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  1. Mar. 4th S&S timed 10x10 1H SW 32kg 4x1 TGU 40kg 6x1 TGU 32kg
  2. Don't worry, it's normal. Kettlebells - unlike dumbbells - have the center of weight offset from handle which makes the training harder. Anyway - Good job on getting to real kettles!
  3. S&S lacks any serious upper back stimulation. For improving pull-ups, you need add actual pull-ups (or some form of their progression) to the mix The only way I can think of the S&S would help is improving overall conditioning - but again, this is rather miniscule influence. With OCRs the situation is... "dynamic". Organizers try to fit into legal restrictions, said restrictions can change any day... One great thing is IF the event will be cancelled/postponed due to changing restrictions, the fee isn't lost, but just transferred to another event with same formula.
  4. New training schedule. Instead of Mo-We-Fri I will do my S&S Tu-Th-Sat. Same intervals, but easier to fit in considering job and current situation (home-schooling etc). Also some pull ups here and there (rather randomly, but at least couple dozens a week) - I think it will be good to re-learn this before OCR season - especially my family wants to participate as well And speaking of OCR - I just got my compensation (thanks Insurance Company ❤️) - I think spending it for OCR fees is fine idea . There will be "standard version" OCR for me, "newbie version" for wife and a family
  5. Feb. 27th Tadaa! S&S timed 10x10 1H SW 32kg 4x1 TGU 40kg 6x1 TGU 32kg
  6. I guess "weight" has to be as skillful as the lifter in this situation
  7. Sigh. Tried to S&S yesterday. Did my swings. Then kids started fighting so my training session went bananas... Will try again today
  8. Piggy bank... I like it And looks like additional rest days helped me today with... Feb. 24th S&S TIMED! 10x10 1H SW 32kg 4x1 TGU 40kg 6x1 TGU 32kg
  9. Feb. 22nd No training today Got stuck at work - 10 hours of trying to fix broken grinder. My energy bar is empty...
  10. Feb. 19th Trying to time my workout last time was detrimental to heavy getups - turns out I may stick either to timer OR to weights - not to both right now. Knowing this, depending on how much time is at hand I can plan my weights ahead. S&S (untimed) 10x10 1H SW 32kg 4x1 TGU 40kg 6x1 TGU 32kg
  11. Feb. 17th S&S (untimed) 6x10 SW 32kg ~1min rest 4x10 SW 32kg 1min rest 2x1 TGU 40kg ~1.5min rest tried but failed another 40kg set, so went down with weight and did 8x1 TGU 32kg in 6 minutes (ditched EMOM and did the getups almost continuously).
  12. Feb. 15th I found a way to do all my swings one handed, with 23kg Kettlebell! As I do my S&S in EMOM style, I have 20 swings every minute, so... I just divided left reps so I do 5 left, 10 right and again 5 left in every set. This takes about 30-40 seconds, so I still have about 20 seconds of rest at the end of the set. This gives my injured finger enough time to rest and recover. And on top of that - ditching the timer and taking extra rest was enough for me to crush FOUR 40kg getups S&S (untimed) 10x10 SW 32kg 4x1 TGU 40kg! 6x1 T
  13. And the other side - new location for kickstand and close-up of footpeg mount. And next thing - seat pan. Made of plywood, kerf-bent and laminated with some linen canvas.
  14. Feb. 12th No time for full training, but... 100 reps of 32kg swings - mixed one handed and two handed to challenge, but not overload injured side.
  15. Funny, but no. I think the conclusion is - the issue is based on blood pressure jumping rapidly when I start two-handed 40kg swings. Maybe too much load on my cardio system? If sinuses were the case, any load with this move would cause pain, but this time there was any headache. And about strong and STRONGER side - I know it's normal. The problem here is I hurt my non-dominant hand, so this side being weaker from the beginning, now gets even less stimuli to progress. But again - time will tell how far the damage went and how much of this I can heal up.
  16. Feb. 10th S&S routine - bit of extra rest ONE ARM SWINGS!!! 2x10 24kg 4x10 32kg 4x10 mixed weight - Right 32kg, Left 24kg (I know, this leads to imbalances in strength, but left hand gets tired/starts to hurt pretty fast) 1 min rest get-ups: 2x1 40kg !!! 30 sec extra rest 8x1 32kg
  17. Nope, it's rather not dehydration. I suspect blood pressure issues or sinuses acting up again. Especially today I got same headache during swings. Not that severe, but still. I found some reddit post about same problem - there was solution to do more warming up before main part to raise blood pressure in more steady manner. Gotta try this next training. And today: Feb. 8th S&S routine - timed 3x20 2H swings 40kg 2x20 2H swings 32kg 1 min rest 10x1 TGU 32kg
  18. Did some training on Thursday. Not full routine, just 20 minutes of first part of get-up with lower weight - to work on my form. Feb. 6th S&S routine - timed (no extra rest)!!! 3x20 2H swings 40kg 2x20 2H swings 32kg 1 min rest 10x1 TGU 32kg Strangely enough, it gave me bad headache. Need to investigate further.
  19. Last week was a mess. Wednesday I got stuck at work, so had to make my training on Thursday. Taking Friday as rest day, I did nice S&S routine at Saturday - no extra rest time, 3x20 40kg swings and the rest (swings and getups) with 32kg. Strangely, somewhere mid swings I started suffering from a headache. It was strange, because most usual things inducing headache were out of the list. Last time I had such thing I thought it was because sinuses inflammation I was going through... But this time I'm (relatively) healthy... was this caused by blood pressure peaking because weight and lack of
  20. Feb. 3rd No training. Yesterday I got stuck at work. Maybe will try to catch up today. Or not - fixing hydraulic feed mechanizm was quite intense physical activity
  21. Today was crappy day. I've been hit by "fuck-it-all" mood and almost ditched my training. The only thing that forced me to do something was knowledge I will hate myself even more if I won't exercise. I know it's negative motivation, but I'm quite proficient at hating myself, so... I'd rather not. Anyway - I did some swings with 32kg and 10 getups with same weight. Not a full routine, but as I said - it was something.
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