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  1. ok so i have not been posting. but i'm working on my goals. my race is this Saturday. we have been training 2-3 times a week. I don't think we will finish the race as fast as I hoped. I am thinking realistically 40-45min race time. Madelyn is not speedy. i have not been doing my yoga. fail there. i have been eating and try many new things. i'll post some links. i have read 2 other novels - but not Game of Thrones. I don't know. i might give myself some credit for reading some of it. i had two library books that had to be read and returned. good books though.
  2. week 1 update: jogged 3x - we moved up to the next step on our C25K plan. it is possible we are building some confidence! yoga - barely made it. but i did. adding 15 mins to the total for week 2. i just can't seem to get back into the habit. i've got to pick a time of day and stick to it. pumpkin feasting was had several times over. i made pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin latte and i even added some pumpkin to my greek yogurt. all recipes 100% primal. woot. (this is the easy goal obviously). all new recipes and all keepers. i've found a few more daring recipes to try - so i'll try something savory this week, reading - nope. i read other books - but not GoT2. oops.
  3. my current plan is to come in during the Christmas holidays when most folks are on vacation... move the desk and pretend elves did it. i am not supposed to move the desk b/c i'll need to move the computer and the phone. and it is a giant desk. so it is safety and IT policies against me. fortunately, i'm fairly tech savvy and my husband works for the same school - so i have an accomplice. and yes - back to the door makes me anxious. i spend as little time in my office as possible. at least being in a library i can hear people coming well before they arrive... usually.
  4. that sounds like a load of excuses i know. perhaps i should look on this as a challenge and get my nerdy brain to focus on solutions.
  5. i am a librarian - i can't really convert the entire circulation desk into a standing workstation and i've been trying for two years just to get someone to come re-arrange the furniture in my office so I don't have my back to the door. I am not allowed to move it myself - or i would. all i can do is try to remember to get up and walk around every 15 minutes or so.
  6. ok - don't tell my husband i told - i went off my birth control back in June. no baby yet. but i'm all about getting my eating and exercising in order. i also just turned 30. i've got 2 great stepkids - but this is my first time going for a baby. totes excited. maybe we should start an accountability group next challenge??? i also am worried about having to give up soft cheese. mexican food is my favorite thing. my biggest hurdle is cutting back the caffeine. i love coffee. i drink way too much. i already made the switch to half caff at home. but i'm still drinking a good 8-10oz too much every single day. every day. ugh. subbing your thread. best of luck!!!
  7. i have 2 stepkids - love them - if you can figure out the secret to sometimes not losing your cool - please share. it happens. do you find yourself saying the same phrases? Maybe thinking of a more positive way to say it??? i'm working on that myself.
  8. i'm working on a C25K w/my 9yr old. I was a bit out of practice myself - this running thing is hard to commit to in the summer!! I hear you w/the ice cream. i lurv it. but i feel all gross and bloated if i eat it I've shared this recipe somewhere before - anywho it is super easy to make paleo ice cream! i don't think you need a fancy ice cream machine (i got one for Christmas). just a food processor or blender and some time in the freezer.
  9. i think i'm going to seriously have to consider learning some office yoga. i am freaking out about all these reports that sitting is a killer- but i do not have the option for a standing desk at work. not an option. blarg.
  10. i can only dream of keeping pace with the awesomeness that is your gif-tastic thread. sigh. just wanted to say best of luck and thank you for your awesome thread. i too heart full house - those gifs made my day.
  11. 10 mins yoga - 20/60 complete 30 min run w/Madelyn - 1 of 3 complete
  12. 10 minutes stretching out my sore legs last night - 10/60 min yoga
  13. ok i have put in some thought (kind of). here are my goals. 1. Practice Practice Practice for my 5K. I signed my stepdaughter (age 9) and I up for a 5k Run or Dye race. She was very excited. And then we started training. And that enthusiasm went out the window as soon as she realized she was going to have to work at it So, I need to: A: stay strong and motivate both of us, B: run w/Madelyn 3x a week, C: push her to do her best on race day (I'd REALLY like to finish in under 35 mins - but at this point realistically I think we will run a 40 min walk/jog). Our race is a the end of this challenge - Oct 26th. I will count this as successful if we finish in under 40 minutes and Madelyn admits she had fun. Half points for finishing but no fun or fun but slow finish. STR 2 STA 2 CHA 2 2. Get back into yoga. Ok I admit it - I took a break from NF and def slacked on my stretching. but I did read some books on yoga. that counts right? anywho I seem to do ok on gradual increases - so 1 hour of yoga this week for the baseline and add 12 minutes each week to get back to about where I was. DEX 2 STA 1 CON 1 3. Pumpkin Feast! I will try one new pumpkin recipe each week. Because I love pumpkin and I need to expand my repertoire of fall tastiness. STA 1 CON 1 WIS 1 4. Read GoT Bk 2. I am about 200 pages into it. I need to finish it. I would like to get much farther into the series before the new season starts in March. WIS 1 CON 1
  14. i am def late on this - but congrats on being made a guild leader! looks like you've got some major things happening. i understand the knot in the stomach. i moved about 3.5 years ago to start a new job. left everything for a strange new town. you are a strong person. once the initial nervousness wears off you will be just fine. i have no doubt.
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