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  1. Haha! I can certainly say that variety really makes meals so much more fun and you actually start to get good at learning what sorts of food combos work best for you and for different dishes! Seriously - tahinni was the game changer for me!!! It’s super tasty and very versatile. It can be a little bitter but when you add kosher salt, cracked black pepper and a splash of good cold pressed olive oil to it plus a nice blitz of garlic - this is where I cue Beethoven’s fifth symphony music right now (it was fifth right? The song from Die Hard was what I was hoping to reference though I probably did
  2. Wow bud! That’s quite an extensive list! Mine was more protein specific but hey I’m still standing and you will be too! (And forget celery for the soup - you can tons of flavour from onions man!! You may be a bit windy but heck, onions and scallions are a great flavouring combo especially when you add carrots or even pumpkin / squash to the mix!) I try to make sure I get protein in my day and I like using vegan protein shakes to start my day off right. It helps to have one of these for my line of work (I work with customers and can’t always sit and eat so this is a great way to sneak
  3. Oh man do I feel your pain! I was diagnosed allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy and eggs at the start of the year so it’s been crazy trying to get nutritious and non irritating meals going on a regular basis! I do a lot of broths. I use broth as a soup base for noodles and grain bowls and sometimes in my stews. Mainly veggie based. You can do a nice onion, scallion and garlic broth as a starter broth and incorporate different veggies and mushrooms for different tastes. Although tomatoes are nice, you don’t have to add tomatoes to your broths for flavour if you have carrots, celery and p
  4. I have heard a ton about this film and I’ve seen snippets of it on the internet. It looks pretty epic actually! It’ll be on my “to watch” list! Hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot?!
  5. Heya thanks @gabrielle_of_poteidia!!! I was feeling extra at just being able to do one! I’ve challenged myself over the last week with a seven day push-up challenge (3 pushups everyday before a cup of coffee) and guess what? I did it!! Because I felt so good I even grew the courage to make it to the weight room at the gym today to do lateral pull downs! Ok I had a friend venture there with me but it’s a start! Aww thanks - I loved the words myself and thought it befitting of a profile picture
  6. Its been ages since I've been back here! I have one teeniest tiny woot to post for myself - I DID MY FIRST DAMNED PUSHUP (full body) YESTERDAY! I actually attempted and survived THREE! I tried to replicate that again today and found, I didn't blow up or melt away and managed all three again! Wow it feels amazing to know that Captain Chicken Wrists can do a full body pushup! That's all I wanted to woot out today. Hope everyone's finding their personal woot moments and feeling amazingfantabulastic!
  7. This looks like a great place to set up camp. I hope I may be a solid and contributing part of the team! I'm a fresh new recruit, just done with the first 4 week challenge at Level 1 and decided to try out at Scout Base as my very first guild. What drew me here is this philosophy of "no one is left behind". Its a personal philosophy I try to stick to. It gets my heart fired up and to me, it says a lot about one's character - yeah, its a bit old fashioned and schmaltzy and I get laughed about my corniness, but I truly feel that once you're part of something, you make sure no one gets left behin
  8. @Adash5000, thanks! I wasn't sure at first when it dawned on me the 4 weeks were over! Hahaha I was thinking yeeeahaaahhhh I cracked the Level One guild challenge and my silly brain was like, bring on Level 2! I like that your choice of guild!! May you do well with your secret Assassin training and be rewarded with amazing moves, stealth techniques and cool gear (in black of course!!). I'm thinking about the Scouts. I already love running. I just want to do better things with it. It helps me mentally too so there's the Druid overlap for mental health and mental strength. Rangers are also o
  9. @Sylvaa, contrary to your tagline, you are the queen of persuasion!! I like the sound of trying out different guilds for different goals. I guess for me, I'm a bit old fashioned and always believed in a "you pick a family for life" sort of thing. But this is great that there is so much fluidity here in these forums and a lot of support and encouragement for this type of fluidity.....whew!! That's a whole lot of sweating I don't need to be doing. I guess this brings me here to three areas of life where my personal goals lie: 1. running (anything running) 2. help with mental health and 3. stron
  10. Heya and hello! I've just completed my first 4 week challenge as a beginner and am starting to realize I HAVEN'T PICKED A GUILD! I love the descriptions and am starting to get the gist that you can pick guilds based on whatever fitness goals you have in mind. Problem with me is, I feel like I am a little bit of all of you. And my goals for my first beginners challenge have been really small ones revolving around: 1. Running with better endurance and to keep up with running at least 3-4 times a week 2. Increasing fly-weight upper body strength (these look like chicken arms now but they will be
  11. @m rips Saw your choice of guild on a thread - assassins? ohhh too cool!! I haven't chosen one yet but congrats on your choice. Time's a ticking' and I need to find a family of warriors to run alongside.
  12. @Adash5000 OMG OMG! I'm so excited for you!! You're motivating me just from hearing you to 1. get to sleep earlier (something I am struggling with now but trying hard to work on) and 2. choose a guild (though this is something I think I need more time with still). I'm so glad you found that sleep was a big help with food cravings. I was reading something about the leptin and ghrelin balance that comes with sleeping well and which help to keep food cravings down because your brain feels satiated and doesn't stimulate appetite. Well done!! And hey, you stuck to a lot of things that you said you
  13. @Cynforgiven !!!!! I’m dying bwwaaaahahahahahahahaha!!! I haven’t heard these songs but NOW I MUST HEAR THEM!! I am Cow! Oh dudette you kill me!!! Hahahahaha! I had such a crappy week this week and your post just put this bigass goofy smile on my face again! Thank you!!! . Hey I use Spotify for my workouts too! I sometimes (ok don’t judge) play old school stuff like “Peaches” by the Presidents of the United States of America! It’s such a riot (if you ever see the video there’s a scene in it with ninjas in a peach field!! It’s nuts!!). Ok now you know I’m am THE super geek! I need to add some o
  14. @GoodDoug, I certainly hope so!! It's probably true. I see a lot of folks just staring at their own reflections while they pump whatever weight they are pumping. Maybe they won't notice the flyweight enter the section.....that's certainly a thought I can take and use when I get scared to go past the weights. I'm lucky at my gym. Its co-ed and there are women there training so I'll go in when one or two women are there so I won't feel so alone. It'll be worth the effort. I'm seeing gains already. I went shopping for new clothes because my old t shirts and pants are (I still am pinching myself)
  15. Augh...."meant" and not "leaned". This t-rex needs new arms.
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