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  1. When do you plan to complete your “mindfulness session”? Tonight, at night. But usually the morning when I wake but have night as a fail safe, or try for both and have an evaluation. Do you have a daily minutes goal? I’m normally flitty between super mindful and imagination girl, so I’m going to say a focused 10 mins, min. Do you have any resources, apps, routines, videos etc that you use that might be helpful for the group? I’m going to try Breethe as that was the last ad that came up earlier, have had Calm and a couple I forget Did you meet any cool new members f
  2. Your name is mighty t fine too hehe so I’ve just realised this can be my space for listing what I want from the week and it’s not going to get on anyone’s wick (odd phrase, must google) which is ACE! Had a busy day planting my first bit of allotment in my garden and ran for a bus (it did stop, there is greatness in the world!) and recovering from my random emotional for no reason session yesterday (it’s a monthly thing and super bizarre, doctors booed, go me!) so won’t update everything tonight but will do this - When do you plan to complete your “mindfuln
  3. Well done on the not smoking! (Insert super cool emoji here)
  4. Hello both so I very rarely look at my Fitbit at the moment as my phone is too full for the app but before it really helped yes. What helps me most is I’ve out all my NF tasks in one folder, no scraps of paper or notes I forget to look at on my phone and it goes everywhere with me From food tracking to daily walk, and the weeks quests, it’s all in one place! Sorry yes I’m tying it in with the at least 5 minute quest (I’ve done 3 sold weeks now which is great ad have only forgotten once and had to bolt out of the door at past 11pm I’m going quite natural as my usual would be to soon
  5. If I don’t get the walk in, you will see me panicing to wedge my trainers on at 11.50pm. I don’t have a weekly target, other than remembering to actually walk! Dragged the best friend out on Tuesday after his day at work, this will continue each time I stay over. They’re longer and help me with the overall fitter slimmer healthier feel. Monday Tuesday and today are underestimates as Fitbit wasn’t charged. That reminds me...
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