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  1. I can get the ripped body that's for sure by the bodyweight exercises, but to have a big muscles still sound strange.
  2. Yeah for them it is ok. But not for those who are looking to big muscles.
  3. Have you heard about the HIIT Training, if not then you should read about , the workout is awesome for the people who are looking to lose some weight and want to increase their stamina.
  4. It is must to have some knowledge before going for some heavy weight workout.
  5. I'm doing the indoor exercise and the results are good, but you need to have a full knowledge about the workout that you are doing , if you are noobie then you should first join the public gym and get all the information about the workouts form the trainer.
  6. HIIT Workouts are best for the people who are looking to lose some fat and want to increase their metabolism. Exercise 1 : HIIT Running Workout Exercise 2: Unlimited Squats Exercise 3: Crunch Time Exercise 4: Burpees Exercise 5: Unlimited High-Knees Benefits of HIIT Training The best part of the HIIT training is that it can be done anywhere, the amount of rest you get is very high. And the result are just awesome.
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