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  1. Sov - are you taking a real break over Week Zero? How many weeks in a row are you going hard at your goals (or feeling disappointed when you don't hit them)? It's good to do a reset. If you feel like your resolve is wavering, maybe you need a proper break from the goal setting and expectations. Take a few days off and see how you feel coming back. I worry that you're approaching burnout. ❀️ Thank you for sharing your sketches. Your mushrooms are particularly lovely and your tower feels straight out of a fairytale illustration.
  2. I love popcorn for these times when I just want to eat a lot of something without the calories. WOW! Nice to hit a PR by accident though! Seems like you're moving up at the right time!
  3. I spent Zero Week at a work retreat up in Cape Cod and it was an amazing, fun, hilarious, thought-provoking experience in all the ways my company does best. And even though it was work focused (I mean, nominally - it definitely tipped more toward "fun" on the whole) I ended up taking back a lot of insights home about myself, what I've learned over the years, and how I work best. In his keynote address, our CEO said a couple things that stuck out to me: "Stop re-learning what you already know" and "Put your energy toward what you're already good at." I feel like a lot of times I set myself up for disappointment by trying something that didn't work for the twelfth time (Surely this time it will work!) or trying to be someone I'm not. So this challenge, I'm going to put the bulk of my energy into what I already know works and feels easy, I'm going to spend a little time trying to improve some areas where I want to grow, and then I'm going to do something just for fun... CHALLENGE GOALS 🧁🧁🧁 3 Habits I'm Good At: The best bakers don't shy away from what comes naturally. Giuseppe’s immaculate Italian flavors; Kim-Joy's adorable decorations; Nancy's classic baking expertise; Rahul's technical precision; James' scientific background. They lean into what they know works. This challenge I'm going to focus what's already working - this is a solid foundation. Log food on LoseIt every day Drink 8 cups of water every day Read 3x a week πŸ₯–πŸ₯– 2 Areas I want to Improve: Of course, we couldn't make it to Week 10 without stretching ourselves. I'm aiming to improve these areas of my life. I'm not striving for perfection here, but even a little progress is better than nothing! Increase daily movement Start each day with a walk/run/weights Spend part of my workday on the treadmill (Meetings? Catch up time?) Take 5-10 minute movement breaks during the day Tidy up the house every evening 🍰 1 New Thing to Try: This is an invitation to be playful, to get creative, to involve the kids, and to make some delicious yumminess. Bake something weekly! Of course, no challenge is perfect. During week 4 I have the misfortune of going on a week-long cruise to Bermuda - womp, womp. So I'm just going to do the best I can while I'm here and enjoy my vacation to the fullest while I'm gone. As for tracking - I'm going to try out Rebel One and tisworth's suggestion and track using The Additive Method. I don't know exactly where I'm going to track, but we'll figure that out as we go. I think that's about it for this challenge, so...
  4. Also, CONGRATS!!! I love the navy blue and the fireplace! Super cute!! 😍
  5. Oh my god it's the first day of the challenge and I already can't keep up with this challenge thread. 😭 Here, take my gargoyle from the National Cathedral tax:
  6. Late to the party (which seems to be in full swing here) but following!
  7. My kids are hearing the summer sirens already and they don't get out til June 14 - I can't imagine how much harder it is to stay focused when you're a teacher! Yay!! She finally got to wear it! πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ
  8. Okay I've been following along for a while now so I have to ask the dumb question: what does DDG stand for?! 😭 Deputy Director General? Duck Duck Go? The Rapper I just learned of when I googled these letters?!?! Help a gal out. Your challenge looks fab btw, best of luck with all your goals - I hope you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation!
  9. Beautiful theme and challenge! Looking forward to following along!
  10. I've never heard that phrase, but googling brought me to this very intriguing article that may just become a jumping off point for my challenge this month. Thanks! ❀️ Also - love the addition of the Wizard's Tower and Festival goals! Noooooo! Hope you're feeling better this week!
  11. Welcome! Keep us updated on your progress - we're here to cheer you on! πŸŽ‰
  12. Mar 26 - 175.2 Apr 01 - 174.4 (-0.8) Apr 08 - 173.4 (-1.0) Apr 15 - 174.2 (+0.8) Apr 22 - 177 (+2.8) May 6 - 172.6 (-4.4) Feeling good about this number after coming back from a week-long company retreat where they fed us excessively. This is more or less my lowest recorded weight this year, so it feels like a good place to kick off the next challenge!
  13. Challenge Wrap Up Well, just like Taylor Swift's new album, this challenge started out with a lot of ✨hype✨ and then didn't quite live up to expectations. There's still a lot of green on that chart, so this challenge was not a total failure. And I knew it was going to be a difficult one - with a 3-day vacation in the middle, and then only one week back until I left for my company retreat, there were a lot of distractions this time around. Overall I think I did an okay job, even if my results plummeted off a cliff on the last week. I made some progress on my weight loss goals, tried out a new strength/exercise routine, and more or less kept up my water habit (except that last week, where I swear I drank water, but I have no record of doing so. 😳) Anyway, I'm not going to overanalyze this one to death because we're already through Zero Week and on to the next challenge! I'll post a link shortly once I get that one up. 🫢🏻
  14. We'll miss you but I hope you have an absolutely wonderful, creative, relaxing summer and we see you refreshed in the fall!
  15. What an amazing weekend - honestly, what an amazing week! My trip to Cancun with my sister was wonderful in every way. We talked, we laughed, we laid out at the pool, we played in the ocean, we read, I listened to all 31 songs on The Tortured Poets Department Anthology?! 😳, we drank really watered down drinks, I actually hit my water goal every day, we ate some delicious food and some not-so-delicious food, we exercised! biking! pool cycling! so! much! walking!, we saw coatis and iguanas and a capybara, we watched some fun shows, we played games, we had an absolutely fantastic sister-fun-weekend. Our resort was beyond gorgeous - every day felt like paradise. I'm happy that I maintained some of my goals: exercised enough to feel comfortable checking those boxes two days this weekend, and drank tons of water. The calorie maintenance was never going to happen, but I'm right back to it this week. And so, so many happy memories.
  16. Sadly I'm back already, but it was a lovely trip! ❀️
  17. Mar 26 - 175.2 Apr 01 - 174.4 (-0.8) Apr 08 - 173.4 (-1.0) Apr 15 - 174.2 (+0.8) Apr 22 - 177 (+2.8) This just feels very, very expected after spending the weekend at an all-inclusive in Cancun. πŸ˜… So we'll see where we land next week.
  18. Feeling mostly back on track today. I'm still not hitting my pomodoro numbers, but that's partly because I'm in a slow period of work where I have more meetings/coordination type work than tasks that need deep focus time. I've been a little distracted, but nowhere near the unproductive levels that I hit when my executive dysfunction is really dysfunctioning. Actually today I almost just fucked off on work because I didn't have anything urgently pressing to do, but wanting to at least get some pomodoros done I picked up a backlog task instead. So it's helping, even if I'm not at the level I aspired to. Most of my "calm down" activities lately have been reading. I just finished Piranesi for Book Club, which I absolutely loved. It's a beautiful, short read. Then the last two nights I read A Psalm for the Wild-Built, which was not at all what I was expecting. It's a cozy read though, and also quite short. I've got my Kindle loaded with a bunch of books for my trip this weekend, so I'll have a few options for beach reads. But tonight I'm planning to jam out on YouTube karaoke. I'm hoping our resort does some karaoke nights and I'm the kind of weirdo who practices my songs in advance so I don't totally fuck up on stage! πŸ˜‚ It felt good getting back to my workout this morning. I'm going to get in one more workout tomorrow and then I'm not planning to exercise or track food while I'm in Cancun this weekend. The plan is just to relax and have fun with my sister. ❀️
  19. Congrats about the increased supply! Glad to quest is helping! πŸ₯›πŸŽ‰ Bummer about the oven though. 😩 At least you still have a way to cook... and no one wants to cook in the oven during the summer anyway? 😬
  20. I'm playing catch up, but I'm happy to read about your productive conversation with Dave, your accommodations to catch up on sleep, and that your houseguest will be moving on soon! I hope Dave has a lovely birthday despite the admin shenanigans! Enjoy the beautiful weather! ❀️
  21. Ugh, feel better! πŸ€— That's awesome about the swimming medals though! I love stuff like that - it's so motivating!
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