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  1. Well i guess my challenge is a fail. This weekend went to crap real quick. We had a flat tire, our service dog had a heart attack and passed, and I at lots of cake and soda. I just want to recluse myself and hide. I dont even want to be at work,
  2. Well last week was an absolute disaster. After a stressful week at home, I had to take off work Wednesday, which meant I had to be at home to deal with more stress. At least Quake con was fun. But of course with a convention comes terrible food choice since I have to go with convenience, so all my food came from food trucks, or just didn't eat. I also totally killed my no soda diet, since I worked super long hours I lived on Bawls energy drinks so I have to give myself an F for last week. I totally dropped the ball on all my goals. I have another long stress induced 2 weeks so I might as well call this a failure.
  3. Journal Day 7 We spent all weekend traveling. It seemed to drag on forever, We spend most of our money on supplies, at least we have things we require for our safe journey now. We gathered 2 new jewels along the way, so a pretty good weekend. Inuyasha is of course pleased. I am slowly becoming used to this time. Kagome is teaching me to read on this computer thing she plays with, It has been a very entertaining process.
  4. Day 4-6 So my weekend was pretty easy and laid back. Kept to my diet EXCEPT for Friday, I had to take my sister to cheesecake factory so I splurged and got a piece of the 7 layer chocolate ganache tower cake, which took me 3 days to eat but it was a nice splurge. I walked 15 miles on the wildlife trail and park Saturday. We did the Harry Potter and the cursed child book release so I made some new robes for it so In effect I spent WAY too much money. Nothing was saved, still no soda though so there is that. All in all I would give myself a B- for this first week.
  5. Journal Day 4 Today was a relaxing day at the shrine since Kagame and Souta's grandfather fell ill suddenly. Inuyasha and I did a small jog to town in the early morning to fetch this times herbs for healing, called medicine. We pass a few other stores that held amazing smells, but being on our mission It was well worth it. We found a jewel shard today I something Inuyasha referred to as a grocery store, so Yay for us. Once we returned home with the joyous news and medicine we were given small task around the shrine from the grouchy old man who mumbled about "ungrateful grandchildren bringing demons into his sacred home." Inuyasha and Kagome said not to worry about it as he was harmless and had no spiritual powers anyway, They also let me in deeper with trust by telling me about the first time Inuyasha had come to this time and had been plastered with sacred papers. I did have a good laugh about that. Mama Higarashi is taking us all out for udon this evening so I am certainly excited to try this new dish, Maybe we will find more shards tomorrow.
  6. Day 3: IRL Over all it was a good day. I completed another full day of training at the studio and did a whole 3 minute pole routine( not very sexy but enough to get some spins.) I am very close to getting pull overs. My Knees come over the bar now, I just have to talk myself into leaning back and throwing my legs over the bar instead of psyching myself out. I also got a double aerial foot lock yesterday so that was good for me. I broke my diet rule though and ate a small piece of chocolate cake. But I did walk 2 miles so there was that. Soup and salad is getting harder to eat since all I want is a giant cup of queso.
  7. Journal Day 3: That man us a complete slave driver! Not only did he have us combat training but he also made me go to this weird class where people fly. If kitsune's needed to fly we would of been given wings. But I did end up having a wonderful time, so it was not all bad. I am starting to miss home with its luscious fields of green and the pond behind the den. Maybe one day I can return home. I am not the only one feeling home sick as Inuyasha is trapped on this side as well. They used to travel through this old dusty well on the property according to Souta, and since its closure a year ago he hasn't been the same.Having to hide ones true self is the ultimate hell I suppose. He stands out as much as I do in this odd world. Kagome is able to play off our odd looks by using the phrase "Cos-play"... whatever that is. The people of this realm seem to buy it. My new favorite convenience in this time is the shower. Who knew running hot water would be so wonderful. Kagome's mother prepared a wonderful meal of meat atop some leafy greens and egg. I will most certainly remember this trick when we return home. Inuyasha and Kagome have a small kit child who follows in their pack. Perhaps once this is complete I will be fortunate to also join their pack.
  8. Day 2: IRL So yesterday was a pretty good day. Instead of having my usual crap dinner we went to whole foods before class, got brisket AND a salad( I HATE VEGGIES). After our Trapeze/ Lyra class yesterday(which got out an hour later than usual) my sister decided we needed to go to the State Capitol building to do our walk for the pokemon, and we were there till 12 AM! I am certainly not a morning person in the slightest, not to mention I have to be up at 6 AM for work otherwise it takes us 2 hours to drive through Austin due to traffic. Maybe I should of add a decent sleep schedule to my goals(but that is just setting myself up for failure there.) All in all my goals are being easily meet. My paycheck had an extra $100 so I am not complaining. I will probably pull that out to put in my Potter savings jar, My sisters and I's sleeping beauty routine I am in the red shirt
  9. Journal Day 2: I don't know if I angered Inuyasha as he is very grumpy this morning. All i did was throw a shoe at him as I was not ready to leave the warmth of these modern beds. They are much softer compared to the fur pile back home. It seems I have travelled 500 years into the future. Weird I know right. But so many modern conveniences like this coffee machine which I used to make a hot chocolate i believe is what Kagome called it. Souta was able to write up a battle schedule for us to follow with the help of Inuyasha. We are to keep a strict 450 minutes of training a week( or 7hr and 30 minutes. This man is a slave driver) With an optional extra 675 minutes a week if we can fit it in with all the running around looking for local jewels and some fictional creature( i believe Kagome called it a Pokemon...), working around the shrine for extra money and planning. I am not sure how we can realistically keep up an 18 hour training week but I am sure I will be able to survive. At least the surfaces of this time seem to be made of some kind of smooth rock. Kagome and I started to make a food plan, consisting of proteins, fruits and vegetables. I believe I will be able to survive in this world with their help, at least until I can find another way home. That is all for now.
  10. Day 1: IRL Ok. I seem to be able to kinda keep up with my schedule. I went to the aerial studio and did 2.5 hours of coreo a few new moves. Also did my handstands on the wall(assisted still). Ate a semi healthy lunch and dinner of brisket and pickles (not sure pickles count as healthy...), did a 2 mile lap around the local park to catch some pokemon and did a few of the exercise stops along the way. It was a lot of fun. Haven't had a soda, but i have been drinking sugar free hot chocolate in the morning so still not on 100% water. Today the boyfriend packed me chicken noodle soup and ravioli for lunch, grapes for snack and is going to be picking up some more fruit and crackers for me to nibble on through out the day.
  11. Journal Day 1: Well Diary, I think i may be going crazy. I awake this morning in a strange place, surrounded by strange people. This is most certainly not feudal japan anymore! My first day here has been a rough one. The place I awoke was the home of a boy name Souta. He seemed nice enough until I broke this weird crystal necklace his older sister called the Shikon Jewel. I am not sure how I got myself into this mess but it looks like I will be traveling around this strange world looking for the pieces. Sounds to me like a lot of walking! The food here is also odd and since we will be traveling we will have to plan our meals ahead. Souta's older sister and her husband will be traveling with us also and she recommended I also plan for small snack meals as well as our larger ones. To keep our energy up I believe I will pack tea and water instead of this Soda thing everyone keeps drinking, Before we can begin our quest we will need to start some training.(Kagome's husband, Inuyasha, recommended that). We will also need to collect some of this world's currency as well if we are to be able to get supplies.Who knows maybe we will be able to gather some of these jewel shards around town before we begin!. That is all for now diary. I will update our progress tomorrow.
  12. For every goal completed $10 will be added to a jar for a trip to Harry Potter World
  13. I have never done this before so I am attempting to kinda make this into a story kinda plot line for my own amusement. Maybe it will help me out and actually keep on top of things, My goals are going to be pretty much circus/ strength training. Goal 1: Fitness 5 training sessions/week (usually i am at the studio Monday- Thursday 1-3 classes a day) (3) Run 1x/week (3) Walk 1-3 miles a week. ( I see this as reasonable since Pokemon Go keeps me moving most of the day!) (3) Goal 2: Circus Goals Continue my Monday - Friday schedule (3) Hand stands on the wall 3 days a week (3) Get the ever elusive cross back straddle. (10) Work on Pull overs on Lyra! (5) Work on Pull overs on Trapeze! (5) Goal 3: FOOD! Eat small meals through out the day. ( I am super bad about only eating once a day...) (3) No sodas. Not even Sprite. (5) Eat a healthy meal choice other than crap food. Potato chips are not healthy.(3) Meal Plan. Its a lot easier than me last minute planning cause then i just get junk food.(3) Goal 4: Money My house is always super tight when it comes to budget. Our paychecks seem to disappear before they are even in our hand. Mine goes to gas, food, pet supplies and then I send a whole bunch on crap I don't ever use. My goal as far as money is going to be making our budget stretch farther and save $20 every check. I get the feeling this will fail but it is worth a shot. I am super excited to give this a try. For each goal that i accomplish I will earn points(jewel shards)
  14. I drove to arkansas and saw my dad. I hadn't seen him for 6 months so i figured it would be nice to visit.
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