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  1. Apr. 21st 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg
  2. Apr. 19th 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg Apr. 20th 7x7 PU
  3. Apr. 16th Saturday was bit better. 3x30 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg Apr. 18th 6x7 PU Will add something later this week, but rather sets than reps. For now 7 reps in a row seems my max without feeling exhausted afterwards.
  4. Apr. 15th Feeling-like-crap continues. It may be stomach flu. Or regular cold that makes me nauseous. Anyway, I try to do at least some exercising... 4x7 PU
  5. Apr. 12th 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg Apr. 13th 6x7 PU Apr. 14th feeling like crap 3x20 Romanian DL 40kg (60% still better than nothing...) 10 TGU 40kg
  6. I'm old and grumpy, I was raised in way different times and place, but... school isn't about being happy. At least not in the first place. It cannot be abusive, but everybody needs to get their priorities straight. I want to say catching up with the material IS important now... after all, nobody will give those kids special/preferential treatment because there was strike and they lost some classes.
  7. I guess life got in the Sloth's way. No time to cook, forgot to do groceries, found spoiled milk in the fridge, got so angry he lost all the appetite... There's a plethora of possible reasons. And you know what? One day fast from time to time is a good thing (besides caloric deficit) - check autophagy benefits
  8. Apr. 7th 50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg Training in a hurry
  9. Apr. 5th 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg
  10. Apr. 2nd 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg
  11. Mar. 31st Man, I'm tired today. No sleep at night. Instead, this: Not my roof. I'm a volunteer firefighter in my settlement. We spent good couple hours putting this fire down. We needed to strip part of the roof apart because fire was hiding below the metal roofing sheets. When got back home, it was already 4am. It made no sense going to bed when I wake up at 5:30 to work. But anyway, after work: 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 6 TGU 40kg 4 TGU 32 kg
  12. Okay, got somewhat back to exercising. Mar. 28th 5x6 PU Mar. 29th 3x34 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 32 kg I decided to go with lighter kettle for getups because pinkie is still swollen. Scab on the wound is nice and dry, but is still holds firmly. I never thought I use the ring finger and pinkie so much while holding things
  13. Neck got better. But in the meantime I managed to drop 30kg on my pinkie. Bones are fine, but some soft tissues went 'squish' like would an orange stepped on. Lucky me... Not very painful though, so I guess I will try some exercises by the weekend. Will see what can be done.
  14. Yesterday I found in my Mom's medicine cabinet some suspiciously looking, big jar. Turns out it's something called "Horse Back Balm". It is natural (arnica, mint, camphor etc), so I tried it and it seems to work better than modern painkiller ointment.
  15. Okay, so... I think I won't be exercising for (at least) couple days. On Monday my neck and upper back started to hurt. I thought soreness or something. All the week I tried to stretch/massage it, but to no avail. It even hurts a bit by bit more every day, so I need to focus on sorting this out before I start throwing 40kg kettlebell around again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. Mar. 17th 2 x 50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg
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