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  1. I have trouble making myself eat oatmeal but for some reason I love overnight oats... It's basically the same thing but cold and sat in the refrigerator overnight. Could be worth a try
  2. Long story short... my diet is a problem and what is really keeping my weight up. I'm moderately active but I hit a plateau years ago and I know sugar and convenience are my kryptonite. I'm focusing on small, achievable goals. The biggest one will be cutting back how much sugar I drink (right now every drink is either soda or sugar with a little coffee in it) but my boyfriend has agreed to hold me accountable as I replace my usual choices with water. I'm planning on starting a running program- I want to be able to run 1 mile at a constant pace, regardless of time, just no quitting
  3. It's time to re spawn. I unfortunately was unsuccessful the first time. I think I leaned too much on outside forces. For example, my gym buddy moved to Kansas and so I stopped going to the gym. My (now ex) husband stopped helping me plan meals and my accountabilibuddy had a few major life events that have made her basically disappear from my life. A piece of the life I was building fell apart as the person attached to it fell out of my life. I was supposed to be doing this for myself but I twisted it around and turned myself into the supporter instead of the supported. So what am
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