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  1. Hey, Mortimer! Here are a couple of birds that have been at my feeders the last week or so. (Pictures are not mine. Note that these look like birds and not blobs. Nope, not my pictures.) They are an American goldfinch, a Western tanager, a lesser goldfinch and a lazuli bunting. Both goldfinches dine here pretty regularly, but the other two are new to my feeder. It's the first time I have seen the bunting at all. Edit: Well, I messed that up. Please ignore the HUGE pictures and the duplicate one. Sigh.
  2. Oh, Mortimer --- I am SO stealing this! Thanks for sharing another of your magical concoctions. You are definitely a food mage.
  3. Harborcoat, I was 90 minutes from Yellowstone Park when I went to college --- you can not imagine what an incentive to ditch classes that was! I really enjoyed spotting animals (deer, elk, moose, antelope, coyotes, the occasional bear) and birds (swans, osprey, pelicans, sandhill cranes once) and the habit stuck. I have bird feeders outside my kitchen and watching their antics keeps me interested. So watching for birds as I walk gives me that last little kick to get my butt out the door. You don't know what new thing you will see or what cool behavior. It feels more like I am
  4. If you are as good at Rebelling against bad health as you are at spotting birds, you are going to be making steady and significant progress. I had to expand the second pic to even find the darn thing and it's not like any pigeon I've ever seen. Weird and wonderful! Thank you for ending my night on such an interesting note. And thank you for the advice regarding the food prep --- I venturing into uncharted waters there. Life is good!
  5. Right back atchya, harborcoat --- welcome to the Rebellion! I am a newbie, too, so take my musings with a healthy dash of salt. You sound like maybe you don't know why you eat the way you do; would keeping a food/emotional journal for a little while help you find triggers or habits that might be undermining you? Food-wise, I fail to prepare for success; if you are the same, would mapping out exactly what you're going to eat for the next 5 days and doing the prep ahead of time help you? And maybe you need to switch the obsession with pounds gained to an obsession with health: whe
  6. Hey there, Mondestrucken --- sounds like you have had some crap going on, both long-term and short-term. I admire how you are calmly putting things behind you to get yourself back into health. I know from personal experience that depression is a bitch, but you sound on track to make it your bitch. (Do you find exercise itself helps with depression? Cool added benefit, yes?) And I love your name! I had to google it because I am a Philistine and I love the poem. So welcome to the Rebellion and thank you for introducing me to Mondestrucken (you AND the art). ps. If that's you
  7. Wow, Gibsorz, you obviously have a very solid foundation of discipline and hard work; your post kind of glows with it. You've had a great first month already. Your clear goals, your unbiased assessment of your current conditions, a month of solid gains --- you are definitely setting yourself up for success. Welcome to the Rebellion!
  8. Thank you, Mortimer! Batch cooking looks like a really good approach for me (saves me from those OMG I need to eat now times) and your zucchini boats look very interesting. I am a boring meat/potatoes cook, so pictures of new recipes like what you posted help a lot. Good luck with the birding --- hope you spot some exciting specimens!
  9. Hi, everyone! I'm Kells and I've gotten myself into a pretty bad spot health-wise. Year of self-neglect have left me very overweight, diabetic and struggling to perform normal physical tasks. I need to make some major changes now before I no longer have the option. I'm the only one that created this mess and I'm the only one that can fix it. However, I do have some great IRL support from my family and my amazing doctor; this is doable. Since my core problem is all this excess weight, that's where I'm concentrating my efforts. To get my eating under cont
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