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  1. Mar. 15th Stuck at work, came home two hours later. Barely squeezed 30 Rom. DL 40 kg 10 TGU 40kg in family evening routine. Mar. 16th No pullups today. My day at work today was 13 hours of driving across the country. Maybe I'll do some PU before sleep.
  2. Mar. 12th 2 x 50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg
  3. Mar. 10th 2 x 50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg Mar. 11th 3x5 PU done so far. I feel like pull-ups got super easy over last days. Muscle memory kicking in? Today I've ended up with 7x5 pull-ups.
  4. I took some pills yesterday and today I feel slightly better. Hope I managed to scare off the cold. Regarding abs, I thought all core muscles work during getups, but I might have been wrong. Turns out, while doing pull-ups I DO use them so much to explain soreness... but not by raising knees. With sore upper abs I can clearly feel the amount of stress I put on them just by tightening the core [EDIT] Mar. 9th 6x5 PU No better medicine for sore muscles than... more exercise
  5. Mar. 8th 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg ... with sooooo much extra rest... Today I feel like crap. Seems like some sort of cold tries to get me. And on top of that, I have my upper abs so bloody sore... I wonder why. May it because of pull-ups? Okay, I raise knees while pulling up (I try not to, but they go up by themselves ), but I doubt 20 knee raises would give me such doms in abs... Sigh... tomorrow will be better.
  6. So, I thought about adding back some pull-up movement to my routine (I will need it for OCR obstacles). I will do it on rest days from my main KB routine, so won't end up with training sessions getting too long. Maybe even in Grease-the-Groove fashion, so I can use some scaffolding at work In terms of volume, I think doing at least twice the weeks' number of reps (in sets that I don't break a sweat... 5 rep for now I guess). So now, as we have week #10, at least 20 reps on pull-up day, going up two reps every week up to 50 reps on week #25, when I have my OCR scheduled.
  7. Mar. 5th 30, 20, 50 Romanian DL 40kg 10 TGU 40kg
  8. Statistically speaking, none of us is considered. We all here are outliers for trying to live better/healthier/stronger.
  9. Mar. 3rd 2x50 Romanian DL 40kg 10x1 TGU 40kg
  10. Had same problem with my 32kg. Just buy some wide adhesive bandage (one without the wound dressing), athletic tape, hockey tape or similar and wrap it around the handle. Worked for me If added friction is a problem (wasn't for me, but it might differ in different moves), you could cover the wrapping with layer of electric tape/duct tape to make it more slippery (as original cast iron is).
  11. Nah, it's fine. But I don't think I'll go any heavier. Those 'Beast' kettlebells are bloody pricy I'm happy I got to this, as it's the level I was last year - I challenged myself to do full (yet untimed) Simple&Sinister routine with 40 kg KB on my 40th birthday. And as 40+40=80, that was my weight goal as well - keep myself around 80kg. My OCD was pleased with such even numbers After that was some experimentation with different moves as swings with anything above 32kg gives me crippling headache (on occasions, even 32kg does). So I finally ended switching swings with RDLs. And got back to TGUs as I like them
  12. Mar. 1st Okay. Time to crank things up. 40, 30, 30 Rom. DL 40kg 10x1 TGU 40kg!
  13. Feb. 26th workout in a hurry: 50 KB clean and jerk (24 kg)
  14. Feb. 24th 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg
  15. Feb. 22nd 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg
  16. Feb. 17th Nothing actually. Decided to skip this one, and put my smaller motorcycle together instead. Why? Because my wife wants to (learn to) ride a motorcycle and I want to deliver. Besides, on Friday we went to an indoor water park and spent three hours on slides, wave pools and such. Helluva fun! Feb. 19th usual 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg
  17. Feb. 15th 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg
  18. I'm a bit lost in those numbers. How exactly your set looks like? Yeah, it is crazy how body remembers the moves. Good to hear this works for you. And this isn't good to hear. What did your doctor told you about it? Is it irreversible damage after COV or just needs time to heal up?
  19. Feb. 12th 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg
  20. Feb. 10th 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg On a different note - motorcycle season can be whole year if you're dedicated... committed... desperate enough
  21. Feb. 8th 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg
  22. Feb. 5th 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg
  23. Feb. 3rd Trying new stuff is fun, but also distracting. Back to basics: 5x20 Romanian DL 40kg 6x1 TGU 40kg 4x1 TGU 32kg
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