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  1. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    Thanks man Examples of real dry-cure ham are prosciutto di parma or dark forest (Schwarzwälder) ham. It is cured with salt and other seasoning rubbed in dry meat (no soaking in brine) and smoked or left to air dry. It can take from months to even years of drying, depending on specific type. My ham preparation though is way simplified. I actually use brine-like process (one day in sugar and one day in salt) for removing as much water from the meat as possible (and as a bonus - salt prevents bacterial growth later). Then I cover it in seasoning, put in stocking and hang to air-dry in warm place for two weeks. The meat loses about one third of it's weight and "soaks up" the seasoning in this time. I wouldn't compare it to jerky. First - it's pork, not beef, so taste and texture is very different. Second - it's not crispy like jerky, the meat remains soft and flexible, although much denser than regular ham. I will provide a photo if you like. And it could be kept in room temp for quite the time until cut open due to dried outer layer (after cutting I prefer to put it in fridge "just in case").
  2. aramis

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Rectification - by running in the fields I didn't mean actually through fields... I could damage someones' crops. I meant dirt roads that lead between fields. And by "dirt" I mean all sorts of unpaved roads used by tractors and other farm machines. Some are covered in gravel or rocks, other are sandy or just overgrown with grass and weeds. And I, on the contrary, have never ran in the forest. Only did hiking and walks. I think I need to look closer at my nearby forests to find a track for winter. I suppose lumbermen and foresters will keep roads passable even when snow falls - after all there is lots of work in the forest at winter. And keep it up! What distance have you covered in this image?
  3. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    Friday, Oct. 18th Today I told myself I WILL spend more time with boys, even if it's only watching them play Minecraft, so I did. Also watched with them a bit of cartoons. Later wife came back from her family (there is a situation with her Grampa's health so she went to help manage things) and took over kids. They asked her for bedtime stories, so I used this time to do my workout and a bit of Domestic Rangering. I kept food mostly in check, only overate like 100kcal on lemon caramel wife made earlier... Sleep is okay. In my head, I feel better. Did some productive stuff throughout the day, scratched off some tasks from to-do list. And tomorrow I will check my self made dry-cured ham. Can't wait
  4. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Oct. 18th Workout (back): 3x superset: - pull-ups followed immediately by assisted pull-ups (4+5) YAY! Progress! , - 10x face pulls (7kg / 15lb on cable), - 10x trap raises, - 10x body rows with feet on chair, - rest 2 min 20x KB swings (16kg/35lb) 10x per side KB clean and press (alternating arms for each rep) Stretching Trap, tricep and shoulder stretches, Sun Salutations. Food: 2804kcal, 155.5g protein. Couldn't resist home made lemon caramel...
  5. aramis

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    Want to loose some weight or don't have time to eat in the morning?
  6. aramis

    TGP takes another chance for an adventure

    Yes, most moderate climate places have this beautiful autumn show Here is Plum and Walnut in southern Poland, merely couple days ago. Sooo much better place than paved sidewalks (IMHO). Softer, quieter and - oh the sights! I only run 5K (yet), but running in the fields is so much more fun than on the streets... (I live in rural area, so fields are easily accessible ). And be bloody proud to be one! Cheers!
  7. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    Thursday, Oct. 17th Time with kids mostly after their TV time again. Earlier, after coming home I only warmed their dinner and left to finish shoveling coal into basement, and to move scaffolding once again with my dad. After cartoons I gave boys their supper, bathed them and put to beds. As wife left for shopping (we need some blankets and pet accessories for animal charity donation at school tomorrow), I stayed with kids and read them some bed stories. In the meantime I did burpee workout - in 15 minutes managed to squeeze 78 reps Food in check. Don't plan on staying up too late, so sleep should be okay too. Mentally I feel better today - turns out simply talking with someone about my mood can make it better. Thank you @TGP
  8. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Oct. 17th As warm-up I finished shoveling coal from front yard to basement. Most of it was done earlier by wife, she left me maybe half of ton from two we ordered. And helped my dad to move scaffolding once again. Workout (burpees): 15min timer, 78reps. YAY progress! Stretching - Sun Salutations and some various stretches for arms and upper body. Food: 2763kcal, 160g protein.
  9. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    It comes and goes. I'm too scatterbrained to keep on one feeling for long. It hits me mostly when I feel down and I dig through my insecurities. Or I'm reminded by someone I should act more mature, that my behavior isn't appropriate - but in those situations I try not to care what others find appropriate. Yeah, being surprised by own abilities is sooo great feeling
  10. aramis

    There and Back Again, a Seven's Journey

    I feel you on this one. I'm in Poland and my running buddy is in Singapore. Funny how technology makes that possible To the new beginnings!
  11. aramis

    Mortimer's battle logs.

    But if you add sole thickness when standing on the ground, you should add it to top height as well - distance you jump in shoes vs. barefoot is the same unless you take your shoes off mid-flight
  12. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    OCR is still only in the plans, I want to run my first next year. But thanks for noticing Yeah, this is very true for me too. I sometimes think why I do all this stuff. It looks like I try not to admit my age and try to act like I'm still in my 20's... is it symptom of midlife crisis? Or just I don't want to agree to social "norm" in which when you reach 40, you should just plop on a couch and drink beer...
  13. aramis

    My way towards OCR

    Hmm... Oct. 16th Workout (full body) 3x superset: - max pull-ups followed by max assisted pull-ups (3+5), - 6x KB halos each side (16kg/35lb) - 15x weighted squats (22.7kg/50lb), - 6x KB clean and press each side (16kg/35lb), - 20x KB swing - 10x body rows with feet on a chair, - 10x glute bridge, - 15x decline push-ups with feet on a chair, - 2 min rest. Didn't have time for planks this time. Stretching - Sun Salutations. Yeah, I said that and I jinxed it. Today I had big problem with push-ups - after 10-12reps I had to take a break for a moment before finishing my set. Maybe it's overall fatigue (weather changing again), maybe larger dinner before the workout, I don't know. Food: 2790kcal, 159.5g protein.
  14. aramis

    aramis tries not to be an a**hole

    Wednesday, Oct. 16th Bit better in terms of spending time with kids. As I came home they already had their computer time (stuff to do on my way home took longer than expected), but after that we sat on a couch and older one was reading for us. In return, I read them bedtime stories after putting them to beds. I think "behavior boards" is something my younger one doesn't catch yet. He doesn't like when he gets minus mark, but he struggles to connect this fact with his own actions (even when we explain to him why he gets bad marks). On the other hand - older one got the idea quite easily and understands it's beneficial to work on good behavior. So I'd say 50% success... Fitness wise - did my workout, kept food in check, sleep is more or less okay. Mentally - I don't know. I feel like TV static - both "something" and "nothing" at the same time. Like I would wander from slightly sad to slightly happy and back again without specific reason. It's hard to define... Everything seems to have this grayish, or maybe sepia hue. On one hand I lack the ecstatic joy, on the other - no dark despair for me. I wouldn't call this "numbness", it's not that far down, but it could be this direction. But again, it may be just stress and today's weather influencing me.
  15. aramis

    Salinger's twenty fifth challenge!

    Great job out there! You did your best and the rest is someone's else decision - so no reason stressing about it now. Seconding shaar's "Holy fucking shit!" If it was told to me in such conditions, it would end in me being reported. For punching assessor in the face. Come on... It's pretty scary... I try to feel you. I don't have any solution or advice though. All I can say - you are not alone. There are lots of us here thinking of you. Take care and get some sleep. This way tomorrow will come faster. And best part is you never know what good thing can happen tomorrow Have fun at London trip, remember to take your meds and take care about yourself. Hugs!