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  1. We have a big mutt.... we did a DNA test a while back that said she was 25% Staffordshire terrier and 25% coon hound and a bunch of "other" types... so she's a whole lot of different types. She's such a gentle giant, pushing 90 lbs. I hate dealing with laundry *cries*
  2. Wow... this week got busy fast. I have not had a change to get on here to do any check ins... but, it was a good week! Goals check in: Goal 1: Save Money. Achieved 3/4 days this week. Note to self: busy week = harder to bring lunches. Need to account for stacked afternoons and evenings to be sure I have time to make my lunches for the next day. I did only get coffee once, which was what I wanted to do! Yay! Goal 2: Get Moving. I'm pushing this one back to last Saturday, but... it still works. Saturday: Did Barre Sunday: Did Tone
  3. Responding only to express my gratitude for the Links awakening GIF.
  4. Welcome - I'm new here as well, and this is my first challenge. I'm classically introverted as well, I like the distant socialization of message boards like this :-D Good luck with all of your goals, you've already accomplished so much!
  5. Google Goal Tracking is my hero! It makes it so easy, but also just obnoxious enough to motivate me every time I get a push notification
  6. The one starting next week! https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/forum/989-current-challenge-february-11-to-march-10/
  7. thanks for the welcome, @issac10991 and @guzzi I just went and joined the challenge. I'm excited!
  8. Thanks, Robozbra! Dance class is super fun, it's an easy win on my goals because it's a regular thing I already do. We actually perform in the recital each year, which is a hoot to see 30 and 40 something moms dancing around in costumes next to the teens... but the kids love it, so we do it for them. I used to dance when I was little and stopped when I went to nursing school. I started again about 2 years ago and it lit a spark back in me again. I wish I could say I was good, I'm really not... but it's so much fun it's totally worth it. And it's an underlying motivator for me to get stronger,
  9. Hi. I'm 32. I'm a mom of one very spirited 4-year-old girl. I have a loving husband. A super-sized dog. A great (but stressful, and time-consuming) job. I volunteer my time for an arts program for teenage girls. I take dance class. I like (love) to play video games. This is me: (Just Kidding, I'm not actually a slug... I need thumbs and hands to type all of this, obv) After the end of the day, all I want to do is sit on the couch with a big bag of Doritos and watch prime time television and play Switch.... because
  10. Hello! Wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. 32 yo mom, wife, nurse, and 9-5er... and of course, a self-proclaimed nerd. I Recently got a swift kick of some much-needed motivation to get moving and get stronger... so here I am. A little about myself... I've spent the last decade-and-some-change doing "stuff"... nursing school, wedding, master's degree, house (x2), baby, work, work, work, raising tiny human... the general hustle. My "stuff" kept me incredibly busy and made me generally a slug when it came to taking care of my body. When I was younger
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