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  1. Hi Everyone, I have a question I am hoping some of you might be able to answer. I have been doing weights now for 6 months, however at 3 months in I fractured my foot(outside of the gym) but ignored it thinking it was just sore, but on deadlifting the following day, thats when the full force of the fracture occured. This has made me nervouse to DL over 80k(that is the weight i did it at), and also after coming back after the fracture i did a 75k DL with a trainer and really hurt my back(like couldnt walk hurt). I got it all fixed through remidial massage and learning the importance
  2. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddd Morrrrningggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Its another lovely day in Oz, its starting to cool down here which is really nice. I am checking in at the start of this week as a little extra motivation. I have a shitty cold so i did a big food prep yesterday to set me up for the week. I made a crap load of Good healthy foods and also a sweet treat so i know what is in it. I am on track for walking this week smashing out 10000-12000 steps a day to hit that 50 k this week, its happening peeps. I do have a question I am h
  3. Hi Everyone, Im still here and getting on with the goals. Last week I surely did not meet the goal of 50k incidental walking, however it wasnt so bad, more like 35ks. Room for improvement. I did however hit my three times a week cardio and weight sessionss. That felt good. I have one more session on Friday and that will be week 2 done also. Doing cardio is not my first love buut I realise I really need it for the 100k walk. The next attempt at the 35k section in under 10hrs will happen in May so I will keep you all posted. Thank for checking in with me its a good motiva
  4. Hi It's my first one ever. We did a training run of the 35k section last week and it's taken me ages to recover. I thought it would be flat path but it wasn't it was metal ladders screwed into the walls and massive drops and climbs. Perth would be next level in the heat.
  5. Hi, Im new and pretty excited to be here. I live in Oz and the main reason I joined is to get super buff, shed some weight and kick some ass in my personal and professional goals. Living in Australia on the East coast means I am always in the surf, I love to body surf and dive for recreation. I love movies and can remember lines from movies like a freak. I want to start up my own small business and eventually stop working in the corporate world. My main quest for this challenge is to finish a 100km walk for the Oxfam charity in under 36 hrs, here in Sydney. The wal
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