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  1. Monday 20th January Tennis in the morning 1 hour Run 7.5km in the evening at 4:26 tempo Diet Decided to track calories with mfp after all, I'm not good at winging I end up eating too much and too unhealthy. Calories 2140, will aim for 2,500 a day and see what happens with my weight Tuesday 21st January Weight 75.0kg Squats 8 sets of 50kg @ 3 reps each Sumo DL 6 sets 62.5kg @ 3 reps each BB rows Chin ups Pull ups Face pulls Leg press Lunges Standing calf raises Sitting calf ra
  2. Friday 17th January Workout DL 9 sets Max set 3x105kg Front squat 8 sets Heaviest set/weight 8x37.5kg BB rows chin ups pull-ups face pulls Hanging situp Cable crunch Sleep Got 7 hours last night. Really want to aim for 8. Will work on it. Went for a 7.5km run as well Saturday 18th January Workout Bench 9 sets Max set 5x75kg Close grip bench 8 sets Heaviest set/weight 8x47.5kg DB presses Lateral raises Reverse flies BB curls
  3. Thank you both for stopping by and the support!
  4. Thursday 16th January Workout OHP 9 sets 6@35, 3@60, 3@37.5, 10@42.5, 3@40, 3@37.5, 3@35, 5@35, 20@30 Incline Bench 6@27.5, 5@35, 3@42.5, 5@42.5, 7@42.5, 4@42.5, 6@42.5, 8@42.5 DB Press 3x10 @ 16kg Lateral raises 3x12 @ 7kg Reverse flies 3x12 @ 6kg Incline DB press 3x12,8,10 @ 24kg Flat DB flyes 3x12 @ 10kg Chest dips 3x15,10,15 @ BW Diet (each new line is a sepearate meal) One portion of oats (overnight) with milk and a banana (creatine, omega 3 pills, multi, caffeine pill) 6 eggs Chicken, rice, ca
  5. Tuesday Bench 9 sets 8@45, 6@52.5, 4@60, 4@60, 4@60, 5@55, 6@52.5, 7@50, 25@45 OHP 8 sets 6@22.5, 5@27.5, 3@32.5, 5@32.5, 7@32.5, 4@32.5, 6@32.5, 8@32.5 BB row 3x8reps @ 40kg Chins 2x4 BW Pull-ups 2x4 BW Face pulls 3x12reps @ 25kg Incline press 3x12reps @ 22kg Barbell curls 3x8,10,8 @ 30kg DB tricep overhead extension 3x8reps @24kg Wednesday Squats 9 sets 5@52.5, 3@60, 5@67.5, 3@62.5, 3@60, 3@55, 5@52.5, 5@50, 10@45 Sumo DL 5@55, 5@65, 3@77.5, 5@@77.5, 7@77.5, 4@77.5, 6@77.5, 8@77.5 Leg Pr
  6. Alright so I've worked out for most of the last decade. I'm 182cm, 73kg, 27 years old. Fairly skinny but with some fat on my chest, stomach and lower back. I'm in decent shape but hoping to really level up during 2020. I'm running a program called Nsuns which is a 5/3/1 variant. The six day version of the program. I also have the ambition to go from my fastest 10km time of 41:44 minutes to under 40. So this daily log will detail diet (eating clean and healthy not counting cals/macros), sleep and workouts. Initial
  7. Log for Wednesday 5th of June 2019 Sleep - got about 6.5 to 7 hours 3/3 Workout - SL 3/3 Squats 80kg 5x5 PR Press 50kg 5x5 PR Deadlift 110kg PR Chins BW 3x3 - no progress I'm terrible at these BB curl 32.5kg 2x8 PR Diet - stuck to what I'm supposed to eat and drink. Happy with it! 2/3 Feels like a good day! Tomorrow will be worse unfortunately, it's national day in Sweden so I'll be out all day and diet will not be on point at all but I'll squeeze in a run in the morning. Good luck to all of you!
  8. Logging and communicating on a forum sounds like a great start and if you feel that that is a helpful to start you on a journey then that is a great thing to do for this challenge. Keep it up, we're all here to learn and encourage together
  9. Log for Tuesday 4th of June 2019 Scoring will be based on changed goals from and including monday Goal 1 - sleep Got about 6.5 hours of sleep 2/2 Goal 2 - SL or running Ran ca. 8km 2/2 Goal 3 - Diet Ate some peanut butter. Bought a big tub a ways back. Need to eat it not throwing it away. But as usual I overate. Damn you apples and peanut butter why does your tastiness overpower me. 1/2 All in all a good day. But we are here to become better not to be good so I’ll do better Wednesday
  10. Thanks! You called it just right on your first comment though^^ Some goals that were a little too aggressive and a needf for a clearer way to determine what counts as success and what counts as failure. You've done this before as i see from your signature^^ Appreciate the feedback, thanks:)
  11. Alright some adjustments to my challenge!! This is kind of cheating but I'm realizing that my goals weren't entirely realistic and logging failures for 3 more weeks won't benefit me. Goal 1 6 hours of SLEEP at least. Change I've always been bad at sleeping and in the long run I would love to be the type of person that gets at least 8 hours of sleep every night, maybe even 9. But I'm incredibly far from that at the moment most nights I get 5-7. So the goal now is to not have a single night that goes under 6. I realize that this is a huge cutback on my g
  12. 32 is crazy. I'm Swedish and I think I'm lucky to live in the north I can't handle temperatures like that unless I'm lying at a beach with possibility to jump in the water every 5 minutes^^
  13. I see, nice! What is your source that he trains and eats like that? An interview from him? The man is a beast i want to learn his method^^ Also do you think he's natural nowadays? I highly doubt it but I WANT him to be. More inspiring if he is
  14. Awesome logging, interesting to follow Curious, how come your protein intake is at ca. 250g every day rather than ca. 190 which is your weight in pounds? To minimize muscle loss on a strong cut? I suspect my next challenge will invovle more actively cutting so I'm interested
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