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    Winter has gone, and Gibsorz emerged victorious

    I'm not doing keto for anything more than when I want to lose weight, the easiest way for me is to restrict a Macro. I don't like restricting fat or protein, because they are both essential, carbs not so essential. I consider ratio eating, more maintenance than anything else for me. It's what I did for the last 6 weeks, and I stayed more or less the same (will know more once I strip the water weight). In the end a calorie is a calorie, and I am not so worried about being strict keto, as long as I'm in my ratiosand calories 90% of the time I'll lose. I'll still go off ratio 1 or 2 meals a week and that's ok. At this rate, I'll need about 2 more months for my goal weight.
  2. At the beginning of July, winter had arrived, and I was besieged for the last 6 weeks. My shield was strong, and my Lance sharp. I fought the zombie hoard for weeks. Supplies were running low, when Dawn broke and the necromancer was slain. Ok enough shenanigans. What was supposed to be 3 weeks Of consecutive visitors, turned in 3 weeks visitors, 2 weeks vacation, and another week of visitors. Now I'm back. Weighed in at 182 today (been carb fed for 6 weeks now), was at 179 6 weeks ago in ketosis (low water rate). I have generally low water weight, so I don't normally see huge weight change going in and out of ketosis, seems to be in the 4-5 lb area. This is interesting. I'm hoping to be back in ketosis by Monday. Then I'll see where I'm truly at. It is very possible that I actually lost a lb or so over the last 6 weeks, which would be spectacular, because I will have learned better eating and natural calorie management through my previous 2 months of tracking. But even if I don't see that water drop, I tracked nothing, gained 3 lbs from 6 weeks ago, 1 lb from 7 weeks ago. That isn't too bad I didn't sabotage 2 months worth of work in 6 weeks. At my best I was down 20 lbs. Now I'm down 17 lbs from when I started my path back to wellness. So the plan for this half challenge will be 1846 calories Under 30 net carbs a day Over 100g protein a day Balance from fat. That's it. Keeping it simple with this late start. Goal is to be back down to my best weight by the end.