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  1. Thanks a lot , sometimes i think going to gym itself is the best idea . I have to move to another country soon , so finding a gym near i live is going to be not that easy That is why i asked .
  2. I am looking for a beginner guide to exercise at home . Please help
  3. I used to work out at home . After that at gym , But the workout at Gym was getting boring because of spending more than half an hour on Treadmill . What are some not so boring way restart exercising at home . I do not have a Treadmill at home . Any chart or list of exercise i can start doing at home ?
  4. @Defining , Thanks a lot for the reply . I have to focus on eating the good food and avoid junk foods for a start .
  5. OK so that is how to avoid sugar , Not much carbohydrates and not too much sugar . I am from India , Most of our main food is rice itself .This is going to be a bit hard .Because trying to lower the intake of rice is going to be a bit hard . Maybe i can replace it with Wheat products . What about cholesterol ? For that should i avoid too much Meat and Oil too ? God , I think i have to a strict vegetarian soon i guess .
  6. What food should i avoid to keep my cholesterol and sugar levels normal ?
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