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  1. One of my favorite mocktails is blueberry syrup (i just microwaved frozen blueberries and added some simple syrup) with lime juice in tonic water (go for the good stuff like Fever Tree, or whatever good brands you have in your area — Fever Tree has an elderflower tonic water that is ).
  2. I'll take a Thai tea with brown sugar boba, half sweet, less ice, and a TwoSet Violin video reminding me to practice.... Probably not posting a challenge this time around, but I shall lurk.
  3. Still alive over here-- We've added ring rows to our Thursday exercise. I scheduled out a few more weeks of yoga and lifting (though we missed yoga this morning due to being up for a couple hours in the night): Aug 21-27 Rest Reunite with Your Body (19 min) Bench, Squat, DL, Hammer Curl, Lat Pull Deep Core (21 min) Incline Bench, Squat, Dumbbell OHP, Ring Rows Yoga Joy (20 min) Walk Aug 28-Sep 3 Rest Morning Yoga Flow (22 min) Bench, Squat, DL, Hammer Curl, Lat Pull Yoga for Psoas (22 min) Incline Bench, Squat, Dumbbell OHP, Ring Rows Feel Good Flow (20 min) Walk Sep 4-Sep 10 Rest Strong | Move (22 min) Bench, Squat, DL, Hammer Curl, Lat Pull Deep Core (21 min) Incline Bench, Squat, Dumbbell OHP, Ring Rows Movement Medicine - Energy Practice (17 min) Walk I've stretched while watching Naruto a couple of times and it does help me go straight into doing a couple PT exercises when the episode is over.
  4. All right, so weight lifting is still going well, but I've fallen off the bandwagon with yoga and PT, and I really need to start stretching more. As I expected, lifting heavier is getting harder without the corresponding increase in core stability the PT is supposed to be buffing. I'm not sure what to do to get a streak going again. Streaks are motivating once they kinda big, but getting one going is a trick. Rewards only work for me if I want something specific before I start — and I just bought myself some orange shoes, so I don't really want to buy anything. I can stretch while watching TV, but can't do my other exercises easily (we're watching Naruto with subs right now, so I can't be facing away from the screen for extended periods of time which most of my exercises would require). Maybe if I stretch while watching, though, it'll be easy to move into PT when the episode is over.
  5. No holes in my retina! There was a scar from a hole that occurred in the past, but it has healed over and does not need any treatment.
  6. Thanks That's pretty cool about your friend! I'm really glad they can do surgery for rips. I had a blood vessel leak in my eye when I was about 15, and then I saw a similar floater appear about a year later and didn't go in, assuming it was the same thing, and was chastised by my optometrist afterward who told me you can't tell the difference between a blood vessel leaking and the retina tearing without looking in. My new optometrist took a picture of the inside of my eye instead of just looking in, and pointed out to me a scar from something that had happened before but in the other eye from the ones I knew about, so all that to say, I will definitely be going to the optometrist every year from now on instead of putting it off. Kubb is fun! It's active (throwing blocks and dowels!) but not strenuous, and irregularities in the grass or sand lend a bit of unpredictability in bounce. I am also glad I have someone who can come with me to the appointment...I feel like I still have such a reduced capacity to manage stress.
  7. Did weight lifting Thursday night, walked a ton Saturday (hiked to and from my favorite boba place, which is mostly reachable via local trail, and then walked around some botanical gardens), food was sub-optimal though. Lots of eating out and takeout and I indulged hard ciders. Time to reorient this week. Kinda stressing because I have an eye appointment to get a spot looked at this week, and if there's a hole or tear in my retina they'll repair it with a laser, and that's all a bit anxiety-inducing. My husband is coming with me because I'll have to sit and wait 30 minutes for the dilation to take effect, and last time I was waiting by myself in a waiting room for a long time was waiting for the emergency ultrasound that showed my baby had died, so I lowkey had a breakdown yesterday and he offered to come. My escapism method of choice this weekend was watching Naruto, which is funny because I'm actually not much of an anime person, but it's hitting the right mix to be engaging but not too intense or demanding, so I can lounge and watch it.
  8. Bench, squat, deadlift, and hammer curls last night! I got a splitting headache mid-deadlift (I've been having sinus pain off and on for four days, might be related) so I didn't do the full set of hammer curls. Went away after I ate and stretched out my neck, so it was probably more blood pressure and tension related than sinuses. Bench: 55# 3x3, 60# 2x1, AMAP=2 Squat: 65# 3x1 DL 52# 1x5, 3x2 Hammer curls: 15# 8, 10# 8 (couldn't find the 12# and bailed because of my headache) This is week 3 of the free SBS 28 day program, running Beginner Bench 2x, Beginner Squat 2x, and Beginner Deadlift 1x. Food is out of whack this week. My sister was here over the weekend so we ate out and ate fun summer foods (like grilled hot dogs and ice cream) and didn't go grocery shopping so we're scrounging leftovers and takeout. I'll pop over to the store to get stuff for homemade spaghetti tonight and then reset this coming weekend. (Though we're out and about on Saturday, and likely be eating lunch and dinner at a restaurant.)
  9. !!!!! You know, I think I choose it because I was working on a Nordic-inspired novel at the time and I like foxes, BUT my husband got Spirit of the North for me in winter 2020 and it is a delight! I haven't played it in a while and should go back to it for some excellent foxy boi time. It's very charming.
  10. Went to the beach on Saturday and played Kubb for a long time, went for a good long walk yesterday, ate a lot of sugar. My traps are super sore for some reason. Seems like DOMS from Thursday should be gone, but maybe carrying stuff at the beach delayed it? It was a very full weekend and I'm super tired now.
  11. I'm a little surprised but I love them too! hi! -- Last night we did incline bench (hard!!), squats, dumbbell overhead press, and lat pulldowns. Couldn't finish the lat pulls because my elbow started bothering me but everything else went well!
  12. Thank you! Basically — right now there are only 3-5 people in there after work so we have free rein of the weight racks and machines, can take our time, set up two bars, etc. It'll just be more crowded once the students are back, and there's always risk of a rise in covid cases when people have just returned. We're also thinking we'll want to do something different when the days are shorter. Winter is a less energetic time and getting to the gym at 7:30 in the morning before the students crowd it is less appealing. Doing something that feels fun and social like going to the climbing gym is more appealing during the darker cozy seasons. -- Got my PT done yesterday, went for a walk this morning, and have been consuming entirely too much sugar. I made mojitos on a whim last night while we watched Stranger Things and I bought a pack of 12 frozen boba kits for $5 at Costco and may or may not be now having a lil boba every day............ Weight lifting tonight! Last Tuesday was a great workout so I'm looking forward to it. (Thursdays are harder because we started doing incline bench presses so Tuesdays are officially my favorite. Plus, we deadlift on Tuesdays.)
  13. Hi Nova! Long time no see! I followed you back! Oh A+ image selection, Shello, that fox is 100% how I feel. -- I am going to try getting a streak going for PT! According to Habitica, I've got 9 days so far of doing it at least once per day (though I'm pretty sure one of those days I skipped a couple of the exercises...). So first I'm going for a 15-day streak, which I should hit on Saturday, the end of Week 0. If the streak gets high enough I'm really loath to break it. I have a streak of 1049 on flossing my teeth! I used gems to freeze it once in October when I forgot to pack floss for an overnight trip and it was too late to run to the drugstore by the time I realized, and I was in the Habitica tavern to pause streaks for about two weeks after losing baby, but I only missed two days of flossing, the nights I was actually in the hospital. Maybe it was only one, actually, because I know I brushed my teeth once while I was there and might've flossed while I'm at it...so it's not technically an unbroken streak but I've only missed 3 days in 3 years.
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