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  1. I do not like this, sam I am... I am generally pretty anxious about what I put into my body, which is probably 100% of the reason I didn't develop an energy drink addiction after the first time I drank half of a Red Bull at age 14 and went into the next class session the most focused and alert I'd ever been in my life. But I got into fancy coffee a few years ago and once work from home started I had time to make a cup of coffee every morning and nowwwwwwww...... Is there like a Dry January for caffeine? 😅😅😅😅 ...after I finish this bag of really delicious Eth
  2. I will let you all know on Monday 😝😝😝 I think he is concerned I'm making the towel roll too big because I told him a hand towel wasn't supportive enough so I'm rolling a bath towel halfway, but he expected a hand towel to work. We shall see...
  3. My chiropractor wants me to take a picture of my towel roll set up because he's suspicious of whether I'm doing it right 😂 but he wouldn't tell me why, so that I wouldn't change anything before I get the picture. Anyway, I pre-emptively made an appointment for Monday since last time my neck went out again in 3 days and I still waited 2 weeks for my appointment, which doesn't help my body recover from the misalignment. Hopefully getting a second adjustment within a few days will help. And it hurts my wallet less since I have new insurance that actually covers chiropractic 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌
  4. Alas, I'm on a 2015 MacBook Pro for work, and for some reason it doesn't have a default timer app. It seems like an easy app to include when you already have a clock, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll do a little research — if I can find one that counts down in the corner that would be great.
  5. My headphones are connected to my laptop, not my phone. I don't need any fancy features, more just looking for an app or extension so I'm not opening a new browser tab for my timer. But, now that I'm thinking more about it, I will try just using my phone's default timer because the screen lights up when it goes off and that will probably be enough to catch my attention (since the screen lighting up usually means messages and I'm so susceptible to that form of distraction, hahahaha) and it has a "repeat" button so I can go straight into the next five minutes with one tap. Thanks! Turns out, I w
  6. I went with iced green tea mixed with a b-vitamin mind booster type drink mix. We're going to BJs tonight and I like their in-house sodas so I decided to save the liquid sugar for dinner. On a related note, does anyone have any timer recommendations? I'm resorting to five minutes of concerted effort with five minutes of reward to try and get going, so I need a timer that will either ring in my headphones or flash on my phone. I have a 5-minute hourglass but it's too discrete and I sometimes fail to notice it's run out.
  7. Travel Log: I read all your kind messages, and had a talk with my husband, and realized that for about the past two weeks, I've finished work, watched some TV and eaten dinner, then watched my husband play a video game and/or scrolled pinterest until it was approximately late enough to go to bed. Maybe texted some people during that process. In short, I haven't been doing a thing to restore mana, and thought I couldn't be that stressed out if my evenings are so pleasant, so why is everything so hard? Alas, the difference between mindlessly passing the time and restoring
  8. That's a good way to think, I like that. Yesss I like this. I need to figure out what some small, quick mana potions are for me. I tried once before by making a "dopamenu" but didn't quite stick with it. (And thank you for the work tips and encouragement — I'm slowly getting better at identifying and articulating what I need in order to do better, and trying to figure out how to make sure I'm always walking away from "collaboration meetings" with concrete action steps.) Thanks. I'm getting back into the creative work. When I was writing in Jan/Feb, my mood about w
  9. Yep. About a month ago I started crying in the middle of the afternoon because I just want the ability to force myself to do something even if I don't want to do it, and I feel like I just can't power through, and I wonder if I'm trying wrong or not hard enough, and I can't figure out how to make myself do it, and sometimes something will help for a couple weeks but then it's gone and I'm stuck again. And I haven't really rebounded from that low point yet. When I was in a job that was ticket-based, this was less of a problem, because I did very little project planning so all of my "do juice" (
  10. Travel Log: Yesterday I was angry. For every ten minutes of work I do, I spend half an hour or more fighting myself to do the thing. Put my headphones on. Start the music. Open the email. Wander off. Fight self. Write the email. Wander off. Fight self. Send the email. It's exhausting and frustrating and it's been worse than usual for weeks. Last time it got this bad, I went for a run, came back, used the endorphins to finish. I didn't want to take the time to go for a run. It would mean working later when my husband started early and we could just be done at 5, and I ha
  11. Travel Log: I did yoga during lunch, and it involved a lot of moving from three legged dog to plank with knee tucked toward the nose, and I thought about how a character in one of my projects might move with that kind of slow control, enabling them to pass quietly through difficult obstacles. It helped.
  12. What's up, friends! I'll have a sea salt iced tea...32 oz if you please. I was wondering if there are any gardeners/urban gardeners/lovers of succulents and plants out there who want to start a thread or chat? I can't figure out what's wrong with my aloes, and I'm looking to level up my gardening skills. I'm in an apartment with a patio, so I'm limited to potted plants and planters, but I dream of someday having a house with a garden in the back, and this is my prep time. 😁
  13. Travel Log: I turned away from my computer and did some of the wrist stretches from the video without guidance. I found it was easy to tend to my wrists. My first round of tendinitis in my wrists was in sixth grade, but I've found that wrist pain is somewhat easier to manage than back pain. But it's analogous, isn't it? Spine care is just a little bit bigger than wrist care.
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