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  1. I've read (after much searching) that you 'typically' don't delete accounts. What hoops do I have to jump through to get my account deleted please? I'm having a digital detox.

    1. Tanktimus the Encourager

      Tanktimus the Encourager

      Send an email to contact@nerdfitness.com requesting the removal of the account.

  2. My final update is a little overdue, but better late than never. Yoga: 3 classes/practices per week was ambitious but I did it. I want to keep going with this one as it has really helped me to centre my focus. Food: I'm a sugar fiend! During the week I seem to be able to control it but on the weekends I feel the urge to binge a lot more keenly. I think I've got to really take control and not allow that shit into the house. Work: I feel more on top of things, nothing fell apart when I said no to extra tasks. Also, my boss is away for the next week so I'll have a bit of breathing room. All in all I think this has been a good, manageable challenge and I want to continue with it for a while before setting another one. I think I'll be joining The Assassins when I do, who's good to follow there?
  3. I love Chinese food! It's how I trick myself into eating vegetables, I'll eat almost anything that's stir fried and padded out with rice or noodles. Cooking it yourself is usually much healthier than the takeaway versions, you know what goes into it. My 'chef's tip': they use fresh ginger in a lot of recipes, buy a big chunk, peel it, chop it into 2cm chunks and freeze it so you always have some to hand. You can grate it from frozen.
  4. Only a few days left of this challenge and I feel it's been quite successful. I've managed to cut down quite a bit on the sugary junk, mostly by making sure I always had something to nibble on. Mixed nuts and vegetable crisps have been my saviour, I'm such a grazer. Still have a craving for the sweet stuff, getting easier to ignore it. Keeping up with 3 yoga classes each week has been tough, 2 is more manageable for me. I attended 1 class this week and did a self practice tonight, hopefully can fit another in over the weekend. Been making some progress with work too, again just trying to maintain realistic goals and saying no when I really can't manage something. It's not a natural habit though. I'll post a full breakdown of my progress when I'm done. What will my next challenge be?
  5. I broke a bit this week I missed my midweek yoga class due a change in my work schedule that has thrown me completely out of sync. I also had a poptart for breakfast this morning because I was in a rush. Bad Jess! But the week isn't over. I'm going to skip my normal dessert after dinner tonight and there's still chance to get 3 yoga classes/practices in this week. Oddly enough, the work schedule didn't negatively affect my work.
  6. I agree, accountability can be a great motivator. Can you find an accountability partner (on here maybe)? I did a 30 day stretching challenge once with a friend, we each had to post a photo each day to show our progress, it really helped.
  7. Coming to the end of week 2 and I'm feeling pretty good. Two yoga classes this week (planning an early morning practice in the park tomorrow, weather permitting). Got masses done at work thanks to a little forward planning and saying no to things I knew I wouldn't fit in (so hard as I've always been a people pleasing 'Yes' person.) Managed to mostly cut down on sugar this week but still allow myself a small sweet dessert at the very end of the day. I've been snacking on nuts and savoury crackers during the day but I'm still starving! Any suggestions for something that might fill me up a little better? Yay for the wins but I've still got some work to do.
  8. Glad to see your challenge is going well, it's always best to start with manageable goals. If you struggle getting your step quota on the weekends may I suggest giving yourself a weekly rather than daily quota? If you're killing it during the week anyway then allow those rest days on the weekend, you'll still be doing the same amount of steps (56,000 per week instead of 8000 per day). Yoga is my favourite stretching method, it uses strength and active flexibility. I've also recently been introduced to something called 'nerve glides' which are simple movements designed to stretch nerves that may be damaged. The pain felt from stretching can often be mistaken for inflexibility so they're worth a try, just Google. Good luck!
  9. What counts as active minutes? Specific workouts or activities? I find it easier to workout or be active when it's something I really enjoy doing e.g I hate running but I'll do hours of aerial circus. Find what you love and it won't feel like a chore and it'll be easier to implement into your life as a healthy habit.
  10. I often use the Sweat with Kayla workouts at home as they use minimal or no equipment. I used to go to the gym but found it quite intimidating. I've got a few small weights and stretching bands, a yoga mat and some yoga blocks. I like that I can just get on with it whenever I feel like it and it's easier to fit in around my schedule. For example if I've had a long day I can fit in a quick workout, shower and go to bed without having to make sure I packed my gym gear in the car or battle with peak times. As long as I'm consistent with the number or workouts I do each week, I see results (I aim for at least 3).
  11. Update: 3 Yoga practices : done Work - I've time blocked my tasks for the next month Food - I've put the pop tarts in the back of the cupboard and bought a mix of nuts, raisins and dark chocolate for this week's snacks. Feeling good! Back to work next week to implement my time blocking.
  12. I haven't been to work this week but it's given me a chance to really think and plan what I'm going to do each day when I get back (I've made lists, I live by lists). I've made it to 2 yoga classes this week and plan to do a self practice tomorrow morning. Not so good on the food, a friend gave me some Oreo poptarts she brought back from the states (my weakness), but I'm off to the shops today for my weekly food shop so I'm going to get some healthy snacks - I'm thinking nuts and dried fruit? I tend to eat little and often as it suits my body and my lifestyle so need little nibbles. I have one larger evening meal which is usually fairly healthy, it's the snacking I fail on.
  13. Will you be taking a parkour class? As with most physical activities there is a technique involved and it's worth learning how to do it correctly. I feel you on the running (or anything cardio based). When I started training for a 5k (about a million years ago) I followed a 'routine' of 1 minute running followed by 1 minute walking, this alternated until I reached my desired time, each week I increased the running time and eventually started to decrease the walking time. I found it effective and manageable. Good luck!
  14. I'm pretty new to this so will be fully accepting of any constructive criticism. I've fallen off the fitness band wagon, my current routine and diet have fallen into despair and, to be honest, I'm a bit bored. My working schedule is pretty intense and I worry that starting something completely new is going to be biting off more than I can chew so here's my plan: 1: Shift my focus towards yoga instead of aerial. I want to get in 3 practices a week. 2: Stop buying crap foods and snacking on them. I want to plan out and prep healthier snacks for when hunger strikes. 3: Focus on one work thing rather than trying to spread myself in too many directions. I need to learn to prioritise, delegate and say 'no' a bit more often. Wish me luck.
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