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  1. Grats on the baby! Glow is definitely the right word, you look great! How's the "new" place been doing? Keep going strong! Heavy physical exertion takes a toll on your immune system right after and a little bit into your recovery. Its a good idea to include citrus fruits in your recovery snacks and meals following the heavy exertion as they serve at least 3 very valuable functions in a workout diet. I'll often drink an "airborne" almost every day when I'm lifting heavy.
  2. This is a bit of a Zombie Resurrection (look at the dates) BUT perhaps the OP got caught up with the covid madness and needs the bump to get back in it.... ...Then again, OP only has a history of one (1) post so this is probably a dead end.... pssst... OP, come prove me wrong.
  3. Yesterday Early today's workout started out much like last weeks only later. Didn't feel like it, and felt less like it after one of my guys inability to get his $#!t together for closing time had me at work 45 minutes longer than planned. I hit the gym same weights, same reps but with more speed, less pause between reps and more smoothness THAT felt like accomplishment. This was my 3rd week squatting/DL 185 but I didn't hit my target reps my first week so I think I'm going to hit 185 one more time next week before moving up to 205. Pictured: After 3 sets of 185 I did a single rep of 225.
  4. 16 miles on the mountain bike today. That wore me out! Still recovering from leg day lol.
  5. I did! It wasn't anything special, I was tired but followed through because I needed to and my other excuses were weak. While I feel kinda "blah" about it more reps and less discomfort is still progress. That's something
  6. Gym has been backburner all week, I'm posting to keep this more forefront in my mind... I need to hit 185 again this week. Mouth guard is in the gym bag. Its "new", had the dentist custom mold one right before the injury.
  7. Friday that last post I managed to have an amazing chest day. Two weeks later (yesterday) I had a strong leg day and pushed the weight up again. The pain returned but I think a small amount is necessary... I am definitely reaching MUCH higher levels of muscle fatigue before the pain starts talking to me. I'm starting to reach point where I will need the mouth guard and lifting belt again which is a little exciting!
  8. I fell off the horse... I didn't get hurt, I just fell out of routine. Busy part of my year is coming up... I know what new years resolution is going to be... but also I should get back on it before then...
  9. You sure can if you think that's more fitting. Or I can start new.
  10. Taking a rest week, I have to lock up every night this week.
  11. Been 3 weeks already! Back and groin was pretty good after Monday's workout and the days following. I did the bare minimum 3 sets cause it was like 1am when I finished... Normally work is shorter and I go for 4 sets. Didn't drink enough water yesterday, cramps almost set in on the quads. Chest day today! Just gotta wrap up with work today...
  12. Less to complain about today (I'm sure ya'll are sick of it) Very good leg day yesterday. Same weights, more reps, more sets and more power thru the motions. Stability was better and no odd phases of muscles firing out of order. No issues from the groin injury, my back is a little fussy today but not as bad as last week. I should be fine by tomorrow or even later today. I set up some new goals to pace myself by. I am not tracking my yoga and other stretches but they are still happening, now including back/core-stability exercises from years ago like kneeling balanced on an exercise ball.
  13. Can't always tell... unless they start throwing things at you. Growing up they would chatter loudly and rain acorn shells and orange peels on me from the redwood I frequently climbed. Good job sticking with it! Always forward.
  14. Even scouts can catch a break sometimes. 29k~18mi Go crush it!
  15. Proud moment: one of my troops, who used to buckle trying to keep up with me (despite me saying "throttle it back, take it slow"), Is now squatting 225 for reps. Now I get to catch up to him...
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