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    "Smart" guy looking for financial guidance

    Hi there! While I originally came for the fitness stuff was glad to see there are other branches like this too. I am almost embarrassed to post this but I really need some fresh advice or strategies for budgeting and finances in general. I am 30 years old, single, and live in an apartment. I have a full time job that actually pays me quite a bit of money and also yearly bonuses. That said, even with all that money my poor spending habits leave me with basically no savings and sometimes struggling to pay my bills. I'd like to think I am a smart guy, a math guy, etc. buy my compulsive spending on things for pleasure (and also for "self-improvement" which to my naive self always seems to cost money) has damaged my finances severely leaving me with a lot of credit card and unsecured debt in general. I keep trying to level set but fail every time and end up with even more debt. For example, almost a year ago I took out a personal loan with a lower rate to finally address getting my credit cards paid. Within 6 months I had maxed out my cards again and now had that loan eating up a chunk of income every month (and still have it). Then I got my big yearly bonus and, while at first I used most of it to pay off debt I quickly racked it up yet again. Finally and most recently I started selling stuff I didn't need. Made a tidy sum of a couple hundred dollars and yet that completely evaporated. It's like the only thing that keeps me from spending money is not having it. I am getting tired of panicking about money every few weeks but here I am. I know at the end of the day it just comes down to making the hard choices and breaking spending habits. I have read tons about it, talked to people, etc...but ultimately whether because of core problems with depression or anxiety or just because I am so used to buying things I cannot seem to stick to even a simple budget (and I need a lot more than a simple budget to pay off the debts I have). What's more, when I think that it will take me 3, 4, 5 or more years to pay off the debts I basically wasted money to get, it leads me to despair and inaction. Just want to see if there are any fresh perspectives out there. Thanks for your time.