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  1. This may help. Arthritis and gout are related, & I came across a book 'How to Eat away Arthritis'. It is supposed to work for Gout too and it cleared up my RA just about overnight.
  2. I got up and looked in the mirror one morning & saw a stranger staring back - I've now given up mirrors. I'm 62. Age is a state of mind.
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    Have you tried Melissa Bellydance. She has a free beginners dance class on youtube which I've been doing, & she also does on-line classes. Some of the on-line classes are free but there is a pro option that gives you access to the full course & the price for this is 20 GBP per month or 55 GBP fr 3 months. https://melissabellydance.com/
  4. Hi everyone, we moved ashore here 6 years ago when my husband got a job. Then the ship's cat died & I sank into a lengthy depression - I've always been active & a career woman & I REALLY HATE being a housewife. So now we've bought a farm on the coast & I'm having a mid-life change of career (at 62) to free-range chicken farmer. In the meantime my health has declined & I've become really unfit & I don't like it. I did have rheumatoid arthritis, but I switched to the paleo diet & have been symptom free ever since. Switching was easy for me, pain is a good motivator to stick to a diet. I'm now battling asthma & determined to conquer it - as you can see I don't like being sick & I will NOT become an ageing old fossil. My asthma gets worse the less I do, so I know working out is essential & I've finally found a system that keeps me motivated, mainly because I just can't resist a challenge. I've been with Nerd Fitness 3 weeks now & the asthma is improving. I suppose with my background I ought to be an adventurer, but most of those quests are in my past which seems like cheating somehow, so for now I'll stick as a rebel .
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