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  1. Thanks for the input guys! Sorry for being confusing myself - when I do a single push-up, it's not at 'absolutely-exhausting-push-my-body-to-the-limit' level, it's just moderately difficult, and I don't find myself sore or winded afterwards. So I guess I am currently already doing lower than my limit, because I could probably do four or five push-ups at once if I absolutely pushed myself. My big focus currently is getting myself out of a sedentary rut, so I have deliberately chosen something easy and quick so that I can convince myself to get up and just do it. I very often get trapped on my days off in a cycle where I don't do anything and I am hoping that this will help break it. It will also hopefully help me see push-ups as less scary and more accessible. My big problem is confidence. I do NOT expect to gain muscle doing this. Don't worry. I know this is a fitness website, but my primary goal is NOT to immediately get straight into strength training, it's to build up my confidence so exercising isn't scary and I don't have a panic attack at the thought of someone seeing me. I'm not expecting to come out of this month looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Also, my knees are not good. Knee push-ups would probably damage them even more. If I was wanting to increase my number of reps, I would try incline push-ups on a low step first. No, I do not have any stable low steps in my house, I would need to go to the exercise area at the park.)
  2. WELP LET'S DO THIS THING I am doing okay with feeding myself at the moment, but the big thing stopping me from exercising is ANXIETY that SOMEONE MIGHT SEE ME. THE HORROR. Actually being confident enough to leave my room and do things is important to me, and I know I've backslid, because I used to be going to the park and using the exercise equipment there and now I barely leave the house except for work. I am nowhere near confident enough to go to a gym. These are my goals to help me get there: go for a 10-minute walk outside on each day that I don't work do as many full push-ups in a row as I can morning and evening on work days and 4x a day on days off stretch for 5 minutes each night practise swedish for 15 minutes each day It might seem like I'm being lazy on work days, but I work 11 hours on my feet every day that I'm at work, so I don't really need any more walking those days. The number of full push-ups I can currently do in one set at the moment is... one, so that's also a pretty easy goal. I don't imagine I'm going to overstress my muscles doing that or anything. I'm mostly just trying to ease myself into a habit and a routine rather than go full-in on anything because I'm not in a good headspace right now. I also made a tick-sheet to track everything because lord knows I'm basically a child and am motivated by ticking things off as I complete them. Maybe I should get a pack of coloured star stickers. Thanks to anyone who waded through all that waffle, I suppose. Best of luck to all of you.
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