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  1. Thanks! I had a really good conversation with my sister. Then my husband had a really stressful conversation with his mom, but he did all the talking and he has a gift for being gentle. I was like "AAAAAAAAA" on the inside but I kept my mouth shut and let him do all the talking. I didn't run last night and I can definitely tell I'm more anxious and weird when I don't run. I'm going out at 5pm today. Running = self care. I'm in a weird spot with drawing as self care — on the one hand, I really do enjoy it and find it relaxing. On the other hand, every time I start I get hyper focused on it and get frustrated when my husband interrupts me for things like eating or sleeping, and that seems unhealthy. On the third hand, I really wanna do it and it really helps with the repeating/cyclical thoughts I have when I'm fixated on something, because the fixation is directed toward crafting an image rather than replaying parts of the show or uselessly organizing information about it over and over again. So I think that all shakes out in favor of drawing, but maybe I need to make a cup of sleepy valerian root tea before I start so I get drowsy by the time husband comes around to coax me to sleep. (OR I JUST STAY UP ALL NIGHT??? No probably not the answer) As of right now, I'm up to 107 points.
  2. Well, guys, I'm pretty much ready to call this day a bust. The only thing I've gotten done so far was a high urgency request my boss asked me for and it took twice as long as it needed to. The world is bleeding and my obsessive brain is split between the blissful escape of She-Ra and the desperate need to start having some serious talks about white privilege with some family members who are increasingly revealing that they don't get it. I read my bible and drank my mind health and did some yoga. I'm not posting my points every day but I'm still tallying them in a spreadsheet, so I'll have a score by the end. I didn't choose any prizes, though, and I have to admit I don't really have any motivation to now. I didn't sleep much last night (and lest you worry I was lying awake with anxiety over the weight of the world...I was lying awake planning 6 more She-Ra fan art pieces). I'm sure that's contributing. I hope you all are staying safe and standing strong.
  3. Today I only made it three minutes before I checked how much time was left on the timer. Sometimes I can go the whole five minutes. It depends on how restless my mind. Today it is pretty bad because I finished watching She-Ra over the weekend and I'm real deep in an obsessive brain hole there, and then we've got all this stuff going on in the world that I can't not think about (unless I get away from it by diving back in She-Ra). Here's hoping eking out five minutes of meditation helps get something done at work today. I decided listening to the She-Ra soundtrack was gonna be a bad idea so I'm listening to Mongolian metal now. I guess I had to find the right approach to being kind to myself. I generally feel like being kind to myself doesn't solve any problems and it doesn't get done any of the things I'm trying to accomplish, so it doesn't feel like it's going to do any good. The meditation app I use says to "ever so gently return" and that's been sticking with me. If I think of my brain as a stream of water, it's real hard to make right turns with rushing water. And I spent a lot of time kicking it, trying to get it to make a right turn or flow the other direction. So I'm reminding myself to return to the goal gently, and disengaging that frustration is helping me. When I remember to do it. One step at a time, right?
  4. I am still loving my hair! I really love it. The challenge is okay. I haven't done any drawing, and I effectively forgot about jumping, but I'm having good consistency with yoga (helps that my sister is doing it), and chipping away at meditation. I think I'm going to do a meditation challenge next time and increase my time by one minute each week. I'm doing 5 minutes right now. I didn't run today, and now it's about time to play a game online with some friends, so it isn't going to happen. (Plus my ankle and knee hurt from pushing through a significant amount of pain on yesterday's run, so they'll appreciate not charging ahead today.) Instead of getting angry at myself, which I did Wednesday and Thursday, I'm going to swallow my pride, try my best to hold onto some humility, and work on finding running buddies I can check in with each day. I know it's a really common thing to struggle with consistent exercise but lately I've kind of catastrophized it to my entire life and been feeling frustrated. I've cooled off a lot today from earlier this week and I'm trying to remind myself to take a gentle, humble approach. Less exhausting than being angry, I think. 😝
  5. Successfully nabbed a runner friend to check in with yesterday. I did not stretch. Pro tip: warm up and cool down. 👍When I was running I managed to get to a meta moment of recognizing that my thoughts were very negative and pessimistic. I didn't really do anything about it, but recognizing "hey maybe you're feeling a little depressed today and that's coloring things" helped. Plus the running endorphins and lots of feelings about She-Ra season 5 (I'm a little more than halfway through!). I'm feeling a lot better today. No cold shower for the last two days as I've been having some kind of muscle something in my neck and the cold made it worse. It's feeling better today so I'll try cold water again tomorrow. Also, I've completely neglected the jumping part of this challenge. 😳 So that's 4 points for yesterday. GUYS I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT SHE-RA. I spent last night Photoshopping the villain splash from the title sequence into one vertical image. It was a good way to spend my night. I don't know if this is the last season, but it feels like the last season. It's gonna be real hard to one-up these stakes, and the characters are really blossoming. Is it too early to be thinking about the next challenge? Because I'm thinking about the next challenge.
  6. Puts Hair on Your Chest Or Takes it Off AS NEEDED i'm dying 😂
  7. Cute! Round tortoise shell is 👌 -- Day whatever yesterday was: 5/27 = I only got one point 😳I was in a bad mood yesterday and doing stuff was hard. Already off to a better start this morning. I got up to meditate while my husband was reading the news. Usually when he does that I just snooze in bed. Gotta make this a habit. It's really hard to run in the evenings, turns out, so I'm gonna ask around and see if any of my runner friends run on a schedule that works for me and I can check in with them and externalize that schedule.
  8. I've been playing Jedi: Fallen Order. I've been writing a just-for-fun YA urban fantasy story involving a dragon spirit. These things have conspired to make me miss martial arts, consider taking up meditation (but like, seriously this time), contemplate trying parkour again because why not also pretty sure I can do that while in lockdown, and look at buying a new pair of shoes which I really don't need because I don't wear shoes anymore apparently? Also I almost bought red hair dye so I can do a Cal cosplay but didn't because there's this whole math with shipping costs where if I spent $11 on the small hair dye the shipping is $7 and that seems like way too much but if I buy 3 then it's $33 and $7 seems more reasonable but the other color I want is out of stock because I procrastinated on buying hair dye back when lockdown started and now it's all backordered. Also my next opportunity to actually wear a Star Wars costume is, like, months away, so there's really no rush on that. Aaaand I just looked and the Blue for Brown Hair is back in stock so maybe it's time?? ANYWAY. I like @Novaurora's points and prize system from last challenge, so I'm borrowing that idea and mapping it onto the Fallen Order skill tree. Lightsaber Physical prowess! P90X3 in the morning on weekdays = 1 point per day, 30 max. possible points (the 12-minute Cold Start "warmup" only counts as a P90X3 workout if we also go for a walk that morning) P90X3 workout or 30 minute run, any time of day, extra credit for weekends starting May 23 = 30 max. possible points and 7 extra credit points 20-30 minutes of yoga with sister 3x a week = 1 point per day, 18 max. possible points 5x a week starting week of May 18 = 26 max. possible points (in other words, 8 extra credit points available in yoga) Practice jumping. Jumping is one of those things I've gotten worse at as I've gotten older. Jumping = 1 point per day, 42 max. possible points Force Mental/emotional/creative/spiritual prowess! Read Bible daily = 1 point per day, 42 max. possible points Write words in for-fun writing project = 1 point per day, 42 max. possible points Draw something, anything = 1 point per day, 42 max. possible points Extra credit: Write words in Main Serious Writing Project = 5 points each time I do it Survival Literally just surviving the rest of work from home time and not feeling so bad about myself! These are things that I think will help my mental space as working has gotten rough lately. 60 seconds of cool-cold water at the end of showering = 1 point per day, 42 max. possible points When working, close tabs except for my to-do list and the thing I am supposed to be working on right now = 1 point if I did it for the majority of the day, 30 max. possible points Take Mind Health (b-vitamin and CoQ10 drink mix from Arbonne) before 1:30pm = 1 point per day, 30 max. possible points Actually take up a meditation practice — since I don't have a plan yet and this requires a plan, I am not counting Week 0. Therefore, meditate = 1 point per day of practice, 35 max. possible points TOTAL POSSIBLE POINTS = 288 (assuming I did my mental math right) Prize at End of Challenge (I will fill this in later! I don't have good ideas yet) 260+ points: 230-259 points: 200-229 points: 150-199 points: