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  1. Just a little info I'm still alive (as if anybody would care) I'm about 80-90% consistent with 2 x 20+ pushups a day. I have quite a lot of move on a daily basis, so I think this is enough for this endospore phase. Some day I will start exercising more, but not today nor tomorrow. I'm comfortable with what I have and I can focus on other areas. I know it's mostly against the Rules of Rebellion, but f*ck it. For now, it has to suffice.
  2. Aug. 4th Something is happening... and I don't like it. I find myself pretty much avoiding exercising, unable to find something fun to do consistently. I guess it's some sort of a crisis of faith or something. I don't like what's happening, but I don't have enough spoons to power through it right now. I think I'll fall back to essentials. 20 - 30 pushups a day, 5-10 pullups if I feel like it. Gotta live with it.
  3. No cycling today. It's freaking 100*F outside.
  4. No bike time on Monday, but clocked in half an hour of teaching my kid to ride (running and helping him keep the balance). Tuesday - 5km bike ride. Feels nice to know I still know how to
  5. Out of context, but someone is sending pretty nice signals Spotted (as if it would be hard to spot... duh) today before 7am on my way to work. Southern Poland. Wasn't expecting ice crystals in the atmosphere in the middle of the summer
  6. Jul. 15th 5x30 pullaparts Weekend: I finished renewing my bike. I guess next week I'll try to get some cycling time.
  7. Jul. 13th Pull aparts again 5 x 20 Tubes and tyres came in, so bike wheels are overhauled (incl. axle bearings).
  8. Ugh... post run blues hits hard. First week after I did nothing. Okay, regeneration time etc. But after that, I need to start moving. And not like "I should". Its more like "I have an urge". But there is a problem... I somehow grew tired of all the stuff I did earlier. All those exercises seem bland, repetitive (duh!) and wasted effort. Of course I can force myself through this, but do I want to? I have enough other problems and stuff making me miserable to just add another. So, I need to find something new. Right now I'm rebuilding my old bike to try cycling. We'll see how it'll turn out. But in the meantime: Last week were pushups - 5x10 on Monday, 5x11 on Tuesday and so on till Friday. This week (because bike is still in pieces) - pull aparts with exercise band. Monday - 5x10, today I plan 5x12 and so on. Ended doing 5x15.
  9. Hey sweetie! I'm fine. Not as focused on fitness as I was back then, but still kicking strong Some sort of post-run blues creeps on me right now, so I wonder what activity I could dive into, to keep myself going.
  10. I want to dedicate this to Mr_Willes. I'm not sure if he did OCR, but I know he did run... and he cheered on me when i started my adventure with OCR. And last Sunday:
  11. 12 kilometers (7,5 miles), ~50 obstacles, 35*C (95*F), full sun. Sign (roughly) says "Doesn't matter if it hurts". Two hours rest, and then family 2 km run.
  12. Jun. 22nd 30 pullups 30 pushups Probably won't do much in next couple days, as this Sunday I run 12km OCR. Extra bit of rest won't hurt
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