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    StillStar Sticks With It

    Hi folks, I'm graduating from my first challenge and don't feel an affinity with any of the other classes (yet?), so I headed over here and I like the vibe Although, I have no idea about gifs, I'd get lost in internetland looking for a suitable one, so I'm not even going to try. My main health driver is, sadly, the state of my mum. She is eighty now, always steadfastly refused counselling for the tragedies in her life and has been slowly committing suicide over a matter of decades. She is bitter, angry, jealous and suffers from the side-effects of being inactive for more than thirty years. I love her, but I don't want to be that person. So my main goals to chip away at over the next few weeks are: 1) Body weight exercises/strength training - Do the beginners body weight workout at least three times per week for four weeks 2) Try out 16/8 fasting method for four weeks. Then assess which is easier/more effective. Stick to that one 3) Choose an app (Headspace?), download and USE at least twice per week 4) Work out what money I need/want to come in 5) Read at least two chapters of personal coaching books per week. I am wrapping up my business over the next few weeks, with a final push week of June 17th and some admin after that. Then I'll be all over the summer holiday childcare, but intend to at least work on a plan for income by the end of that period. Here goes!
  2. Love your list of doom, looks very familiar Good luck with everything! It's a lot, but you can do it, one thing at a time.
  3. StillStar

    Whisper Grows Up, Cuts the Crap and Learns to Sleep!

    I love this! And I feel the same. I need to parent myself. I went through a long phase of childing ("but I need/want/deserve this") and now, like you say, it's time to give myself boundaries and consequences. Good luck!
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    StillStar starts

    Final round-up: - I did the BW workout at least twice per week. I surprised myself: keeping in mind "never twice in a row" was the key. What I learned: I CAN keep up regular exercise if I plan it in properly. - fast 22hrs at least once per week. I managed 3/4. For the next challenge I'm going to try the other fasting pattern 16/8. What I learned: Meal planning is going to be important, I can't keep winging it. - meditate for at least 15min at least once per week. Total fail. First week was fine, but then all the headfuck started and meditation got left by the wayside. What I learned: meditation was supposed to help me deal with the hf. Prioritise meditation over Netflix. Just do it. - trying out new stuff was also a fail. But: I have booked a camper van for this weekend, which I've never done before, so that definitely is a new thing. Not strictly speaking during the challenge though. What I learned: new stuff is so hard. I kept looking at all the class timetables and making excuses not to go. Planning will be key. - business: it's on its way out. I am looking at the finish line and I can't WAIT to be rid of it. What I learned: when it's time to move on, just move on. Additionally I learned: I love tracking stuff. I love tracking my weight (3.5kg down from beginning, woot!), my calories, my exercise.. I could spend hours tracking stuff. I learned that I need to eat more protein, so I bought some brown rice protein and stir it in various places (coffee, porridge, soup). I kill the calories on the snackage. 80% of days I consume more calories in snackage than any single meal. I mean, coffee: 200c!! gross. Trying to stick to 1500 per day was hard, but not impossible. Eating the right things to fill me up was a good thing to learn. Also, it made me want to move more, so that I used up more calories. So I could eat more. It's not even BAD snackage, it's just extra calories. Also: don't celebrate a mostly successful challenge by playing Eurovision Song Contest Bingo with your friends. Gin shots - gahhhhh.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a total noob to NF. I didn't want to miss the first challenge, and I did actually start yesterday - had a good nosey around the website first, then the couple of mailshots from Steve. I found NF a few years ago when my nerd buddy was determined to get fit (and I was reeelatively active, training for a 10k). I came across Steve's book and sent it over to my friend. I kept thinking I wish I'd bought two, but never got round to getting a copy for myself (yet) and nerd buddy has been very silent on the subject, so I may still get that one back I'm not sure where I fall on the nerd spectrometer. Twenty years ago I was MUDding my life away and had to go cold turkey. I'm not allowed anywhere near Final Fantasy (VII, VIII or IX) for fear of total meltdown. I am in pieces waiting for Endgame to be released. I grew up on Asimov, Arthur C Clarke and Frank Herbert, but don't ask me any questions because I'm 44 and my brain is mush. Life has seriously gotten in the way of me prioritising myself, especially since 2016, and I recently got scared into picking myself up and choosing to make time for my health. My aims for this challenge are: - get used to being more active and making time for my physical and mental wellbeing, namely: - do the beginners bodyweight workout at least twice per week - fast 22hrs at least once per week - meditate for at least 15mins at least once per week (i.e. actually use the Headspace app I downloaded three weeks ago) also: - get out of my comfort zone: try one new activity during the next four weeks - make the time: I need to sell my business, which is not working for me or the way I want to live. So I want to complete work on my next output by the end of the challenge, notify my franchisor that I'm done and look forward to that all important June 1st deadline with a clear conscience Here goes!