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  1. Nov. 30th Back to work training. Turns out I'm not as rusty as I thought 5x20 40kg KB Romanian DL 2x1 TGU 40kg !!! 8x1 TGU 32kg
  2. No training this week. Stuff at work, stuff at home. Fitness isn't a priority here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Nov. 20th There is something in the Swings that make my uneasy... so I decided to swap Swings with Deadlifts for my routine so... 5x20 Romanian KB Deadifts 40kg 10x1 TGU 32kg
  4. Nov. 18th S&S? Nah. Did 50 push-ups, 5 pull-ups and 30 weighted squats (32kg) instead.
  5. Nov. 16th Today was my great day - I finally passed the test for my motorcycle driving license On a side note S&S 32kg untimed (1 extra minute rest between swings) No headache issues this time.
  6. Nov. 13th Something weird happened. I was feeling normal, nothing unusual. But when I started swinging, my head instantly began to hurt. It felt something between stuffed sinuses and migraine. I ditched the swings and did some pull-ups and variety of push-ups (wide, diamond, elevated etc.) instead. After that, usual 10x1 32kg TGU. I guess it was something pressure-related, because less explosive exercises were perfectly fine for my head. Will see next time...
  7. Nov. 9th S&S, 32kg , untimed (1 minute extra rest between swings' sets) Nov. 11th Busy day, lots of walking, crouching, squatting etc. My legs got enough training... so I did 100 overhead kettlebell presses (16kg).
  8. Nov. 6th Not feeling too well today. 4x10 32kg swings 10x1 32kg TGU.
  9. Nov. 4th S&S 32kg with extra rest time.
  10. Nov. 2nd S&S 32kg with couple extra minutes for rest between swings' sets. I'm so happy I'm again at 32kg level
  11. Oct. 30th Hurt my middle finger (bit of torn skin, nothing serious), but swings made it hurt. Instead of full S&S, I did: 20 pushups 20 swings 24kg per side (going easy on my hand) 10 TGU 32kg.
  12. Oct. 28th S&S: swings 3x20 32kg 2x20 24kg getups 6x32kg 4x24kg
  13. Swimming? Nah, there's a land connection. Just go north from your place and turn left when you hit Mongolia Or you might take shortcut through Nepal and Afghanistan - It's just 12 thousand kilometers
  14. Oct. 26th S&S: swings 3x20 32kg 2x20 24kg getups 6x32kg 4x24kg
  15. umm... Can I ask you a favor? On your next jog, come over and have a tea with me here in Poland... but bring some cookies
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