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  1. Aaaand... crap. Yesterday I got stuck at work, then stuck in traffic when I was going to get some stuff done after work. All this combined and I got home after 6pm (over two hours later than usual). Had absolutely no motivation to do anything.
  2. Jul 14th Nothing. Got stuck at work and in commute after.
  3. Because you (maybe unknowingly) wish for/want/expect change to be instant AND big. Sorry, not gonna happen. Just like the "healthy" tag on food - it only frustrates. Just try to focus on preparing food (ANY kind) by yourself. But we talked about the food already. And with "exercising" etc, Think about small changes you could sneak into your life. Maybe put that "anxiety" label on the punching bag and give it a jab or two EVERY TIME you walk past it. It's nothing, but in a day time you'll collect dozens of those punches. Walking dogs at your parents' is another great idea to sneak some move into your life. Another thing - where do you park your car? Is it possible to park it further away? This way you'd get in some extra mileage walking there. And being at your parents' to take care of your Dad... it's understandable you don't want to be there. You had other plans, seeing your Dad in bad shape makes you sad and scared - it's all natural reactions. But given circumstances, you don't have much choice. The only thing you can do is "damage assessment and management". You planned to work hard. Can you take your computer and work there? It's not that you'll be 24/7 by your Dad's bed, right. You are needed there "just in case", so you can use the time in your own way. Things are hard. And WILL be hard. That's life. But we're here for you to support, comfort and cheer on you. You're not alone. Hugs!
  4. Yeah, right... Jul 13th Simple&Sinister: Warm-up: 2x5 prying goblet squats Main: 10 x 10 single arm swings 10 x 1 TGU But to be honest, I took it easy. I used 16kg kettlebell instead of usual 24kg.
  5. How long should I rest after the competition? Because I gave myself all days rest at Sunday, skipped Monday GtG pullups at work, but failed to abstain from training in the evening I did my S&S routine, but with 16kg 'bell instead of usual 24kg. Shoulders still ache a bit - especially in the front of the joint, but this wasn't an issue during the training session. I think it's sort of DOMS pain. On the other hand, I know I won't be able to do any training at Wednesday, so I think on doing this easier S&S daily this week, to stretch and warm up my muscles. I consider if it is of any use to start GtG again. After all this time I still struggle to do 10 clean pull-ups. Maybe this system doesn't work for me. Ugh! Too much overthinking (again)!
  6. Both nice and annoying feeling. Don't you love Mother Nature?
  7. You did great job with this drawing. Bah, you do great with every one so far
  8. I know I'm probably being intrusive, but I wanted to share something with my Ranger Corps™ family. I COMPLETED MY FIRST OCR! (and I want more )
  9. I'm happy as a clam Everything hurts, especially shoulders (front delts?) and legs a bit. But I know I earned this pain, and I'm proud of it. Not sure how long should I rest after the event, so I probably try to do a little training, maybe with lower weight than usual. But for sure I will skip my GtG for couple days, maybe even for a whole week now. I want to let my body catch up. And in some spare moment I will analyze my run, the obstacles I failed at (and why) and plan my training in those areas. Because it was my first OCR, but surely NOT THE LAST!
  10. Jul 11th My OCR debut ______________ Jul 12th rest, rest, rest. And I suppose I'll take couple extra days off training to get myself together
  11. You saw the other thread, right? It was sooooooooooooo much fun, despite rainy and cold weather. It was 6km with ~30 obstacles. I failed at only couple of them, but I did more than I expected. Sadly I don't have any photos, as there was no public/audience, so I had no one to take pictures. There was couple photographers from the staff, but their photos will be put online in couple days time. Maybe I'll find myself somewhere
  12. Today was THE DAY. I was training for it for over a year - from a couch potato unable to jog more than 30 seconds without heart attack, weak as a new born puppy, to this "better me", running, lifting and being agile (sorry for the quality - it was dark and my front camera doesn't have a lamp) Anyways, I finished my first OCR. It was 6 km with ~30 obstacles. In rain ranging from slight drizzle to pouring shower, temp about 10-12 C. (better in rain than in scorching 30+C like was yesterday...) The run was great, obstacles fun (even those I failed at), and the best feeling was helping (and getting help from) other runners But now I really need to rest. My physical integrity is at "pudding" level
  13. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope the headaches aren't due to cancer. It may be just stress or anything else. No. You must nothing. More movement will do you good, no argument here. But moving more isn't a thing anybody can force you to. It is you, and ONLY you who can decide to move more. It has to be your own, voluntary decision. No outside pressure, no command, no obligation. You (like most people) struggle with consistency when chaos in life arises. To fight that, you can get back to calendar drawings as a little reminder to do something. You are strong, probably way stronger than you think. As I see it, you just need this tiny nudge in the right direction from time to time. So...
  14. Another thing from my bucket list completed. I bought a bike! :fire I know I bought it used, I know it's "only" 125cc, I know it's Chinese clone of '80 Honda CG / Suzuki GN. I know it doesn't compare to modern "Big Four" motorcycles (even their 125s). BUT IT'S MINE and it's all that matters ... ... ... ... now let's customize it