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  1. 14/11/2019: - no 16h IF 15/11/2019: - 16 h IF 16/11/2019: - 16 h IF - SL 5x5 B
  2. 08/11/19: - 16 h IF 09/11/19: - 16 h IF - SL 5x5 training B - went to a party with friends (alcohol, lack of sleep, etc...) 10/11/19: - no 16 h IF 11/11/19: - 16 h IF 12/11/19: - 16 h IF
  3. 07/11/19: - 16 h IF - 1 h walk - 15 min bodyweight exercises (45s exercise, 15s break) since my legs were still too sore from tuesday to continue SL 5x5
  4. *silently blowing the dust off this thread as if nothing happened* 04/11/19: - 16 h IF - worked on handstands - went for a 45 min walk 05/11/19: - 16 h IF - SL 5x5 training A + crunches & planks 06/11/19: - 16 h IF - this (and it tastes awesome!)
  5. Thanks for the encouragement I actually went to the gym yesterday at 10 a.m. thinking there won't be anyone anyway at that time and for a long time there was only one other guy and me in there. Headphones in, concentrated on my exercises and managed to not care about anything around me.
  6. So I've been derailed for a few months - again. Somehow whenever I find some kind of balance or consistency in working out I get sick or my schedule is too full or I make up another excuse, I skip a week of workouts and let myself slip into a pit of lazyness. Another thing that I really struggle with is my apparently constant need to compare myself to others and to the level I was at a few years ago. Yes, I do want get back to this level, but whenever I go and work out and realise I'm by far not as strong as I used to be I get so frustrated. Especially when there's people around who started wi
  7. I imagine that planning my day around that rhythm might make it easier to get work done and feel less guilty about time spent otherwise (I'm a student so aside from lectures and the minijob I basically set up my own schedule). Like using these prime times for studying and the downtimes to take a break, have a cup of coffee, meditate, nap or whatever. So far I mostly adjusted with people around me when it comes to study times and especially with my flatmate I noticed huge differences concerning concentration levels. For example, while she can get up early and start to work right away, I usually
  8. Hey there, so after I neglected the last challenge after two weeks I will get back up again with this one. I found during my first challenge that intermittent fasting is something that I benefit from, so I will include it for this challenge again. However, I will not be as strict with it as last time, I'm perfectly fine with fasting at least 3 times per week for 16 hours, more than that will be bonus. This gives me a bit of space to adjust to my currently constantly changing schedule. A long time ago I read an article somewhere about finding your biological
  9. Soooooo... Let's wrap up this challenge that I basically abandoned after 2 weeks: The good stuff first: the "first thing done at my computer must always be work-related" thing worked out great. I still went through a lot of stress that could have been avoided, but at least I was productive every single day. I seldomly got up at 9 or to bed at 12 after the first two weeks of the challenge. But that wasn't always caused by lazyness. I'm a night owl, I find it way easier to stay up late to get work done rather than get up early and start right away. Sometimes to stop worki
  10. Oh hi, hope you got that done in time and that the panic's gone now. I pay way less attention to this challenge than I ought to, but at least I get stuff done. I didn't set up any to do lists lately, I stayed up late and I got out of bed late, but my computer usage has never been more productive. This "first thing done must be work related"-thing is really saving my butt. I'm almost done now and I feel way more relaxed than last week (I might have had one or two emotional breakdowns only chocolate could cure... *cough*) I also did some meditation and walking in between
  11. Yesterday was okay, today was horrible. I did not work on the thesis at all today. Instead I cleaned the flat, cooked a healthy meal, got some laundry done and took a walk (doing my part in the mini challenge :D). I'm constantly bouncing between "Sh*t I have so much left to do and so little time!" and "Ah you're almost done, there's two weeks left, don't stress out that much". In reality I'm probably somewhere in between so either mindset isn't perfect. Also I didn't do any exercise this week yet, only that meditation on tuesday and I can feel that neither my mind nor my body are happy wi
  12. Worked a lot on my thesis yesterday and today, I'm actually starting to see an end to this. Other than that I went to bed in time, but slept in yesterday. I also totally forgot about the to do lists before going to bed, but instead wrote them in the morning, or rather tried to. I find it really hard to think of 5 things to do because the stuff I imagine (like finish writing chapter x) is always way too big and already involves 3 "sub-points". And then something's not working the way it should or goes wrong in any other kind so I end up spending 2 hours "fixing" stuff. Turning on my comput
  13. This. And also I'm in. Just found this and I really don't know how much of a help I can be, but who could say no to GoT? :D
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