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  1. Haven't been updating this nearly as much as i wanted to. Things have been a little crazy recently. The day before lockdown started I managed to get a massive climbing session in. I managed to get 2 of the highest grade I have ever climbed and finish a few things I thought I would never get done. The atmosphere was incredible and everyone was putting in max effort, it was a great send off. In my walks I managed to scout out a few different parks nearby with pull up bars I could use whilst we are locked down so have been making full use of them and managing to mess arou
  2. Funny that you mention this, I've been working on some plans to build a freestanding frame for a fingerboard and some campus rungs. Mostly inspired by this and was going to get the Beastmaker 1000 (2000 looks impossible for me at the moment) to incorporate into it along with some slopers. Unfortunately I can't really drill anything into the walls here to just mount one easily so this seemed like a good option to just stick in the garage for whenever I feel like training. I'm doing ok with lockdown so far but as of yesterday have to quarantine until my other half can get a Covid tes
  3. Some highs and lows this past week. 1. Rough weekly plan is complete, I've decided to try out a spreadsheet to compare the estimated time I think the activity will take vs the time it actually takes to complete. Hopefully this will help me manage my productivity a little better. 2. I managed to send 2 of my projects this week! I am also one move away from the other two I've been working on. The two I am struggling with seem to be a mental block more than anything else, low percentage moves right at the top of problems absolutely terrify me.
  4. I really like this idea, definitely going to adopt it going forward. I'm finding that if I do a weekly plan I leave everything until the last minute and if I fill out all the days ahead of time if I don't get something done it never gets added to the next day. This seems like a great solution. Thanks! I'm starting to find that it applies more to this challenge than I thought it would. Looks like I'm going to have to get very flexy with Lockdown 2.0 coming to the UK.
  5. I am in awe of those archer pull ups, they look really solid. Regular pull ups are a struggle for me on rings. That's a really nice looking boulder wall too! Hopefully your toes recover soon!
  6. Yes! Most of the route setters and climbers at my gym are like a foot taller than me so I run into this problem a lot. Everyone can just reach things so stealing other people's beta never works. I enjoy having to get a bit creative to be able to top things at times. Tape it Back Together: The week so far has been a little bit lackluster. After my pull ups on Saturday my climbing session on Monday was pretty disappointing, I went into it looking to focus on my project but just had no energy at all and was dropping moves that I could do easily on Friday. So I swapped to the wood
  7. After years of lurking on and off I figured posting something might some extra motivation to achieve my goals. With multiple injuries and Covid things the past few years haven’t exactly gone to plan and the one consistent goal I have had (getting that first muscle up) seems even further away than when I started. I picked up bouldering at the end of last year and am thoroughly enjoying it so far but after a 9 month or so break everything feels incredibly difficult and I am still nursing a few injuries. Repeatedly falling off things I would have previously flashed is a little disappointi
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