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  1. New Year, New Challenge. Let's do this.

  2. Stuck in "Do ALL the things" mode - need to narrow it down for this challenge!

    1. pureleeawesome


      I feels ya... I'm stuck even trying to write out my challenge for next week!

  3. Just recovered my "Before" pictures from my dead phone! I thought they were gone forever! Can't wait to take my "Halfway" progress photos now.

    1. Lou186000


      well done on the recovery, always a relief to get pics/data back

  4. First day of the 6WC feels weirdly like the first day back at school

  5. I think I talk too much. Actually, I'm pretty sure of it.

    1. Elliott907


      Talking can be cardio...? At least, the way I do it. More hand movements!

    2. athousandwords


      YES. Jazz hands should totally count as cardio!

    3. Elliott907
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