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  1. Dinner: 150g chicken 100g watercress One chicken leg 200g kai lan Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato 20g pumpkin seeds Lunch: 50g cabbage 30g carrot 150g romaine lettuce 100g cucumber 3 tablespoons caesar salad dressing 20g soy nuts 3 cashew nuts 1 almond Tea break: 0.75 banana 60g barley
  2. Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato Lunch: One chicken leg 100g lotus roots 100g celery 10g shiitake mushroom 20g carrot One orange One persimmon 30g chicken Also my aunt gave me of all things...instant noodles >.< She was afraid they'd be stuck at home during lockdown for 2 weeks and have nothing to eat so she overpiled instant noodles >.< Dinner: One banana 180g pork heart 60g chicken 100g eggplant 200g nai bai Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato 60g clams Lunch: 50g beehoon (aka rice noodles) 75g chicken thigh some mock duck meat 100g cabbage 20g carrot 20g shiitake mushroom 20g soy nuts One dragon fruit Canned lychee with aloe vera desert (yeah - in laws were nattering at me to go finish the cans of lychee so I popped them open and made lychee tea and some aloe vera desert) Tea break: One Glutinous rice and red bean paste dumpling Now I don't know how I feel about this one - everytime I pass by the store, I feel like having one, but many days I don't have the time to queue to buy one, or the time to eat one. I know its junk food but I wanted to scratch the itch, or even better maybe it would be too sweet and I'd go yuck, what waste of money, lets not do that again. I microwaved it for 2 min which made it end up like popcorn(yeah I overdid it), but it was still kinda nice in its own way, and now I'm wondering how it'd taste if I did a proper microwave/steam job. Then there's the McDonalds coconut pie that I'm having cravings for, I know it's bad, but it's limited edition so I only have a certain timeframe to go try it. And this is at a time when I'm not keeping my weight in very good control, not to mention I've lost the ability to pull up due to lack of practice(probably), or possibly getting too much weight. I was 49.8, now I'm 51.5. In kg. 25 jump squats 20 push ups, feet on a chair 15 reverse crunches 4 sets At least work is giving me a break so I have time to clear my messy inbox(it's flooded with mails), and with it flooded with mails, I don't search for stuff very well.
  3. Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato Visited my parents and helped them with computer stuff. Lockdown is over but masks are required for going out and we're still encouraged to stay at home. Lunch: Half a pork leg French bean and egg omlette 90g pork from pork ribs An orange 2 bam dates Dinner: 100g watercress 60g chicken Half a tau kwa Half a banana 30g soy nuts I've been gaining a bit of weight lately and sleep has been <5h.
  4. Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato Lunch: 100g of celery 30g shiitake mushrooms 0.5 chicken leg 60g chicken 50g lotus roots 30g cabbage 30g flour 1 egg Couple of potato chips Sister in law came with my husbands brother over for lunch and I was given only about 2h notice on lunch prep. They came late, like 3.40 pm anyway(1h 40 min after they time they said they would pop over). The family and their punctuality..sigh Only did 40 burpees as work was too fked up busy. Dinner: 180g pig heart One slice baguette 100g endives 50g lotus root 50g mung bean curry 50g eggplant Really, I think bean curry needs cumin seeds.
  5. Hmm. I suppose you didn't figure out why you lost motivation? I lost motivation once because of trying to find the toilet so I could get water. Some other times it's too mother fking hot to run at 32 degrees in the noon.
  6. Ow. That sucks. I wonder if I should stop myself from checking emails out of working hours really...
  7. Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato Lunch: 60g chicken 70g black beans 250g brocolli 25 jump squats 20 push ups, feet on a chair 15 reverse crunches 4 sets Dinner: 90g chicken 3 chicken drumlettes and 2 mid wings 200g turnip 20g carrot 5g dried shrimp 50g barley and half a tomato as I curried =P Snacks: 12g milk chocolate pennies 10g roasted soy nuts 2 cashews
  8. Breakfast: 170g french beans 100g chicken breast 44 g clams 20g dried shrimp Ran about 22km. It wasn't continuous, I did take a potty break and water stop at the 11.3km mark. Also and various traffic lights but what to do in times like route though and different scenery. Rather hot on the way back, I ended up using up all my water supply despite refuelling at midpoint. Post-run snack: 10g dried longans 60g red bean An apple Lunch: 80g whole wheat fusilli 13g parmesan cheese 300g salmon 300g cauliflower 10g soy nuts 200g lotus roots 30g chicken Dinner: 30g chicken 1 black pepper chicken leg 100g iceberg lettuce 100g lotus roots 10g peanuts
  9. Dinner: 80g pork trotter 60g chicken 50g qing bai 200g nai bai Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato Lunch: 120g chicken 200g xiao bai chye 100g watercress 25 jump squats 20 push ups, feet on a chair 15 reverse crunches 4 sets I had issues on the second set of push ups - maybe I didn't take enough break after the first set. Dinner: 90g chicken 180g pig heart 150g celery 10g shiitake mushroom 10g carrot Breakfast: 250g okra 200g oyster mushroom 100g chicken breast 1 tomato 60g clams I know some of you are going to call me blasphemous, but I fried my breakfast in mayo and light soy sauce. Did not use any oil. Lunch: 62g of pasta 5 chicken drumlettes 60g chicken 150g romaine 50g cucumber 20g carrot 30g cabbage Teabreak: White fungus with jujube and dried longan desert, no sugar added 3 almonds 3 cashews 20g of roasted soy nuts Dinner: 100g endives 100g brocolli 1 chicken leg An orange
  10. This is probably going to be a little random, since my exercise consists of both group gym classes and solo training and it tends to be all over the place. And some days I may not have time to post. I try to get some weight training done every alternate day, some weeks I'm more successful then others. And yoga/stretching equivalent once per week. Might be posting small victories and culinary experiments as well down here. So, about last night. I got rid of the ice creams in the office fridge. They've been sitting there for several months, now they won't be tempting me any longer. Fried myself a batch of green beans and stashed it in the freezer, so if I need a late night snack, it'll be there. Ingredients: 230g of green beans 0.5 a teaspoon of salt 1 tablespoon of light soya sauce 0.5 teaspoon of sesame oil Chopped garlic. Black pepper 1. Slice the green beans diagonally. 2. Sautee the garlic until it is about to turn brown. 3. Add in the sliced green beans, salt, sesame oil and black pepper then stir fry it until its cooked. I'll likely edit this post to get a picture of those green beans tonight. Pics below shared with chicken zucchini boat. I fried quite a bit more, but also told my family to help themselves. And help themselves they definitely did! Culinary experiments to perform: Do research on baked egg muffins for breakfast. But I need to get a large enough bowl, or muffin tray. Culinary experiments already performed this week:Varied the zucchini boat for black pepper chicken thigh. Pics below, shared with green beans. Ingredients: 400g chicken thigh (with skin on) 2 tablespoons oyster sauce 1 teaspoon salt Loads of black pepper 200g red pepper cubed(you can use yellow or orange peppers as well) 4 zucchinis 150g mozarella cheese 200g sliced white button mushrooms 1. Preseason a day before the 400g of chicken thigh with 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, 1 teaspoon of salt and loads of black pepper. 2. Slice the zucchinis into 2 and scrape out the centre with a teaspoon to form a boat. 3. Toast the zucchinis at 170 degrees Celsius, 15 min on skin side, 30 min on flesh side and remove from oven. 4. While the zucchinis are toasting, line another oven with sliced white button mushrooms and stack the chicken thigh on it. Bake for 15 min on each side. 5. While the zucchinis are toasting, fry the red pepper with garlic and salt. 6. Once everything is cooked, slice the chicken thigh thinly, let it soak in the gravy then line the zucchini boats with the sliced button mushrooms, add the sliced chicken thigh and put it on zucchini boats, top up with the red peppers, add on the cheese then toast in the oven at 170 degrees for another 3 min. They're done!  Oyster sauce: Note to self: I will not buy yellow zucchinis, they ended up bitter on toasting. I may possibly create a canned tuna version of the zucchini boat this weekend.