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  1. Oct. 28th S&S routine, with extra rest time 10x10 one arm swings 32kg 2 min rest 10x1 get-ups 32 kg
  2. Yesterday's training done before dinner (E1&E2). I still needed to fight off the habitual urge to eat. On top of that I found my body is so used to unwinding after coming home, it was almost painful to start exercising. But after couple moves I felt okay, so I thing it is just a matter of time to change my conscious and subconscious habits. After that, I wanted to spend time with family, but Dad asked me for help. I spent all the afternoon fixing and tuning his chainsaws. I only managed to assist with putting boys to sleep. After that I needed to prep chicken liver A. bought lately. On weekend I plan making pâté, but raw liver wouldn't hold that long. I could count all this either as family time/relax fail, or flexibility win...
  3. I bought used Xiaomi MiBand4 from local classifieds. Almost perfect condition. I was lucky to find gadget-lover who got MiBand5 and was getting rid of previous model Today morning It said I slept 7:26, which is R2 WIN!. One issue here is it didn't recognized I woke around 4am and went to bathroom. I mean - it registered the steps, but on a sleep readout there is no "wake up" phase. Maybe it was short enough to register...? I might go to Xiaomi reseller to discuss this - I have one on my way home from work. Or I will just get used to this? It's not a competition after all. In the evening I planned to work on my bike (wife working night shift), but kids were annoying and didn't want to go to bed, so I lost my opportunity. When I finally put them to sleep it was after 9pm, so no point in even starting anything given I need to be in bed at 10pm to get my 7.5h of sleep... So sadly, R3 fail.
  4. Pet picture time? PET PICTURE TIME! I give you my tri-cat-skellion
  5. I'll join the crowd: GO FOR IT! Really, is the best point in actually going. How do you expect building up fitness other than actually doing it? I know it's intimidating, but kick your demons' arses, go there and have fun And about queer people... they are just people. Unless they will try to strangle you with rainbow flag - then run for your life. But I suspect it is highly unlikely. Maybe it's an opportunity to get some? EDIT: HA! we posted the same time. Great you contacted them - proud of you ❤️
  6. Tell me about it. One workmate ended with positive result. Good we sent him home last week, at first info his girlfriend is suspected. I also wear mask/scarf. But about deciding on one's own I strongly disagree. If someone decides not to wear a mask, he endangers not only himself, but also others. He may be symptomless and just spreading the virus unknowingly. We all need to think more about others, and consequences of our actions possibly influencing other people.
  7. Yesterday I did my training (E1 win) just after getting home (E2 win). Fighting off the urge to eat dinner right away was hard, but as I started exercising, the hunger went away. This way I was able to watch cartoons with kids in the evening (R1:family time WIN). Read a bit about bulking on keto, have some food for thought considering protein amount (N1 win) and timing (some contradicting theories). I learned about the leucine threshold, which I wasn't probably reaching in my post-training supper, thus hindering muscle growth overnight (E3 win). Slept ~8 hours, woke up once (R2 somewhat win). Browsing through smartbands on classifieds' portal to monitor my sleep quality right now
  8. Oct. 26th S&S routine, with extra rest time 10x10 one arm swings 32kg 2 min rest 10x1 get-ups 32 kg
  9. I know the community is super helpful, but I decided to cut the mental part away because I need some time off this swamp, at least here. I tried couple times address the issues, but I found how differently I feel discussing the same problems here and on actual therapy. I know it may sound like repression or denial, but I'd say I want to leave my fuck-up-ness to a professional and focus on more somatic stuff. Have fun! What will you gonna do?
  10. Speaking of goals - it may be handy to put all of them in one post, for future reference. Goals for Nutrition part: 1. eat the right way, find the real maintenance level and macro ratios that fit me and my training plan 2. investigate being or not in state of ketosis, if not - find and address the problem 3. get lots of data on glucose and BHB levels, make fancy charts, learn from that Goals for Exercise part: 1. continue progressing through Simple&Sinister program by shortening rest time until tile limit is met (in two weeks' time or so), then start transitioning for 40 kg kettlebell 2. experiment with different times of day for training, note my body response and mental approach 3. investigate bulking methods (both nutrition and exercise wise) on keto, do research, implement results. Hopefully - put on some meat Goals for Rest part: 1. create and follow basic daily schedule, but be flexible with it, prioritize tasks and learn to refuse less important (at the moment) ones 2. get 7.5 hours of sleep every night, with up to two possible 6-hour exceptions a week, track existing sleep deprivation symptoms 3. find time for two "sessions" a week to just connect with my inner child and do what is fun - playing Morrowind or tinkering with my bike
  11. As Challenge officially started, so did I. As goals consist much research and planning, I will focus on measurable stuff for now, leaving research and planning reports for weekly summaries. N1. Set the caloric target to 3000kcal daily. If after a week there will be no weight gain, I'll be adding another 200-250 every week until some weight change will occur. N2 + N3. Blood testing: done on Sunday, turns out I'm in ketosis, but not quite stable. Here's the data: Glucose response looks good, with after-meal peak much lower than "norms" on carb-based diet and faster recovery. Ketones on the other hand were strange. In the morning, I had 80mg/Dl glucose and 1.4 mmol/L ketones, which gives me GKI index of 3.17 (medium depth ketosis). Sweet! But in the evening, two hours after dinner, ketones dropped to 0.5 mmol/L, giving me GKI of 8.44 - technically still in ketosis, but at the bring of falling out - GKI of 9 is considered the threshold. This gives me food for thought why ketones were so low in the evening, when it should be the other way around. Maybe I tested too early after the meal? I didn't do any strenuous activity, so using all ketones from bloodstream shouldn't be a thing here. Next time last test will be done three hours after eating. E1. This week I'll keep additional rest time during the routine and cut it to extra 30sec on Sat training. E2. Will try to exercise right after getting home. Will post results later. E3. I found two keto dieticians on Polish youtube. Will hear what they have to say over next few days. R1. No plan so far. R2. Sleep - 7.5-8 hours, but I woke up two times during the night. R3. I think I will tie my "fun sessions" to evenings when wife is at work. This way I won't sacrifice any quality time for fun time.
  12. I feel for your dog, but can't think of anything else than this
  13. Chorizo and more water. Solid 👍