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    Monthly Powerlifting PR

    UGGH, I think May is going to be a wash too. I'm being tasked for war games.
  2. Once a month I plan to post a powerlifting scorecard to track my Personal Record (PR). This assumes I'll find a spotter each month and that I won't have some other lame @$$ excuse... Actually I'll be traveling most of March but... Anyway next week I'll post one for February as I plan to go with my spotter on Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime here is the January scorecard I didn't post last month… SQUAT: 225 BENCH: 205 DEADL: 265 TOTAL: 695 BODYWEIGHT: 157.25 WILKS SCORE: 232.9 695 I could have picked my attempts better... But I'm pretty confident next week will be close to 750.