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  1. I just completed my first 4-week challenge last month, so time to move on to #2! Some things from last challenge worked out, and some things did not, so I'm going to change up my goals a little bit. Challenge Goals: 1) Get down to 130 lbs. I'm currently at 134 (the lowest I've been able to get down to and maintain since I had my kids 2 years ago), so 4 pounds in 4 weeks should be doable. 2) Release my latest book (the one I aaaalmost finished during the last challenge) and write at least 50% (about 30k words) of my next one - July is CampNano month, so hopefully t
  2. Whelp, the challenge is over and I haven't quite met my goals, though I feel like I have had some improvements. This past week I've been really sick - I must have caught what my kids had 2 weeks ago - so no workouts were done. However, I did manage some batch cooking, so my diet didn't go completely to hell and I kept my weight steady at 134, so not bad. I am really struggling with the pullups, though not getting my workouts in every week definitely contributed to that. I'll get there, though. I just have to keep working on it. I am almost finished my book, though! Writing was one of the few
  3. This week has been a bit better than last. I did not end up getting my workout in last Thursday, but I made sure to get a workout in Saturday to make up for it, even though I was away for the weekend. My diet went to crap over the weekend, but I made sure to batch cook for this week to help me stay on track. I also got my workout in yesterday, so I'm on track this week. I am still struggling with pull ups, but I'm still working on it. I went up slightly in weight, not surprising after how much crap I ate over the weekend, but I'm hoping to drop another pound this week. Oh, I've also finally st
  4. That's great! I love when things just fall into place like that. Good luck!
  5. Sounds like your doing well, keep it up! Do you have any upcoming competitions scheduled?
  6. Thanks <3 I love your avatar too! Yes, 5:30 is early, especially after working out! And this past week my sick kiddos have now been getting up by 4:30! Argh! What I wouldn't give to sleep in, just one morning! Heck, to be able to sleep until 7am would be incredible Wow, IF must be so hard with shift work! With the same windows, my stomach gets used to only having food at certain times so it makes it so much easier, but if your windows are constantly shifting, how do you ever adjust? I feel like I would be hungry all the time! I've never hea
  7. Hey all, sorry I haven't updated yet. My kids got sick on Saturday - one caught a cold and bad cough and the other had a really high fever, then after a few days they switched; the one with the cold got the high fever, and the one with the fever caught the cold and cough. I don't think I got more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night since last weekend. It has been a long week! They are both better now, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my Tuesday workout in or any walks this week for that matter, though I did complete both workouts and all walks last week. I am hoping to get my workout in
  8. Just wanted to pop in and say good luck! It's my first challenge too, and I am also motivated by checking things off! Lol, I think the gold stars idea is great
  9. Yeah, I've heard good things about intermittent fasting. I'm hoping to see some results from it. At the very least, it will keep me from snacking at night while watching tv. I've only been eating between the hours of 10am and 6pm, and I try to get my jog or workout done early, before 10am, because I read that working out in a fasted state was better for weight loss. I have a daily tracking sheet to mark off to keep track. For pull ups, I am doing them twice a week along with the body weight workout 2a/b.
  10. 2 books? I thought he only had 1 more left to go?! Jeez, I remember starting those books over 15 years ago. Crazy.
  11. I love barbell weight lifting, though I'm only doing the body weight beginner routine for this month. I tend to injure myself with weight lifting by doing too much too fast, then I'm forced to take a month or more off to heal, which screws up any momentum I build. I would like to focus on getting better with pull-ups and push-ups first, before starting again with heavy weights, though I do have a set of rings I've been trying to improve on, but it is HARD. I haven't been able to make any head way with the rings, though it remains a goal of mine to do a muscle up eventually.
  12. I just finished a dark romance called Bought by the Beast by Lexi Heart, which I loved! I plan on reading the Game of Thrones series next, now that the show has ended. I've only read the first 2 books prior, so I really want to see how the book and TV series differs as the story progresses.
  13. I'm new to Nerd Fitness and have never participated in a challenge before, though I've been reading all of the Nerdfitness articles and blog posts for the past year or so. I've tried to implement some changes; some have stuck (yay to black coffee!), most have not (bread, you tempting devil...). So I figure posting here and getting a little accountability might help me sustain some changes and give me some momentum. For the next four weeks, my challenge quests are: lose 5lbs be able to do 3 pull-ups finish writing my latest book. In order to make
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