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  1. Turns out next week or so I'll be taking a break from my training. I caught the opportunity for some extra money and will be erecting fences after work .
  2. May 10th Burpees 65 reps in 15 min.
  3. May 6th 4x8 + 3x7 PU May 7th Burpees 15min, 60 reps
  4. May 2nd 4x8 + 3x7 PU May 3rd Burpees? Nah, maybe next time. Push-ups 5x10 in 10 min + 100 one arm 16 kg KB swings non stop
  5. Apr. 29th 7x7 PU Apr. 30th Doing bunch of burpees out of the blue takes it's toll. DOMS all over upper chest. To work this out, today I did knee pushups (regulars were too hard on the aching muscles). 70 reps in 15 min
  6. Apr. 27th 7x7 PU Apr. 28th My OCR is in 2 months. Time to work a bit on endurance. Kettlebells are on hold, here comes another hated exercise. THE BURPEE!!! 15 minutes, 60 reps. Man, I'm out of shape endurance wise...
  7. Apr. 26th 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg Something weird is happening. I eat as much as usual, I do as much (or as little) as usual, yet every day for last week or so when afternoon comes, I'm pumped out. This tiredness is strange - not quite the physical type, like after shoveling metric ton of coal or running an OCR. It isn't mental burnout either (I know that one all too well). I can't quite put my finger on it and it makes all this even worse.
  8. Apr. 22nd 7x7 PU Apr. 23rd Nothing. I've been working on my wife's car. Apr. 24th 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg
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