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  1. Final update this challenge. Nutrition This is probably the aspect I am most pleased with from this challenge. I’ve been pretty consistent with calories and eating more protein than before. Throughout the four weeks I have dropped some body fat (starting to have some abs poking through and veins around biceps are visible) and have dropped a bit of overall weight but I don’t feel like it’s been too much. Strength progress has not been affected which makes me feel like I’ve been somewhat successful in not losing too much muscle mass. Workouts Got all barbell sessions in (Friday was deadlifts, OHP, BB row). I don’t think I managed the six extra workouts - more like 3 or 4. Instead, I have prioritised spending time with my family during days off and I don’t feel any guilt for this. Duolingo This has been really bad. Work has been much busier than i first thought so couldn’t squeeze this into my working day. I also haven’t made it a priority at home. Something to tweak next time around. Thanks to everyone for all the support. What a great group! I want to wish you all the best with your future challenges (the 4 week variety and otherwise!).
  2. This is a good point. And I think that my current programme is probably still going to be good for me for a while. Having said that, part of me hopes that I will always be questioning my form and trying to perfect/tweak it. But I guess there will come a point where I don’t really need input from others to help so much with the form of my lifts. Thanks for sharing your experience of deload/plateaus.
  3. Thanks for sharing this and how you made your own decision. Helpful input!
  4. How do you tell whether this is down to nutrition or down to needing to switch programme? Do you have to do a bit of experimentation with diet? Have you done this and if so how did you know when the time to switch was?
  5. Week 4 Day 2 - I’ve not updated this for a while. Sorry all, went a bit AWOL with a long weekend. Nutrition has been going well (went a bit over today as we ordered sushi at work). I think I’ve been within 50 calories most days and protein has been at an acceptable level. Workouts have been a struggle to fit in. Did some sprints and ring work last week. Still nowhere near a muscle up but that will be a focus after the summer. Barbell training on Friday felt good but was very rushed this morning. PB on my bench this morning though - finally lifted my body weight. I’ve always been getting close to this but never quite there. 4 sets of 3 x body weight. First step on my way to benching two plates (this is a super-long term goal!). Duolingo has sucked. I’m just not making it a priority. Let’s see how it goes this week and then might have to consider a new approach.
  6. Hard to tell to be honest. I think this is the first year that I’ve been quite consistent with diet and training. I think in the past I’ve lost strength and ended up injuring myself trying to keep adding weight to the bar.
  7. Thanks JessFit. They’re feeling better. Still not quite at my PB but it is all feeling stronger and more solid which is more important (kind of - I mean it’s always nice to lift something heavier than you have before but this is the more sensible, less injury-prone route).
  8. This sounds like pretty safe advice. I’m so used to putting on a bit of weight and then losing it and ending back where i started that I guess I’m just a bit paranoid about it. I think this time feels different though. I will keep going in expecting to lift a little more volume each time and reassess when there is a stall.
  9. Thanks. Focusing on it with lighter weights has helped. Not sure what was going on with the balance there, I’m normally a bit more consistent than that!
  10. Week 3 Day 2 Update (I’m getting confused by where we are with this challenge!) Nutrition - I feel like this is going well. Definitely losing a bit of body fat and the scale is agreeing. Not sure if I am dropping weight too quickly to be hanging on to the muscle built though. How do I tell? I don’t really feel like I am losing strength but the numbers on the scale have gone lower than I wanted yet I still have body fat I want to lose. I guess o should have been taking pictures. I might need to think about this one for a couple of days as I’m petrified that I will end up undoing the past 9 months of work. Workouts - Monday was a holiday here (I have the Catholic religion to thank for all the public holidays we enjoy in June) which meant my workouts are a little bit shifted. A couple of hours with a baby and toddler in the pool substituted for a workout. Barbell training today (squats, bench, lat pull downs) felt really good. One of those workouts where just the right track drops at the start of every tough set. Duolingo - oops. Best get practising now!
  11. I've been trying to get my body to brace a bit more coming out of the bottom. Does this set look any better? The first rep felt a bit all over the place on my foot, the second felt pretty good, and the third felt quite hard!
  12. So, I took a video of my deadlift. In the last couple of weeks I have been feeling like the bar is getting too far in front of my body. This felt a bit better but not sure if it is totally sorted. As before, any input would be gratefully received. Set 3 of 5, deadlifting 105kg for sets of 3.
  13. Week 2 Day 6 Update Nutrition is going ok. There or thereabouts most of this week. Barbell training yesterday - deadlifts, OHP, barbell rows. Hard work but good sense of achievement. I also recorded a set of deadlifts so will post for feedback. 4 workouts in the week was quite tiring and I was definitely feeling a bit drained yesterday. I guess jumping from 2 the week before to 4 was always going to be a challenge. Hope you’re all having a good weekend. I’m gradually working through all the marvel films I have missed since my first child was born. Black Panther is next!
  14. It's definitely easier than eating it all through whole foods. I like your idea of oatmeal powder. Will have to give that a go!
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