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  1. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    CONQUER! 2019 is MINE - Battle Log

    Friday 2/15 ------------------------ -Devotionals in Psalms&Proverbs 9th Day Intermittent Fasting. 16.5 hrs today. -Workout 38 Minutes at 84% (344 cal) Weights & Cardio -not sure I'll do any violin today since the teen fabulous is here & I have stage fright Lunch at 12:30pm leftovers- peppers, ground beef, avocado, tea aminolean drink 2 coffees Tonight is our Valentines Dinner!! We have reservations at Pappadeaux, so we will have no problem sticking to plan... SEAFOOD GALORE! This time without the martini. ..meh, don't really need it. Soooo glad to be able to see and post my graphs MyZone really keeps me motivated. Seeing the yellow boxes is MORE than satisfying. I consider it my LOOT. Pure GOLD to meeee
  2. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    "BackOnTrack" - BOT's First Go

    Yes it does! Start my day with a purpose.
  3. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    CONQUER! 2019 is MINE - Battle Log

    Thursday 2-14 ------------------------- Valentines Day -Devotionals in Psalms -8th Day Intermittent fasting. 15 hrs today. Just could not make it to noon. I was really hungry today -hmmm, weird- -Worked out for 36 minutes at 83% (326 cal) Weights and Cardio and Kettlebell; Finally got my MYZONE belt to work. Tech support helped me out. The location settings have to be on 'high accuracy', who would have thunk it, meh So my Workout Calendar is 4 Days YELLOW in a row weeeeeee!!! (Yellow means you are giving it over 80% effort, calculated by heart rate) -25 minutes Violin practice -6 hrs sleep last night Lunch at 11am 2 coffees Corned Bf & Cabbage 1 egg 3pm beef and salad and 1/2 avacado aminolean drink 630pm leftovers sugar free chocolates for Valentines Day
  4. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    Pole Ninja PvP

    Nice moves! I took one poll dancing class with a birthday group. It is SO much more harder than it looks. I tried, but do NOT have the coordination at all! ha! and the gals that do it in heels! just wow..talent
  5. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    "BackOnTrack" - BOT's First Go

    Checking in and reevaluating my goals as I am in Week 2. I am so happy to record and report that I smashing it daily! My days are so much better when I start with prayer and devotionals. I get my workouts done early and feel like the day is fresh! I have been in ketosis for awhile now with no cheats at all, and my intermittent fasting has moved in from the 14 hour to 16 hour fasting window and it is actually getting easier and easier. I have completely dived into the Rising Heros missions, joined a squad, and a 12 week fun challenge here in the forum.."Fantastic Beasts" Journaling in the battle log has proved to be rewarding. My goals are pretty much the same, however I am going to have to reduce the 'time' I aim to spend on the violin daily. I was thinking that an hour a day 4 times a week was attainable...um, nope! Aimed too high there. I'm thinking 20-35 minutes is more realistic, so there. ...and thinking of new ways to step it up:) What a week! woohoo! - BOT
  6. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    CONQUER! 2019 is MINE - Battle Log

    Wednesday 2-13 ----------------------------- 7th Day Intermittent Fasting, 16 hrs! weeee 8 hrs sleep last night Myzone belt still does not work ..SPIT! 7500 steps on the bit Weight training and Cardio for 38 minutes. Under 25 carbs today.... 35 min on the violin Noon brunch coffee chicken and salad and cauli aminolean drink almond butter, 1 oz celery coffee Dinner 6:30pm Corned Beef & Cabbage Bang soda-green sour apple YUCK! never again. so syrupy nastiness ewwww I'll stick with my Tea! Still lots of energy, hardly any appetite. I'm in an emotional funk all of the sudden, I'll go to bed early again. Maybe I'm subconsciously mad because I know I can't have candy tomorrow for valentines day LOL
  7. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    Dalish Eats Some Frogs

    Smashing week 1~!!! way to go! Knowing your triggers deserves kudos too!
  8. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    Butternut becomes a hybrid

    I did Crossfit for awhile and I loved it so much. They like you to stick to the WOD (workout of the day). The class tracks progress on the board as a whole. After the class if the instructor is ok with hanging around, we would continue to work on our own stuff and use the gym as 'freeform' hours. We had two amputees in our class, so those guys would just do half the WOD in their own modified way and continue after with their specified activities. (boy were those guys MOTIVATING and INSPIRING!) I could never complain or whine about my routine around them and they made me push harder. I hope you love it. It is great comrade and great group for encouragement. I plan to go back when my schedule allows. I too just got over the flu and I am cutting sugar. I'm a few weeks into keto and intermittent fasting. long way to go still, but hanging on. Good luck sugarbuster!!
  9. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    CONQUER! 2019 is MINE - Battle Log

    Tuesday 2-12 ------------------------ 6th Day Intermittent Fasting, today I made it 16.5 hrs again! I am getting PISSED at this MyZone belt lately. It is ruining my workouts because it does not stay connected to the app. grrrr. I wish I could journal my progress but I can't get my graph until this thing starts acting right. I don't understand why it works flawlessly for months and then acts up grrrr. Anyway, I had about a 75% effort workout for 35 minutes. Lots of weight training this round. 9800 steps on the bit added stretching routine today 25 minutes on the violin. (put the ole training wheels on today Did great on myRising Heros missions! And the Flash Mission was rewarding! Deep cleaned the kitchen! 12:30pm Lunch: Eggplant Parmigiana, with Italian Sausage, amino lean drink Snack: 1oz Almond Butter 5 shrimp tails 2 - coffees 6pm Dinner: Eggplant, Turkey Zoodles, Maranara, tea Coffee Lots of energy, reduced appetite, life is great
  10. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    Longterm Goals/ Find The Fantastic Beasts-

    So I just gotta tell ya... I am so excited about this ... hahaahaa It's better than gold stars !
  11. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    "BackOnTrack" - BOT's First Go

    Hi Nerds! I am "BOT" aka BackOnTrack, a Rebel with a cause. I am a 44, Mama of 2 nerdboys, married 23 years to the biggest Nerd I could catch. We live in a small country town in Colorado, a rural gem. I have never been more content and grateful for my bliss and looking to level up life a bit. My big why am I here at NF? To make some of my flubby blubber vanish, and vanish for good. I am taking the low carb route 'again'. I do like to work out in so many different ways. My consistent downfall; lack of consistency, and life's little distractions. I have great support from the Hubz this time and he is definitely losing quicker than me. That is ok, as long as we can talk about our achievements and focus on goals together. He does make it more fun. My personal interests, where do I start. I get bored easy, so I have my hands in everything. Hanging out with my boys and my Hubz, Driving into the mountains and backroads with no destination in mind, camping, boating, photography, photoboothing, cooking, painting, drawing, crocheting, gardening, crafting, stained glass, pottery, jewelry making, hiking, HIIT, kettlebells, music concerts, music anything, theatre, Netflix binging, odd jobs, causing chaos and karaoke nights with the gal pals. And I just bought a violin, so I'll we will see about that later haha. Nerdier stuff- sci-fi anything, sci-fi-everything, puzzles, chess, board games, clash of clans and I REFUSE to match my socks and I still watch cartoons, now without cereal. (I still have fond dreams of cocoa Krispies and cinnamon toast crunch, my two long lost loves) BIG GOAL - Long ish Term 22 lbs down by July 3rd (My anniversary) WHEN I get there, I win $996 through the HealthyWage game:) Not really a gambler, but I like this cash incentive. NEXT 4 WEEKS! 3 lil goals are to be consistent in these areas: *Start everyday with Prayer & Devotional *Diet, staying 20-30 carbs and under Daily *Workouts (30 minutes of increased heart rate) at least 4X per week. and 4 - Finish Kason's blanket by March 25 Aiming high goals for 2019: -Make college shopping a priority for teenfabulous -1 hour violin practice 4X per week -1 hour biz practice forum 3X per week & marketing -Send out more Bday Cards, make more friendly calls-less texts -More HIKING! -This year 2nd new build for the biz -Save $ Save$ - less Amazon! -Less Social Media and Netflix -Start planning your perfect garden & landscaping -Laugh a crazy laugh everyday, find something-anything. A deep real gut laugh that brings tears to your eyes. It gives youth and swirls those endorphins **TO FIX-door, sheetrock, lock, paint poles, paint patio, concrete carport, finish paint in corner & baseboard I feel inspired by reading all your posts and challenges and hope I can encourage and inspire someone else. NERD ON! - BOT ========================================================= PersonalNotes /Upcoming events: Feb.9th RockTheLock / Feb17th TubingTrip / March1st MardiGras at Duck / March 16th Matt's Wedding** / March 17 St. Patty / March 23 LoganPhotoshoot / March 29 Trish&Dana Wedding** / April 25th Nashville / find out about Pink Concert ++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  12. "BOT"  - BackOnTrack

    CONQUER! 2019 is MINE - Battle Log

    SO GLAD I found a place to Journal. I did this years ago in a LowCarb Forum like this and it REALLY helped me to look forward to the end of the day and celebrate my progress. Here we go 2019! I'm in it to WIN IT. Day1- B-coffee, eggs L-Ck& greens tea S-almonds, keto shake D-Pork, salad tea coffee 28 minutes - LR Sweat (my zone belt) 4600 steps 6.5 hrs sleep last night 2.8 liters water ------------------------------------------- Day2- B-coffee, sausage L-Ck& greens tea S- 1ounce almond butter cup. / keto shake D-CK, greens, cabbage salad almonds tea coffee 32 minutes - LR Sweat (my zone belt) 5200 steps 7 hrs sleep last night 2 liters water *extra smiles*. New 6x8 paper arrived today and it works in the new printer! YAY, ordered tickets for Hootie & the Blowfish! ------------------------------------------ Day3- B-coffee, egg, bacon L-Pork, carrots, greens tea SF jello D-Brisket, greens tea coffee 1ounce almond butter cup 30 minutes - LR Sweat (my zone belt) 74% 5200 steps 6.5 hrs sleep 2 liters water *extra smiles*. Garrett drove today for the first time, and I didn't have a heart attack. He drove for 36 minutes! AND...I ordered my first Violin!!! too excited about this new venture ;))) It will be here on the 25th ------------------------------------------ Day4- Sunday. ---Ketosis after 7 days nearly no carbs - My cravings have subsided to nearly nothing. Almost have to force myself to eat at this point. If I have a sweet craving the shakes and the almond butter snap me out of it. I SERIOUSLY craved beer when the game started going nutzoid and I realized that was an emotional trigger for beer haha so I CONQUERED THAT! Tomorrow will be the test when the girls come over for tacos. I won't have a problem avoiding the carbs, but when I'm with the girls I want wine. So tomorrow I will give myself EPIC QUEST points if I pass. I generally don't want alcohol at all if I'm full so I am planning ahead. BIG breakfast! BIG workout before they get here and I won't want to interfere with my morning progress. I have to play mind tricks on myself. meh. It is what it is. PROGRESS! ONWARD! B-coffee, brisket L-shake tea cheese D-ham, greens (I cooked a huge ham, first time. Ham for days now :) tea coffee carrots and ranch 53 minutes!!!! - LR Sweat (my zone belt) 75% 11,700 steps. (a lot of pacing !- during that stupid Saints/Ram playoff game!) 6.5 hrs sleep last night 2.8 liters water *extra smiles*. deep cleaned guest bath, cleaned out closet, cleaned kitchen, enjoyed the house to myself for most of the day :) ahhhhhh quiet time.