I loose who I'm, or supposed to be. Hello there!! *** I just finished the Recruit workout on The NF Academy, I'm exhausted, but I could complete it. I'm having a good start, I'm excited to what this challenge will bring to me, where I will end. Question: I want to do some kind of travel, get out my comfort zone a little. I went to US few months back (CNF), so I want another place, any ideas of somewhere amazing and cheap? btw, I hate camping, I'm okay with lots of walking, tracking, be in nature, but I need a roof to sleep.
  7. Hello Friend! Good start! I only can imagine why your neighbor aren't speaking with you... I probably would do the same, you are crazy, trying to get all neighborhood on fire?!?! lol And you give me a idea to how to track everything. I will use my wall calendar! Thanks! See you later alligator!
  8. Clarys

    Clarys RESTART

    I'm back, and this time I will start and finish strong! I finalizing a cycle on my life and preparing for the next one. One week ago I quit my PhD. There are many small reasons, but the one that made me decide (after a long time wanting to) was that my health was paying a too big price, more than I was willing to pay. I'm still fighting with the chronicle stress and hypothyroidism (and others issues) resulted from my master course, and the usual PhD life wasn't helping.Now I need to decide what I will do with my life.For most of my life I wanted to be a academe, I was sure that was my calling, my passion, well, I like to teach, I like to learn, but I don't like the political and bureaucratic stuff that is part of academia. I will take a year off, so I have 2016 to figure out what I will do money wise (I will need a income).I'm not moving out yet, I have some things to do here, and I want to take care of my lifestyle and routine before I decide to do something else. Besides, if I decide to do something I just have 6 weeks, my mom make it a point that I have to spend Christmas with the family.So here I'm to restart my life, make big small changes, and decide where I want to go next. Reclaim my lifeWhat?I have the chance to live my perfect day now, nothing is holding me back, well, my mind is holding me back. So I thought about what a perfect day would be and I'm implementing it in a routine form.How?Follow the perfect day routine everyday.I track everything.Tracking?Spreadsheet! Eat properlyWhat?We all know that diet is the biggest part of the health journey. I need to stay away from the things that made me feel bad. When I'm eating clean I feel good and have more energy.How?I don't drink calories.I eat real food usually prepared by myself, or with as few ingredients as possible.I don't eat dairy, corn, wheat, peas, bread, beer, legumes (things that I'm sensitive to).I don't eat gummy bears, jelly beans and the like (my kryptonite).Tracking?I should take note of everything that I eat, but I can’t stick with that, but I can everyday evaluate if I stay on track or not. Spell a novelWhat?I'm participating on NaNoWriMo.How?Fallow the rules.Tracking?Word count everyday. Train my bodyWhat?I will exercice everyday. No excuses, can be as hard or as easy as my body ask for.How?I will follow NF Academy on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. The other days I will something else, maybe a yoga video, maybe swim, maybe start Zombies run! 5k, maybe Zumba. I will do something.Tracking?Proper spreadsheet and yes/no on main one. Absorb KnowlegdeWhat?I love to learn new things, and I don't want to lose that aspect of the PhD so... I will finish the self paced MOOC that I started in February and I will do another one that start November 24th, and I will read things that help me better connstruc my novel for NaNoWriMo.How?I will do a little bit everyday.Tracking?Yes/No for time spend on MOOCs. RelaxWhat?I need to rest and relax, I quit my PhD because of stress, so this is a reminder to take easy for a while.How?I will meditate while I'm with my legs up before I put on compression socks. And I will read fiction at night. And maybe I will discover some new game to play, or re-install The Sims.Tracking?I will track just the meditation, as this indicate my compression socks usage too. Terminate the To-Do listWhat?I have a infinite to-do list, mostly of small house repairs or documents to get in order. I want to finish the year, and my cycle in Goiânia with nothing on my To-Do list, unless something like plan for a trip or read a book!How?Just Do it!The first step is centralize all the random papers and list in one place. Than I will at list one item everyday.Tracking?Just cross the item off the list. There is a word that is recurrent in all the goals, everyday.This is my main theme here, consistence on a day to day basis, I will create a routine that is focused on what I like to do with my day and that is focused on level up, my health, fitness level, lifestyle, and all my life! I'm restarting my character too.I know that I'm with a guild already, but I will use the recruits system to get points this time, and I will decide the points later...
  9. Hey! I loved to meet you in person!!! And as you probably notice I don't have a internal monologue, I talk almost all the time, non stop, whatever comes to my mind, I don't care if people are paying attention or if I will say stupid things. I spend too much time by myself, and my mind isn't a fun place to be...
  10. House is looking amazing! I have to say, I prefer the white garage door and windows, but I'm suspicious to say that, I like everything white (or off white) in a house, floor to ceiling!
  11. Found ya! Don't expect much noise from me, but I will be in the back of the room watching your progress!!
  12. Smart move on the class! You are doing so much in so little time, I get tired just reading all that stuff! Keep the good work!! See you in a month!
  13. Just a quick update. Veggies definitely aren't a problem at my parents, today at dinner there were 15 different veggies, most of them organic. Let's see if I remember all: lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, white potatoes, yacon potatoes, mandioquinha, cabbage, chayote, pea pie, cucumber, zucchini, beats. This are what I will be eating this week ( except beats that I hate!) for lunch, plus a animal protein source. I decided that during the week I don't eat anything of plan, all my snacks will be fruit, including a green smoothie in the afternoon. On weekends always there are something different and I will eat without guilt but with moderation. I'm struggling with work, but I changed my mindset about it, I will write more tomorrow.
  14. Thank you guys!! Keep doing a challenge it is a way to not loose all progress, or the momentum! And the accountability is phenomenal! This is just me, never give up! Plant Nanny annoys me after a few days. It is the second time that I use it. I usually drink more than 3 Liter of water a day, I'm used to pee all the time! lol But when I'm at home, or in the case of the first 2 weeks, in the bed for the most of the day I forget to drink enough water, so it was a good reminder. I have having health issues for a while now, I just don't like to talk about it... But I'm better, and taking care of me! Thanks! My recovery is going very well. I forgot to write the plans for the past 2 weeks. I didn't make good plans, or didn't really keep with them. - Movement: I'm walking more, but till last saturday I haven't any measurement of it. My Garmin Vivofít was on technical support, they send a new one for me, my original one stop working a while ago. So my plan in this front is to get back to my usual 12-15K steps/day. In the end of September is Camp NF, last year I hit almost 20K steps in one day, so I put a mark on 15K on the sunday before camp and subtracted 200 steps daily. So today I should be walking 7400 steps, I'm already in 8600. Very well in this front, but I have to take care to not overdo, I'm still in recovery. Last Friday I started Pilates here in my hometown, I have being doing Pilates for 2 years, it makes my back and knee pain almost go away (the knee pain is a reminiscent of my swimmer teens years, and the back pain is a result of a twist in my L3). It is good to strech again. I included strech in my morning routine, but I need to find a good routine, that don't ´put any strain on my legs, it hurts if I use them too much (like in the down dog yoga position). I need to look up a little more. Diet I'm not doing well in this front, I'm eating crackers, sweets, and some processed food that lay around the house. My weight is fluctuating. The 3 principal meals are okay, breakfast is eggs, coffee and a banana, lunch is lots of veggies and a protein source, and dinner is veggie soup with bone broth. I need mid morning and mid afternoon snacks, and they aren't being great. Ans I think I'm eating too much starch veggies. I don't really have control here, so I don't know what to do. Water Every thing great at this front! More than 3L of water daily. And moving to drink just when thirsty, bur we are in dry season, I'm thirsty all the time! Routine My morning and bedtime routine are in place. I'm meditating every day while I put my legs up before to put my compression socks on. I'm going to bed before 22h every day. I need to do some tweaks in the morning routine, nothing big. I'm having 2 problems right now. One is with my work, I'm not being able to work very well, I'm procrastinating a lot. My hormonal issues are due to chronical stress that are a result of a very stressfull master course, that I finished february of 2014. I'm procrastinating of fear of not be able to handle the project, I rationally know that I'm capable, but any time that I sit to work my anxiety get in the way, and I want to do anything but read the papers or work on the project. I'm trying a new method, where I work for just 15 minutes, than I can rest for a while, and I increase the numbers of 15 minutes blocks every 2 days. I started this 5 days ago, and it is already not working. The second one is with my dad, we hit the maximum time permitted to living together. I'm here for over a month, and he started to annoys me and my dog. It is hard to explain in english. It is hard to explain in portuguese either... It is like I'm not welcome in the house any more. I should stay here for a month more, but I'm thinking to go home next week. I live alone, so I have to do all the housework, and drive, and groceries, so it is certain that I will overdo, and mess up my recovery, but I'm stressed here, what it is not helping my work or my health either. I can't stress, I don't want to go back square one in this front, my doctor just decrease my supplements and hormones dosage... I don't know what to do. I will keep you posted. Thanks for listening!
  15. Oh boy, that is a lot!! Listen to your body, even with wake up in the middle of the night, it is better than wait to crash. Random soreness can be because of lack of rest, your body is trying to yell at you! Take care!
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