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    When life gives you CombustibleLemons...

    Wrap-up of challenge 1: drink at least 1.5 L of water a day (97 %) take at least 8000 steps a day (76 %) intermittent fasting: follow the 16/8 protocol for 28 days (79 %) learned: paying attention to my drinking habits "hunger" for activity is coming back IF is a nice addition, but not for every single day better mood and eating control Next challenge: get up at 9 am and to sleep at 12 am at the latest during weekends & immediately get dressed to not feel sluggish the whole day to do lists with 5 items for every day (and get that stuff done) first thing at computer must always be work-related at least 3x/week meditation/exercise
  2. CombustibleLemon

    CombustibleLemon trying not to combust

    Hello again I've actually been willing to do something like this for quite some time now. A while ago I saw a video on different sleeping habits and how they can affect you. There was even something crazy like 4 or 5 naps 1 or 2 hours each throughout the day and basically no sleep at night. Anyway, I know that I have a downtime at about 4/5 pm when my brain turns on zombie-mode and I can't get anything done, so I wanted to take a nap of a few hours then and sleep less during the night in return. Sounded great in theory, but didn't work. My schedule sadly doesn't allow something like that... Last semester I had multiple courses during that time (every day roughly from 1 or 3 to 6 pm, it was a weird schedule...) and this semester there's my thesis for which I'm at work in the institute for about 8 hours a day. Plus the ridiculously long trainrides I end up with a free-time frame from 8 to 12 pm. And at that point I can basically just go to bed and sleep through the night, or go exercising as training usually starts at 8 or 9. I guess this contributes to my stress affinity lately... I got 3/5 things from today's list done. I didn't work on my thesis as much as I would have liked, but let myself get distracted a lot. I planned on having a draft finished by sunday evening, but there's still so many things missing that I think that won't be possible without a fuming head. First thing I did at my computer at home was a missing scheme, so that's done. By now it's already past 12 am, so no points here for today. Concerning exercises I only got swim training on monday for this week yet. Also I focused on counting my breath for about 15 minutes on my trainride home from work today as some kind of an "emergency meditation", so let's say I'm at 1.5/3 here.
  3. CombustibleLemon

    CombustibleLemon trying not to combust

    Yeah, I noticed that more often than not I turn on my computer, open up the document and then do something else for hours. Making it a rule to immediately start working before anything else is a great way to get around that. That's a great idea. Maybe some "mindless" work that needs to be done at some point, but doesn't require me at my cognitive peak. I actually kind of did that today after seeing your post. 6 pm, energy depleted, and I'm pondering whether I should drink a coffee and at least finish what I started or head home and see if my head clears up. Thought of the challenge and decided to stop working (guess I wouldn't have been able to get much more done anyway). I didn't feel quite content with that though, so once I was home I finished one last scheme to have that "tiny win" (and fulfill my rule of working before doing anything else on my computer). Also I got 4 out of 5 things from today's to do list done.
  4. CombustibleLemon

    CombustibleLemon trying not to combust

    Hi all! I know that I'm one of these people who barely plan things ahead and always rely on "deadline panic" to get stuff done. With my thesis up ahead I thought I'd counteract this behaviour and make this challenge about trying to keep stress to a healthy minimum. Goal 1: Get started To create emotional balance I need to get stuff done - especially right now I feel horrible after a day of doing nothing and start blaming myself for acting so lazy. Weekends are the worst, I tend to sleep in and stay in my pyjamas the whole day constantly thinking "there's plenty of time left, I'll do it later". So the first goal will include: get up at 9 am at the latest during weekends & get dressed immediately first thing done at my computer must always be work-related Goal 2: Maintain balance One thing that I'm really bad at creating but profit a lot from once I got it set up are to do lists. Somehow I either write way too much on it and get frustrated because I got so little done, or the list is way too easy to finish. Therefore I will take some time every evening before going to bed to set up a list of 5 items to do the next day to get a feeling for a realistic workload. (And get stuff done of course...) before going to bed: to do list for the next day (5 items) get the things from the list done (obviously...) Goal 3: Recharge As for everything, at some point motivation and energy levels drop. I tend to try and "power through" those phases - with little to no success and a lot of frustration - or "take a break" on netflix and well... At that point the day is basically over... Once I notice that I've reached this point I will instead try and allow myself to stop to meditate and/or exercise (stress-relieving yoga routines and the like are very much appreciated :D) and learn to know when to call it a day and get a good night's sleep. at least 3x/week meditation/exercise go to bed at 12 am at the latest during weekends
  5. CombustibleLemon

    CombustibleLemon builds healthy habits

    I thought a bit about the next challenge, yes. Initially I wanted to skip it because I felt it would be too much stress to try and stick to a challenge with my thesis ahead, but why not make that my challenge? Fixed wake up time to get me started, to do lists every day to get stuff done and meditation or exercise when my brain needs a break.
  6. CombustibleLemon

    squeakyvalkyrie levels up!

    Great to see you've set up your next challenge thread already. Good luck with your goals!
  7. CombustibleLemon

    CombustibleLemon builds healthy habits

    Sounds reasonable, more strength = more distance with a single stroke, why not? The only problem I currently have with strength training is that I don't have a gym buddy. That's why these bodyweight training sessions work for me - plenty of friends around who do the same and even a flatmate who has no problem making me feel guilty when I don't come along. Now for the final scores *drumrolls* Intermittent Fasting Days with at least 16 hours of fasting: 23 (79 %) Days with 12 to 16 hours of fasting: 5 Days with less than 12 hours of fasting: 1 I definitely won't become someone who can stick with 16/8 the rest of their lives, at least not for each day. But I'm kind of happy I tried it for 4 weeks straight because (as I noticed before) my mood seems a lot less controlled by hunger lately. Also I find it way easier now to stop eating mid-meal and reconsider if I'm really still hungry, or just overeat at that point. Maybe for the next challenge I'll keep it up, but with a few off-days in between. 8000 steps a day Days completed: 22 (76 %) Days failed: 7 One thing that happened was that after I started to actually set a movement goal for the day, I got my "hunger" for activity back. Even though I didn't reach the step goal that often during the last week of the challenge, I regularly went to training sessions instead. 3 times last week, twice the one before and today I went swimming again (I'm really growing to love that one :D). This need for movement was the actual goal behind getting my butt up every day, so I guess I can call that a win. I think for the next challenge I'll try to exercise at least once or twice a week and tune down the walk frequency to only 5 days or a week goal as JessRed already suggested. 1.5 L water per day Days completed: 28 (97 %) Days failed: 1 Not much to say here, I guess I'm good at drinking (ambiguity intended :D). The main thing was to keep track of it. I caught myself a few times during the challenge when I was just refilling the flask without really paying attention on how much it actually was. It didn't really matter though because I drank A LOT more than those 1.5 L. Still, having an estimate of how much water I actually drank (not just "yup, more than 1.5") would've been quite nice.
  8. Hello everyone! With all that holiday-family-stuff around I almost forgot to open up my challenge thread, so here we go... I'm a 24 year old female trying to get back to my healthier self after about a year of slacking off. I've already had a few attempts on trying to get in shape that didn't work out well since most of the time I didn't celebrate the smaller victories and tried to do too many things at once. When I finally changed that it worked out great for a long time and I was really happy with my habits, my attitude, my life and myself in general. Due to let's say difficult circumstances I got derailed during this last year and want to get back on track now. The good thing about this is: I know what works for me and I therefore I'll start small again by building healthy habits from scratch. This first challenge is mainly about getting used to take care of myself and build a daily routine once again. My side quests will therefore be: - Drink at least 1.5 L of water a day I'll track this using the 1.5 L flask I own - I'll just fill it up in the morning and by the end of the day it has to be empty. - walk at least 8000 steps a day Tracking: smartwatch - follow the intermittent fasting 16/8 protocol Tracking: print-out of an excel sheet that I'll fill out every day Neither of these goals are that hard to achieve for me - during the last 1 or 2 weeks I already started implementing them in my daily life and so far it worked really well. The only things that need a bit of adjustment are the 8000 steps and fasting on weekends. During the week both of them shouldn't be a problem since I run around at work all the time and forget about breakfast during that time anyway. But a fairly easy challenge was part of the idea to get myself started. I guess I won't have the time to update in here every single day, but I'll definitely try!
  9. Hi everyone! So here I am, after a pretty lousy year of slacking off, motivated to get my lazy ass up and moving.I'm horrible at planning and tend to try too many things at once - mainly because so many things come to mind that I want to change immediately. So what I'm going to do is post an ever-growing list of goals and ideas in here. Every challenge I'll take 3 things out of the list to focus on and cross them out when the goal is accomplished. This way I'll not only manage to put some structure in my jumpy thoughts, but see my progress at the same time. (On multiple occasions I notice myself being frustrated because I let some tiny detail slip, when overall I stuck with 99 % of my goals.) Most of this stuff will only be something vague that I'll have to break down into smaller goals. Every now and then I'll try to take the time and do so. (By the way - if anyone of you has an idea or experience on how to tackle a certain goal, I'm very happy to hear about it. ) To Do: take "before" pictures body measurements bodyfat percentage Food & Fitness Handstand (ultimate goal: one-handed) NF Beginner's Guide Pull up (ultimate goal: salmon ladder) NF Beginner's Guide Meditation Martial arts classes Make working out a habit again work out x times per week morning walks/runs exercise when sitting for too long walk to mordor 8000 steps a day parkour learn to fall learn to run C25K learn to jump learn to climb become more flexible Yoga routine nerve glides Intermittent fasting 16/8 for 30 days Paleo 30 days strict "paleo light" no sweets no alcohol healthy sleep pattern go to bed at x no snooze get 1 thing done a day drink at least 1.5 L water per day track everything I eat & drink for 30 days keto diet NF Beginner's Guide hourly tracking of mood and energy levels (find my prime-/downtime) Educational read up on work-related stuff "mechanism/reaction of the day" 1 paper a day common knowledge read the news historical/political "nice to know" stuff (re-)learn to play the piano learn a new language (any help by native speakers would be highly appreciated :D) Social/Misc talk to strangers don't try to make everyone happy, but say "no" sometimes travel camp under the stars scream down a mountain get a tattoo "phone fasting" 1/0.5 h mindfulness motorcycle license dream diary/journal as first thing in the morning learn not to be late for basically everything... finally start my Starfarers of Catan project