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  1. So, on the one hand... I gained that pound back. I'm right where I started, weight-wise. On the other hand, two people have asked me if I've lost weight, and I remember that muscle is denser than fat, so there's a good chance the weight means nothing at this point. On the third hand, here's my exercise progression, reps per session, without changing the weights: Fruit smoothie with protein and creatine after every workout. Burning myself out on the last set. I've also started biking again. 10.4km in 39 minutes on Thursday. hopefully I c
  2. So there's plenty of soreness during the recovery period, especially first thing in the morning where rolling over in bed is REALLY hard on the ol' shoulder. IBs, stretching, tennis ball... feels great. So this might just be my 'thing' now. I'm old and sore. Doesn't mean I can't get stronger. Also, I lost a grand total of one pound over the last week, but looking back, there WERE some cheat moments. Mostly involving a bag of sour gummies and a bag of Takis. And possibly more pesto than I really needed. Stricter fooding this week.
  3. Double allrighty so... Tennis ball work and ibuprophen almost completely knocks down whatever's up in my shoulder. I think it's just muscles knotting up from... possibly never being used. I did some light bagwork yesterday, tennis ball, IB's, good sleep, felt great today. Got a little sore as I got into my day, more light bagwork, felt good, so I worked out again. I've increased the reps on everything, and my shoulder feels fine right now. SO... I'm not gonna go nuts. I'm not gonna increase the weight. I'm happy increasing the reps for a little while, g
  4. Allrighty, so... looks like I might need to modify things a little bit. Even with reduced weight, I think I really pulled something bad in my right shoulderblade (rhomboid muscles, according to The Google). Even pulling my phone out of my pocket or looking behind me, or SNEEZING, hurts that spot a lot. This might take the pull-downs and OHP off the table for a little while. Which sucks, because those are the areas I need to work on the MOST... which is probably why they were so weak, and so easily damaged. SO... does anyone have any suggestions for anything I can do w
  5. Whoops, forgot to update. So far my workouts are: Bench Press x10 x10 x12 OHP x10 x10 x12 Bicep Curl (Bar) x10 x10 x10 Single-leg squat (incline bench) x10 x10 x15 (each side) Pull-ups (incline bench) x10 x10 x12 Squats (low weight) x10 x10 x12 I go higher on the last set, just to try and burn myself out. My weights are pretty low right now, way lower than I was at just a couple years ago, but my left knee and elbow are pretty messed up, so... just doing what I can! The parts I find most enjoyable
  6. Me: *stays a while, and listens* I might end up in the Warriors. My joints are not making running or combat sports any easier as I age.
  7. Granted. I should clarify that it's 10 lbs by the time I go to the metal festival at the end of July, so 10 lbs in... ~8 weeks. Which I think is more doable. Thanks!
  8. I have been batch-cooking! I am totally fine with eating the same thing every day, even if it drives my family insane. This week it's "lean ground beef, brown rice, frozen mirepoix mix, Carribbean Roasted Garlic Pepper spice, and hot sauce". I'm lovin' it. The black coffee at the office SUUUUUUUUUCKS. I have black coffee at home. Regarding the weighing every week.... maybe weekly is good. Daily has too much variance.
  9. Introduction: Greetings and salutations! This is a bit of a respawn account for me, since my old one was more of a laundry list of failures. Also, I feel the name is more of a constant reminder for me that I am on the "back nine of life", as it were. Passed the midpoint of my demographic's average lifespan where I live, although taking many things into account I realistically passed it quite a long time ago. I'm not in BAD shape, but over the last year things have really started breaking down and falling apart. A minor knee injury has turned into a chronic condition. An unexplained c
  10. Not sure if this has been covered anywhere in this thread, but: Question The First: Beard grooming. For the first time ever, I have a beard that could legally be called a beard. It's still scraggly, though. Does anyone have tips for taking care of it? Question The Second: Shaving the dome. I told myself that when the thinning on top got to a certain point, I'd just bic it all and try to figure out my new aesthetic. But now I have a beard. I don't wanna go full shiny goatee, like my avatar, but I don't know where to STOP shaving, once I start shaving the top of my head. Where should the b
  11. Well, right off the bat a few of those things are out the window. 6 hours a sleep is a TRIUMPHANT night of sleep for me. Eight would be some sort of hilarious fantasy. I stop having coffee at 9am, just because I've found it to be making my afternoon energy crashes so much worse. I consume a lot of legumes (my house runs on beans, chickpeas, lentils, and the like), and I consume a lot of protein, but I am probably not consuming THAT much. I'm probably 210lbs LBW, so 210g of protein is like 1200g of protein-containing foods. My last fasting blood test was negative for pre-metaboli
  12. I would say I'm fairly 'fit', underneath all my excess weight. The weight is making it really hard for me to do much in the way of exercise, though, because of the impact on my joints. I know I really need to work on my diet, but there's a huge problem there, too: even when I'm eating healthy (lean meats and veggies), I am hungry all the time and I generally eat more than I need to. A lot more. Especially in the evenings, when I know I SHOULDN'T. I am hungry when I'm full. I eat when I'm full. If I'm hungry for very long, I feel hot and cold and shaky and weak. I KNOW I don't need to eat
  13. Thing's I've done that make me feel old: "Read various threads on Nerd Fitness." Yessir, I'm old now.
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