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  1. Then I did this thing walking from evening till near 3 am. The loops took longer then expected. I was doing 5 loops/h on a run-walk combo. I'm slightly disappointed Strava records show only 2130m elevation gain but I am likely going to submit my gamin side by side with my Strava and cite an error cos I remember doing 39 loops. I was practicing this because I want to go for the 100km 24h type of races and I need to know if I can march a whole night without falling asleep on my feet. I have no illusions I can run up such a steep hill thus did a run-walk combo. Every 5th loop I'd run all the way
  2. 2 pull ups x3 sets 2 chin ups x3 sets Lockdown again... https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/covid-19-phase-2-dining-in-work-from-home-tightened-measures-14808382 Sigh. Anyway no strength workout today, gonna do some massive hill climbing. Aiming for quarter Everest in elevation (2248m).
  3. Tonight I'm going to do shitload of hill climbing. Stairs climbing is a good workout too. I had same issue with you with covid-19 jab side effects but it didn't affect my ability to run 30k any...
  4. Ah sore arm....imo it's a good time to brush up on your running skillz 😃 Or squatting skillz. I also got a sore arm and decided to devote the next day to running lol.
  5. Thursday: Dragged hubbie out cycling for 32km lol. Now he complains his knee and butt hurt. I'm fine of course...even if I'm not a real cyclist. 10x10 1h swings @11.8kg 10x1TGU @11.8kg
  6. Wednesday: 2 pull ups x3 sets 2 chin ups x3 sets 20x5 sets burpees 1 min rest interval per set. 12:38 3 sets total of the following: 20 divebomber push ups 5 assisted pistol squats(yoo hoo pole!) on each leg 1 min hollow hold 20 pike push ups 3 dips Whole workout took about 17 min or so. No breaks though so it was continuous action all the way. A bit short for my taste. Maybe I really should try for 4 sets...or maybe add some swinging around monkey bars.
  7. Uhhh for some reason I can't do 15 min if push ups and Id rather try 15 min of burpees, but I'd still not like to do 15 min of burpees...lol. But yay for getting back on the exercise bandwagon =D
  8. Monday(first of no gym day): 2 pull ups x3 sets 2 chin ups x3 sets 3 sets total of the following: 20 divebomber push ups 5 assisted pistol squats(yoo hoo pole!) on each leg 1 min hollow hold 3 dips Originally wanted to do some monkey bars but still have that blister, so.... Workout was a bit short next time I will probably go for 4 sets though towards the end the hollow holds and assisted pistols were killing me. Also messed around with handstand work. Walked randomly around with my so
  9. Check your activity as in steps/day. I have issues hitting 10k steps on workdays so I live with like <1400 cals/day =o Again I'm like 2/3rd your weight.
  10. Ouch eating is important! How's your new car coming along?
  11. Sunday: 5k time trial. I managed 24:28 with pacer help. Then I got a lesson handed to me for arrogance. I decided I would go rackey a new biking route (so I can bring my husband cycling) after the time trial, and ran for 24.65km at 6:23 pace on 30 degree Celsius until noon, and ran out of steam and ended up walking 7k under the noon day sun before reaching the end point. It appears drinking your fill and bringing 1l of water with you is NOT enough for 15km under the noon day sun. I had no control over the pace I was running. I knew I was going too fast but I couldn't slow down bec
  12. Friday: 2 pull ups x 3 sets 2 chin up x 3 sets Bonus chin up came back^^ Couldn't go to gym due to work so coughed out 100 burpees in 12 min 38s Sat: Conserving run energy for tomorrow's time trial and 36km run. By the time I add both distances together it will nearly be full marathon. I pray it rains like it has been for the last few days close to noon or the last 15km without water is gonna suck. I went swimming for about half an hour or so messing around with settings on my gamin watch. Strangely swimming does get my heart rate
  13. Weds: I woke up 2h late because I forgot to set my alarm and had to take cab to work. I chose to cook my food and bring to work rather then rush off without cooking or having breakfast(I could still make public transport). 6 pull ups done randomly over the day on the toilet door. (yes you can, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could grab the toilet door then pull myself up till my head peeked over it lol) 2 chin ups x3 sets Deadlifts: 40kg x 12, 3 sets Back squat: 10kg/side +bar x 8 12.5kg/side +bar x 8
  14. Tuesday: I couldn't find time to do it in the morning. There was a train delay so I was half an hour off schedule. I did it at night, and my brother in law decided to bring his wife and my niece over. Right while I was doing simple and sinister in the living room. My in laws were so excited to see my niece they were walking dangerously close to my workout area, to the point I was telling them NOT to step on me. Geez do they have any sense of safety awareness or what? You mean you'd walk near someone who's busy doing TGUs with an 11.8kg weight? 10x10 1h swin
  15. Okay glad to hear you're fine because I've heard of some accidents even though immediately there didn't seem to be any issue, but later driver realized he got some sprain, whip lash, slipped disc etc.
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