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  1. Thank you We had a laugh about it - back in the days of our activity in medieval reconstruction movement, we tended to make/repair/upgrade our stuff at the last moment. Turns out it got in our blood Maybe it's because I decided to choose goals I was almost sure I can fulfill? Is it cheating? As I think of it now, it feels like it a bit. Or, I'm trying to belittle myself again? No, no,no. I won't go this way, I don't want to destroy my mood. Anyway, thank you Jason. For your words, your insight and being here. Week 2, Friday. I know I should describe my day to keep the theme. The problem the day was... I don't know. It wasn't bad in any way, but nothing special happened either. Maybe best description would be "no news is good news". Sun|Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat Workout - FPP Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Workout - routine Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Snack (don't) Y | Y | Y | N | N | Y | Job research N | N | N | Y | Y | Y | Family - temper Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Family - taking part Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | Chores 4/3|1/1|2/1|1/1|1/1|1/1|
  2. Jan. 17th FPP d17: done (7,7,6,5,4) Those full-out sets start to scare me. But more than scared, I'm astonished I can do them Burpees: 15min, 90 reps.
  3. Quick follow-up of my almost-strangled-by my-hands Witcher (yes, I know he might be confused with Peter Pan...) and here he is defending his little brother
  4. aramis

    SKIP heads back home

    also, "things to learn from my dog"... I LOVE IT!!!
  5. Hello! Mind if I follow? Not sure if you still need this, but I enjoyed None-to-Run program - for me it was easier to wrap my mind around than C25K. And quick question about jump-rope. Which is better for a complete newbie (like me) - speed rope or weighted one? I want to get some skips for cardio boost as well
  6. Hey there! I know I'm quite a random stranger here, but you helped me with my workouts, so in return I want to at least cheer on you grasping your life back And btw, congrats on becoming SF Elite!
  7. So... I decided to follow FPP 5 days a week with two days rest. Now I'm at day 17, reps build up and I feel great with it, but one thing started to bug me. What is actual way to define RepMax? Reps done in one go without any break between? Or short breaks (3-5 sec - ish) to get additional deep breath or two in deadhang (without touching the ground) are okay between reps?
  8. Sorry for cutting in, but I have this feeling all the time doing my FPP from strongfirst. Despite numbers show progress across the board, I tend to think I'm too weak and because of that I struggle with the exercise. But what needs to be taken into equation - the "struggle level" remains mostly constant, but reps go up. Today I struggle with 7 reps, yet two weeks ago I struggled with 5. Noticing this can break this negative thinking (at least I try to tell it to myself). You are doing really great Jason
  9. Week 2, Thursday Most of the time, I'm fond of my kids. But there are these days when I'm this tiny, tiny bit from strangling them. Just like yesterday. All day was okay on the average, but then comes evening and F. tells us tomorrow he has a costume party and he wants to be a Witcher (this damn song made him want it)... HUH? At first we were like "no deal, it's impossible, it's too late to find a costume, choose one we already have", but F. looked at us like and we switched into "waitafuckinminute-we-can-do-this" mode Four hours later we had linen shirt, leather jacket, belt with bandolier to hang a sword, and makeshift medallion. That'll do. Right now (Friday morning) A. is finetuning stuff on live specimen as we decided not to wake F. in the middle of the night for fitting. Besides this, I did mostly good. Raised voice once, but it was to stop T. from running near the staircase (I count it as safety measure). One thing not according to plan was one cookie with apricot filling and two biscuts with nutella. I'm a weak man. Sun|Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat Workout - FPP Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | | Workout - routine Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | | Snack (don't) Y | Y | Y | N | N | | Job research N | N | N | Y | Y | | Family - temper Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | | Family - taking part Y | Y | Y | Y | Y | | Chores 4/3|1/1|2/1|1/1|1/1| |
  10. Jan. 16th FPP d 16: done (7,6,6,5,4) Jump rope: 15min.
  11. Wouldn't call it this way. Diminishing the value of stuff we don't like is built in our brains since forever. As example - kids in school say the task is stupid when they struggle with it. Lawyers depend on showing opposing side in a bad light when they don't have hard proof against them. Same for politicians. We all build up our esteem against a problem we struggle with by trying to diminish the importance of said problem. But it doesn't work with important stuff. If it has to be done, it has to be done no matter how long the name calling will last. And the best way is to acknowledge the importance (and difficulty) of the problem, make a plan (divide work in smaller, manageable tasks) and just work on it. Yes, I'm being hypocrite here, it's easier to give advice than to follow them by myself...
  12. It's important, right? So it's not "stupid". Annoying? For sure. Anxiety-inducing? Maybe. But not stupid. By telling it's stupid you rip it off of it's importance, hence telling yourself subconsciously it's not a must to do it. But it is, so better get going If you focus, you'll deal with it in no time, I'm sure.
  13. Week 2, Wednesday This is strange. I was feeling quite well, even after coming home I kept myself going. BUT... ...when it came to working out I just sat there, staring at shoelaces for almost 10 min and thinking how much I'd like just throw it all out the window, sit on the couch with box of cookies and flip the bird at the world. HUH?!? On the other hand was this voice telling me how much will I hate myself for such a thing, how miserable and pathetic would that be. How much of a failure would I become. Why the hell my inner voice uses negative motivation? Couldn't it use things like "you'll feel great afterwards" or "just do it, you love playing with kettlebell"? But no, it has to be "move your ass or you will be even more pathetic than now"... Yeah, I worked out in the end (and didn't had cookies). It was fun and I enjoyed it, as always. But this meltdown before...? Earlier, I did my FPP at work. I learned hard way palm placement is key. I grabbed the beam too deep and instantly gave myself a blister. Probably if I'd use round bar it wouldn't happen, but I use rectangle beam (part of shed's roofing), so I need to be more careful. Rest of the day was fine, I was calm with boys most of the time. Didn't do any chores per se, but helped A. with hanging some pictures, fetched her some stuff from attic etc so I count this as being productive. On a "Job research" field there was nice coincidence. I've got info from google about series of free online courses. Most revolves around online promotion, but I found some focused on programming, job hunting and work organization. Started one, and I plan to spend 15-30 min daily on those courses as meeting my goal. And I snacked. Couldn't help myself and grabbed piece of fresh baguette with pork lard and cracklings. Smelled soooooo good Sun|Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat Workout - FPP Y | Y | Y | Y | | | Workout - routine Y | Y | Y | Y | | | Snack (don't) Y | Y | Y | N | | | Job research N | N | N | Y | | | Family - temper Y | Y | Y | Y | | | Family - taking part Y | Y | Y | Y | | | Chores 4/3|1/1|2/1|1/1| | |
  14. Jan. 15th FPP d15: done (7,6,5,5,4) Workout (full body, 16kg kettlebell): Recorded reps: 1. Slingshot x 1 minute - 20 reps per side 2. Halo x 1 minute - 12 reps per side 3. Overhead Warm Up x 1 minute - 6 reps per side 4. Single Leg Deadlift x 1 minute - 10 reps per side 5. Bottoms Up Clean x 1 minute - 10 reps per side 6. One Arm Swing x 2 minutes - 35 reps per side 7. Lunge with Rotation x 2 minutes - 12 reps per side 1 minute rest 8. Clean and Press x 2 minutes - 12 per side 9. Regular Row x 2 minutes - 20 reps per side 10. Thruster x 2 minutes - 12 reps per side 11. Bob and Weave x 1 minute - 14 reps per side 1+ minute rest 12. Turkish Get Up x 4 minutes - 5 reps per side At the end: 15 body rows as a finisher.