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  1. Kettlebell, squats, lunges in place, box jumps, free weights, jumping jacks, push ups, run in place. I just got a little orbital rower that folds up in the corner. Paid $130. I row watching the news before work in the am. It is my new favorite thing. Really gets the blood going.
  2. Been off track for awhile, but BACK to it..again. CHECK IN WEEK 9 G1, ROWING machine everyday, 600 rows min G2, Low Carb G3, Violin practice G4, learn sms G5, 2 hikes in per week
  3. CHECK IN! Joined a RecCenter in Castlerock and love swimming and working out. Have family in town but using that to get out there and hike and swim and move! Another week, crushing goats, doing Intermittent Fasting and seeing it actually work for once! woohoo! G1 - Stay under the carb limit, IF and ontrack G2- Keep house clean while family is in town. G3-Stay busy! G4-Watch spending! G5-Maintain garden finally seeing tomatoes event though the hail storms have demolished them thrice! Hope you all are well and happy!
  4. CHECKIN: Crushed my goals last week. I had motivation because so many people were coming over. ...with the exception of the low carb thing, meh. Back at it this week! G1 - Walk with the teen 3 miles at least 4 days this week. Today, day 1 down! yay. G2 - stick with new diet. Today, day 1 down! yay G3 - clean up carport after party ...stil a mess! freeze leftovers G4 - stay off social media MOST of the day, simplify the house situation. G5 - plan the week for activities for new guest this week yayyyy. Wishing you well Defining!
  5. Jumping in LATE, but I am here. G1 through 5- Clean ENTIRE house for party this weekend. Breakdown- Guest room, LR, Kitchen, Patios, Dining, Outside area, Mow, Bathrooms G6 through 7- Paint corner, paint baseboard, Nail board on deck. G8 - List of things on menu for party: Poppers, ribs, ck, pork butts (3), still need dogs, brats, burger meat, bread, soda, cups, plates. jello shots? maybe hmmm Stay under 30 carbs until party day.
  6. No workout yesterday, but I stuck to program. No wobble and nothing after 8pm. Today, starting out on program, feeling like I am back in to win. I wish the snow would stop already.
  7. Last check in! I think? G1-IF G2-Violin G3-Workouts 3x per week Bg1-Perimeter walks Bg2-College shopping
  8. 31 minutes workout. squats, boxers, weights. egg, tea salad, beef lots of water So very freaking FRUSTRATED today. But I channeled it and got straight into my workout. My client paid me 3 weeks late after I had to chase the invoice. And now they are rushing me! when I already discussed my timeline of 2-3 weeks?!?! You were not in a hurry to get it paid and now rush meeee now?! I want to scream. Focus, breath, channel. NO DISTRACTIONS. Going to DO ME!
  9. Week 12 Check in! Well, we just got back from Nashville 2 days ago, so I am setting few goals to get to the 5th. I should have set goals for the trip because I would have hit them all! Grand ole Opry, check Breakfast at the famous Loveless Cafe, check Walk of Fame, check Johnny Cash Museum Rooftop Pools Cocktail at the Opryhouse Hotel GooGoo Biscuit Love Numberous live showssssss The NFL Draft was there so it was INSANITY! sooo much fun Nearly spent a years savings but so worth it. New goals this week G1-SAVE EVERY PENNY that I can! Budget meals. G2-Clean patio furniture G3-Jump on the ole LC G4-Book new gigs for May, hurry hurry! G5-Vaccuum furniture Elastigirl! I am in for the next one if you are organizing another! I throughly enjoyed it. Defining! You are right. Even though I didn't accomplish everything, it really did help me to keep jumping back on the goal train and I probably would not have gotten as much done if I didn't outline my goals and check in with you fine people here at NerdFitness. So thanks to all of you for the inspiration and all your hard work Elastigirl. woohoooo! - Chris (BackOnTrack)
  10. Trying to focus on goals. So many distractions lately. Hopefully will do better tomorrow. I DID however get my first workout in today. Onward. 37 minutes at 83% squats chops weights jumpsquats box ups I have a backup plan now for when the kid is home from school unexpectedly. Workout in my room, I made room and found a compatible workout. So there is one lil biddi hurdle down.
  11. Week 10 check in: I found a Zouwu last week!! woohoo! yes in a snowdrift haha...good one. Well today was quite a different day. Colorado shut down 800 schools because someone was running around with a shotgun and making threats since the Columbine anniversary is near. My child's (teen fabulous) school was one of them. We stayed up baking until 10pm last night for his class and didn't even get to bring the goods to school ...grrrr. Anyway the whole ordeal is over, so onward. I really need a back up plan for days that he stays home, because I use it as an excuse to overeat, not work out, and be lazy. So I am adding that to my goal this week. BG1: Slowly add in I.F. rules, watch carbs BG2: Get back to workouts So many Actions: 1.Come up with plan of action, and a back up plan for distractions! 2. Violin practices! 3. Clean room 4. Transfer seeds to bigger pods 5. Clean Photo Booth equipment, props, paint poles 6. Paint baseboard and p sign 7. MEAL PREP 8. Brush out Oli
  12. Yesterday, I binged on everything. Garrett stayed home from school for the blizzard and we cleaned at least. He cooked French toast, then we made banana bread together so the low carb thing was not possible. It was a lazy day indoors. Today, I have high hopes with no distractions. B- Baked ck, veggies, tea L-Baked Ck, veggies, tea D- TBD boiled eggs LC shake workout 20 minutes. violin 20 minutes clean prepare for tomorrow's gig
  13. WOW! Last post was a MONTH ago...hanging head in shame. Oh well, BACK ON TRACK! ...yet again. I am in the middle of the second 'bomb cyclone' blizzard, so I'll be repairing and clearing for the next week on the property and not looking forward to it at all. So much stress this month, with Byron's catastrophe, his move, taking on his dog, Jesse's death, 3 photography jobs and tons of editing, 2 blizzards so far, and too many 3 day trips to Aurora...I fell sooo far behind and started stress eating again. I didn't hardly practice my violin at all. I am so ready to get a nice calm routine down. At least for the next few weeks before Nashville trip. ugh I am going to look at the bright side of the latest few weeks. ... and New QUESTS !! *Planted seeds indoors for starters *Started Kombucha and waiting and waiting for a scoby *Rockies Opening Day *2 more gigs this week and goat yoga *char's going away party *Rene's backyard breakfast party *Shopping with Debbie and chili *new bras *fun time at Liz wither grandkids. *Pink concert *Seeing Oliver at the Dinner Theatre Now that I see all the good times I should dwell on, I need to stop thinking on the bad. so ....get it together and get BACK ON TRACK!
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