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  1. Ground turkey and rice were pretty successful. Bunker ate as much as we would feed him. I'm still making him a vet appointment, I want them to do his bloodwork and make sure his kidneys are still stable. I have to find something creative to work on. I have a dress I'm making, but I'm having an issues with the sleeves and I can't take it to the people who would help me fix it because I can't go anywhere... Maybe I'll work on a shield, I've been wanting to make one that I can use for teaching shield painting. I just can't seem to get off the couch when I get home. I'm not handling t
  2. Kermit is back on nights! So we have our evenings together again! Which is extra awesome because we live in the Bay Area and are on a shelter in place order for the next three weeks! Luckily, both of our jobs are in what is considered essential industries, so we both can still go to work. I am working from home three days a week. Which is super nice, much more doggo snuggle time. Bunker still isn't eating much after his surgery and I'm beginning to get really concerned for him. I'm going to try making him some ground turkey and rice tonight to see if he will eat that. My vet is at
  3. Tunic finished and I made a giant octopus for a friend. Then daylight savings time hit and I have been unable to adapt. So this week has been a hot mess of eating early, staying up too late, being late for work and having no motivation when I get home. Today the King and Queen decided to postpone the tournament at the end of the month due to Covid-19 worries, so now all my projects have no deadline. I'm going to try to get back on top of things, but I don't see myself getting much done. Rain has halted my garden bed filling. The shining beacon of hope in all this hot mess is that Kerm will be
  4. I pushed through my lack of motivation last night to get the pieces of Kermit's new tunic cut out. Hopefully I can get it mostly finished, if not completely done. Then I need to get up when he gets home so he can try it one. Dumb swing shift...
  5. So much this! I need something I'm working towards. Now that it is warming up, I can get back to working in the yard, which is quite a bit of a workout. I'm going to keep the yoga part of my goal, I need to do more stretching. But I think I am going to scratch the kettlebell workouts and set that goal for getting my garden beds full of dirt by the end of the challenge. I got 7 yards of free dirt delivered on Friday and it needs to get moved!
  6. Kermit was super surprised about his balloons and firepit. He sent me videos of him finding all of it, it was really sweet. We have spent time out by the firepit every night this weekend. He ended up taking Friday off so he could have a longer birthday weekend. It was really good to spend so much time with him. I cannot wait for him to go back to night shift so we can have our evenings back, but I get that more training is going to make him better at his job in the long run. I am having a really hard time with the workouts in this challenge. They are not higher on my priority list
  7. Yesterday was much more productive. Today is Kermit's birthday, since he works swing shift right now (and for the next 30 days, his training got extended :( and I work days, we don't see each other during the week. So, I got 19 balloons from the dollar store on my lunch break, which led to my coworkers wishing me Happy Birthday, which was weird but understandable. After dinner, I went and got a propane firepit and a new propane tank for his present. With all the camping we do, it will really come in useful. I set it up on our back patio and tied balloons all over the house. This is the kitchen
  8. Yesterday was a bust. I was waiting for traffic to die down so I could go get Kermit's birthday present and I just got stuck on the couch playing a dumb game on my phone. I didn't go get the gift, work on my dress or do my yoga. Executive dysfunction can be so frustrating! I deleted the game, so tonight I can actually do something when I get home!
  9. Finally feeling human again. Thursday and Friday I was a couch bum draining away all the stress about Bunker's surgery. I did not do my workout, though I did keep to intermittent fasting and making good food choices. Saturday and Sunday my parents were in town helping us seal some leaks on the top of our utility trailer and building garden beds. It was nice having them around, but very draining. Yesterday I was a couch slug again, but I did make myself go grocery shopping so I could continue to keep up the good food choices. Today I'm feeling like I'm back. Looking for
  10. Bunker is out of surgery, he did very well! He lost several teeth, so mush food for life for him. She says he is loopy from the pain meds and has a fentanyl patch that will give him a constant flow for three days. I can pick him up between 4:30 and 5. She wants him on fluids until then. I am so glad he is doing well! Such a weight off to know he can go back to loving his food. The place we adopted him from covered the whole cost, which another blessing. Now I'm just running down the clock to when I'm done with work and I can go get him.
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