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  1. "Jake"

    Beginnings....not sure of next steps...

    I'm with the 0.6667g/lb (1/3) school of thought for cardio and moderate to heavy lifting. But as you step it up, more like 1.0g/lb for intense heavy lifting such as training 3-4x a week for for 2 hrs or more. But this is a complete muscle tear down on levels that most people don't accomplish on a weekly basis. @Harriet is right, it's an everyday thing. Your muscles need protein the most when recovering and you build up your stores by taking it daily so it's there when you muscles need it to grow.
  2. "Jake"

    Anterior pelvic tilt

    Is it? I breathe better on my side and sometimes my back doesn't agree with sleeping on my back. Belly sleeping is out of the question for me. There was a time during my back recovery that the only way I could sleep was on my side with my bottom leg almost straight and my top leg bent with just the right size pillow under my knee so that my hips didn't rotate out of line with my back.
  3. "Jake"

    Beginnings....not sure of next steps...

    150-155 sounds about right for your height but I would say the closer you get to that number the less you sould worry about what the scale says and more about what your acutal appearance says and how your body feels. Some perspective. I'm 5'8" and for many years I hovered around 155. Almost two years ago I went over 165+ but 80- 90% of that gain was purely muscle mass. Bottom line, If your pumping iron and your waistline/body is looking better I'd say don't worry about what the scale says.
  4. Once a month I plan to post a powerlifting scorecard to track my Personal Record (PR). This assumes I'll find a spotter each month and that I won't have some other lame @$$ excuse... Actually I'll be traveling most of March but... Anyway next week I'll post one for February as I plan to go with my spotter on Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime here is the January scorecard I didn't post last month… SQUAT: 185 BENCH: 155 DEADL: 265 TOTAL: 695 BODYWEIGHT: 157.25 WILKS SCORE: 232.9 695 I could have picked my attempts better... But I'm pretty confident next week will be close to 750.
  5. In June 2017 I was injured during a power lifting competition. Long story short, a negligent spotter dropped 245lbs on me and my left shoulder did not do to well with slowing it down. That WAS going to be the day I was going to lift over 900 lbs(+315 squat +245 bench +345 deadlift). I had been working all summer towards this, not much else to do when deployed, 2 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, I was making huge strides but it all went away in that very moment. It was nothing "serious" doctors said. Just a bad strain, nothing torn, nothing apparently damaged it just really hurt. I took a few weeks off and then tried some lifting at less than 50% of my normal weights, it hurt and so I throttled back to 10% on chest days and just went through the motions with easy weights until it was time to return home. By the end of 2017 I had given up, I couldn't push myself without pain and I would just get mad doing 10% so I just quit for a year. End of 2018 I decided to get back into it AND I discovered the NF quest page! I've been ramping up, carefully but I feel like its finally ON! Yesterday I Just had the most intense Chest day I've had in over 1.5 Years. I just wouldn't quit the bench until I was burned out! 8 sets bench No pain! 3 sets of Dumbbell Flies ramping up to 45's I dropped the weight on the last set cautions of minimal discomfort but no real pain! Cable Tricep extensions until I trembled, No Pain. Dips... still weary of those but I got through it. Here's a screen shot of my Bench tracking: I feel really good about this! I feel liberated! Yesterday was borderline euphoric during my rest periods. (Is that weird?) It’s been 24 hours and no injury-type-pain feelings but do I feel DOMS starting to set in and the good-soreness intense by tomorrow. BTW my squat and deadlift are also coming back nicely but that's another topic...
  6. As said above, sounds like a normal imagination. I'll admit I've done it too. Not just fantasy but I imagine real life too; During 1-arm dumbbell rows I've imagined taking someone’s arm and helping them on top of a wall during an obstacle course. During squats I've imagined bosting someone big on my shoulders up to a ledge and right now my heart beats harder thinking about the times in real life I actually did and they were 2x my weight. Its like an action movie in my head and I'm the thankless grunt carrying on as I always do. I've also had the opposite, back when my life became very simple for 6 months my day consisted of 2hrs gym time EVEY DAY. My next push to my next goal came on my mind more and more. With a base powerlifting comp coming up I was thinking about attempting a 315lb squat. Going through the motions in my head I suddenly noticed that I began to Valsalva (breathing technique to support the core) when I relaxed my breath I realized my back, core, glutes, quads etc. were all flexed as if ready to perform the rep... Only I wasn’t anywhere near the gym or doing anything strenuous. Good on you for your night gym time, I know its breaking from your comfort zone but it keept you on track with your workouts! I need to stop making excuses: "It isn't my ideal gym time/place/crowded" is something I say to myslef all too much. If you manage to link all your exercises into a full length adventure story (Like Princess Bride) I'm sure we'd be interested to read it. Hmm maybe bench press is pushing away the rodent of unusual size in the fire swamps...
  7. "Jake"

    Anterior pelvic tilt

    Does your workstation adjust so you can take a standing position? Will your employer provide it? Being able to vary your position from sitting to standing and back during work can help. Keep up with the yoga it will help. Simple lugnes and air squats are good. Don't over step and monitor posture throughout. To slowly take it up a level you can hold small weights while doing this either at your sides, curled to your shoulders or arms across your chest. Really pay attention to core tension and posture if you do the later two. I also suggest you do some upper back work. This can roll your shoulders back and improve your upper posture which should encourage you to bring your hips forward to stabilize/ balance. (because shoulders back + hips back = Falling backwards)