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  1. So the last few days of the previous week kind of derailed for me. As I only got home late after work my diet remained mostly intact as well as my fasting but unfortunately my exercise routine did not but this week started off with a bang. I went for a jogged yesterday and I am sure my time has decreased dramatically as my pace was much better than the previous week. I realize now that I need to track this better. My weight is 125.2 Kg so I have not dropped much but this is to be expected for not exercising for half of the week. I still find my self forgetting to compliment myself but I am wor
  2. So my second day went a bit better than yesterday I forgot to keep track Of my intermittent fasting thus I am going to set up a schedule for all my goals. I am surprised at how easily I forget these things. My weight for Day 2 is 125.4kg I am going to start documenting my measurements as well. I am posting this a day late as I was working late yesterday. I managed to go for a jog after which I am also going to start documenting my time. Al of a sudden I am having issues waking up early and falling asleep on time, any advice on this would be appreciated? I am already cutting
  3. Thanks, man I have been realizing these things slowly but surely this break up was a catalyst to taking action. It just increased the speed at what I realized things need to change.
  4. Mostly focusing on things that relate to being worth it, to just plain as simple as your awesome as this was something I once truly Believed, and know I still I am I just need to believe it. Going to focus on complementing my strong point as well. I am still at work latter give my daily report
  5. So my first day went a bit astray, I did not complete my bodyweight routine this morning I did go for a jog at night. I am going to put up reminders for my level up your life quest as well as the not finishing the plate. I end this day on 125.7 kg so my target weight is 110kg I shifted the goal to 15kg as I feel this attainable goal. I have already cut out carbs and sugars from my diet as well as eating smaller portions. Taking this day by day.
  6. Theme: Weight loss and self love I want to focus this challenge on self-improvement especially my fitness, physical appearance and social capabilities. I just came out a 3 year relationship and this was not easy but made me realizes that even though I moved forward in my work life I have not lead a balanced lifestyle the past 3 - 4 years. I have lost social skills I have gained weight and became unfit. I want to commit to improving myself focusing on my physical health. I am a network engineer and aspiring developer, my hobbies include
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