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  1. Mortimer, thank you for your comment! Before I say anything, I just want to apologize if I sounded overly negative before. I realized fairly quickly after my last post that I was entering a depressive episode, which means that I need to shift my focus, perspective, and expectations to accommodate. I can still do this, I just have to work around my brain! Making tubs of veggies is a fantastic idea, and it's something that I absolutely want to start working on. Lately I've been doing small experiments with meal prep as my energy/time allows, and it makes life so much easier. The key
  2. I didn't work out yesterday, I ate more cookies, and the healthy dinner I tried to make last night ended up being awful. Overslept this morning, missed an hour of work, had another cookie with my bowl of cereal and I honestly feel like a disgusting blob of failure? My brain is telling me "Yeah, you could go to the gym today like you said you would, but your body is full of sugar and flour and FAILURE and so you'll probably just pass out you unhealthy wreck." I know that's not true, and I do intend to go, but I'm just honestly kind of ashamed of how badly I'm doing - pretty sure I'v
  3. Still here, still going at it! Still also trying to manage my energy levels. I've been feeling a bit better, but the energy I've gained back has been going in other directions. I do want to get back to doing this daily, but I also feel good because, while I'm not doing everything perfectly, I'm still working out 3 (2, on the recent weeks I've been traveling) times a week! I just wrote up a big paragraph, pressed enter, and then it just...vanished???? I guess I ghosted over another key or something, but WOW I'm annoyed. But, okay, here we go. ................it just happ
  4. Alright, so it's been awhile. I'm still keeping up with workouts, still trying to do my best with food, still aware that I need to isolate specific issues and make major changes because I'm not seeing any progress yet. The big reason why I haven't been updating (and getting a lot of other things done) is because...well, I've been tired. I sort of feel like I'm tired all the time. I don't know if I'm not getting enough sleep or what, but this is a reoccurring issue. I almost wonder if I should see a doctor, but my fiancé still hasn't been hired by anyone, and money is tight. I'll ke
  5. Goddddd, this weekend. Went to visit my mom on Thursday, came home Saturday, and spent Sunday basically dead. She's moving, so I'm working to get the rest of my stuff out of her house (I would've done it years ago, but whenever I took stuff out of my room she got emotional, sooooooo.....), and it's a hell of a lot of work. I have to go back in a couple of weeks for round 2, and that probably won't be the end of it. Oy. I had hoped to keep up and make posts through the weekend, but I was dead and it didn't happen. The good news is, I did make it to the gym on Thursday! I won't post
  6. Fitness I was feeling low in motivation yesterday, which was expected after missing so many days, so I simplified the parts of the workout that were stressing me out the most. Warm-Up: I switched from the elliptical to five minutes on the treadmill. The difference is that I know I can do a five minute walk, as opposed to struggling on the elliptical. I was going to start off really slow and work my way up over the course of time until I hit my limit, but the slowest speeds ended up being intolerable and I messed around with it until I settled at 3.5 MPH. I'll be going u
  7. So, confession - didn't make it to the gym yesterday. The day ended up being even rougher than expected, and ultimately it just didn't happen. I will be going today instead - my gym clothes are ready and waiting in my car and I have no errands to run, so it should be all good. Breakfast: Cereal again, with a banana. Had the last of my cold brew coffee with half a tablespoon of homemade cardamom syrup and half and half. Lunch: Cheese and a peach. This was around the time of my misadventures yesterday so eating was sort of an afterthought. Dinner: I made a re
  8. For yesterday! Breakfast: A pear, bacon (3 slices), and eggs (2 sunny-side up, topped with Penzy's Sunny Paris mix and a bit of garlic salt) We went out for the day to see my sister and my baby niece! Lunch: My brother-in-law made us hot dogs and hamburgers - I had two, topped with ketchup and a slice of sandwich-sized cheddar each, and I had a root beer. The root beer is really rare for me, because I'm not much of a soda drinker! I also don't usually have hot dogs, but I appreciated the food and I don't feel too bad about it. My fiancé and I also went to Be
  9. Fair! Writing a post gives me context, though, so by making at least a note I can stop putting stress on myself to make write up all the missed days. Maybe one day I won't need to, though! Just to get a head start, I just ate a pear and I'm gonna make myself some bacon and eggs. 'v'
  10. Ugggghhhhhhhhh why am I like this I could've written nice, short, simple posts, but nope!! Here I am!!!! I'll be honest - I was good on Wednesday and went to the gym, but stuff happened on Friday and I was really bad both yesterday and today. I didn't go to the gym, I've been to Einstein Bros twice this week, and this morning I had donuts + made a homemade frappuccino. That's the cliff notes version, but yeah. It hasn't been good. I know I should recount it in detail, but the thought of how much I missed and how much of a tone shift there is from Wed/Thurs to Fri/today
  11. I...listen. I'm doing my very best. My two brain cells are trying VERY hard. Food Breakfast: Friday - I can't remember, but I think this was another cereal day. I know, I need to do better. It's a goal. But...for a baby step, I'm just gonna try to get something better than frosted mini-wheats next time I'm at the store. Saturday - I started with fruit from my co-op: a peach, a banana, and half of a honeydew melon with some of the chia seed pudding I made (which sadly didn't turn out well, but I do know what I did wrong). This leads into a story (warning
  12. Oh my goodness, I keep missing days! My energy levels have been low. I have a really easy job with good people in a good environment, so I don't think that's the cause. Today a slept a whole lot, and still spent the day feeling very tired; my dog woke me up at about 8 to go outside, then I went back to bed and didn't wake up until nearly 2. I went to bed at midnight, so all told I slept nearly 12 hours. I don't know why! Anyway, I did start the bodyweight workout yesterday. My results: Warm-up: Elliptical, 3 min Bodyweight Squats - 10/x/x Push-Ups
  13. Yikes, I forgot to post yesterday! Thank you so much, and I'll keep doing my best! I still haven't done anything terribly impressive, but I can give an update on how I'm feeling. Yesterday I was still very tired overall, but thankfully we decided not to go out. My fiance has absolutely knocked it out of the park with getting our furniture put together, though I did at least manage to do one other piece myself and I helped her a bit. I haven't started working out yet, but given that I'm feeling much better that may have been for the best. I plan to start tomorr
  14. Keeping it brief today, didn't do anything too impressive. I definitely exhausted myself yesterday - I slept until after 2, and I couldn't get out of bed until 4. I've been sluggish and tired and a little sore all day, so fitness-wise I have nothing to note. I built a shelf, though! I tried to get some work done on food today, but with mixed results given my energy levels and how much I slept. I ate a protein bar when I woke up. A bit later I had a salad with some spring greens, persian cucumbers, and green beans I got from my co-op basket, with taco meat my fiance made and a bit of cheese, to
  15. So, I'm very tired, but I don't have much to report today. Fitness-wise, I didn't start the bodyweight workout today, because my fiance and I had an Ikea date! So, while I didn't do any dedicated workouts, at the very least I was not sitting on my bum all day. She and I walked through the entire store and bought two sets of shelves, a bedside table (that is actually a cat shelf, but I liked it), and a storage unit and dining table, plus some other odds and ends - things that we've been meaning to get since we moved into a bigger apartment with less built-in storage back in October. Kinda hurt
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