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  1. To be honest I haven’t tried squatting anything particularly heavy because I feel like I can’t keep the weight on my shoulders! Maybe 50kg is the most I’ve tried but yeah - my upper body strength is crap and I feel like I have to pull forward on the weight to stop is falling down my back (I honestly have no idea if it’s high or low). mostly I feel like I’m having to lean forward and push forward with my hands to try and stop the bar falling off
  2. Hey folks, sorry if this is something that has been covered before! I want to do more barbell stuff in the gym - especially squats/deadlifts. The biggest struggle I have (and one of my fears of the barbell zone) is dropping the weight. Particularly when squatting, I find that it is very difficult to hold the barbell in place across my back when I add any weight and it feels as though I need to spend a long time working on my upper body strength before I can hold enough on the bar to squat a decent amount of weight. Has anyone else experienced this/have any tips??
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