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  1. A little update on my challenges: I realized I chose things that were already almost habits out of fear that I'd do badly, I already do yoga 2+ hours a day when I'm home (or at least I did before I came down with a nasty virus a week ago, still recovering and getting my groove back!) , no idea why I chose that as a challenge goal! The others I do most days, but I will keep them there as they are very new things I have been working on and still struggle with them often. Some additional things I am sort of challenging myself to do are to become more mindful in daily life, rather than just when I'm meditating. I did it yesterday, periodically checking in with my mentality and what was going on around me, and it made a HUGE difference! I also am just TRYING to see if I can go 4 weeks without Hulu, honestly I have my doubts but it's been two days and I haven't watched any TV shows so that's good! In terms of how my challenges have gone so far; I haven't been doing as much yoga or exercise as I'd like thanks to the afore mentioned virus. But I've brought 10-20 minutes of morning yoga back into my routine this week finally! Oh how I missed it. The first night I failed to stop eating before dark, but only because I burned more calories than I had been while sick and didn't eat anymore than usual, couldn't sleep for that and other reasons, and ended up needing to eat in order to be able to sleep and be up as early as I had to be for classes. Yesterday I did succeed and it was really great! Partially only succeeded because I was so exhausted I fell asleep at 6:30, before dark :p but a win is a win. I've been successfully meditating every morning for the past 3 days, which is huge, I've been trying to build this habit for months! Yay! In terms of the animals, Monday I did train my bird for a few minutes (she's improving, but oh so painfully slowly), but didn't have time yesterday because of classes and exhaustion lol. Today I plan to visit the two equines and give the thoroughbred a good grooming, he's shedding his winter coat, which means he actually appreciates scratches right now, something I'll always take advantage of!
  2. I realized after I made them in my half asleep stupor that most of them are already almost habits, so I may be adding a few more. Silly me! I have a quaker parakeet, rat, horse, donkey, cat, and fish that are currently my main focuses. I train them all with positive reinforcement and it's my big passion, though for some reason I get in funks and lose motivation to DO it lol. I see a pony in your profile picture! Is he/she yours?
  3. I stumbled upon these challenges a week after the last one began and decided to take some time to browse and get to know the forums (not gonna lie, didn't browse as much as I'd have liked to). Over the past few months I've become interested in changing my life in a lot of ways and have changed a lot, but I'm always looking for more! I chose Druid based on what I want to focus on for the next 4 weeks. I already do a LOT of yoga, and plan to continue this throughout the challenge of course! Anyway, over the last few months of change I've become fairly into strength building as well, however I have felt very out of touch with the world around me, so I am setting my strength goals lower for this challenge and focusing on tuning back in to the world and to myself! GOALS: - More intense yoga sequence 3x a week - Stop eating before it's dark out (with the time change this won't be as tough luckily) - Meditate every morning (I am using Sam Harris's Waking Up meditations!) - Spend some time training one of my animals every day There is more behind each goal but it's past my bedtime so I just wanted to ensure I would stick to this challenge by committing tonight. I look forward to "meeting" you guys and following your challenges!
  4. It's funny that it's seen as such a social thing to all sit and stare at a story that isn't the one being lived, and unable to really talk to the ones you are trying to spend time with! I struggle sometimes with TV now, it's such a simple way to escape the pain of the present sometimes. I used to read SO much when I was little and recently started reading again myself. I've read 5 books this year alone and honestly it's such a lovely way to spend down time. It's also interesting to notice that when I'm anxious I can't keep track of what I'm reading and have to reread pages multiple times for my brain to really become present in the reading, cool reality check. Hoping reading sticks around as a habit for you!
  5. It was a great way to live! That's very cool. I almost wish the videos I use so often didnt seem so modernized. I'd really like to practice the way it was when the foundations of yoga were built, just out of curiosity for how different it must've been! Those were the ones I had been planning to explore first! Thank you!
  6. Hello NF forum! My name is Camille Jeanne and I stumbled across this forum while surfing the web for bodyweight workouts and outdoor "play" training. A bit about myself and where I'm coming from: Several years ago I was very into bettering myself mentally and physically. I ate well, exercised regularly, meditated, and did lots of yoga. Fast forward a bit and my life went crazy due to external circumstances. About 4 months ago I realized I had to change my habits. I was anxiety ridden and unhappy. Cue bringing yoga back into my life. Yoga has always been the one activity that I can return to and ground myself into. And thus began a daily yoga practice as an attempt to begin bettering myself, and boy did it work. I leap-frogged from yoga into minimalism and spirituality, as well as attempting to repair my horrid diet. Then more recently I became interested in gaining strength. Unfortunately workouts don't go well for me as I find them quite boring and with no application in daily life. And so I began to research, and what I found opened my mind up to a world of possibilities. When I was little, being raised far from civilization as a homeschooler, with no access to the TV and whatnot, I filled my days bounding around outside, truly using any strength I acquired while doing so in order to do more activity. Somewhere along the path of growing up I lost that, and with it went my connection to nature and the world around me. Until recently, when I discovered that there were people still doing these things, and they certainly weren't children. Gymnastics, parkour, outdoor "play" style training, it all spoke to me on an incredibly deep level. I feel like I've sparked a new interest in life and the world around me, and I have an actual reason to MOVE and gain strength while I do it. I simply adore the style of this forum and the idea of "nerd" fitness, and the 4 week challenges and am so excited to join this community and learn more about movement and exercising in the many different shapes that it takes!
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