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  1. Ooooh very good, and that also makes sense because back when I was running several years ago, I noticed my uphill hiking ability improved significantly. 👏👏👏 == Got a lovely walk in this morning! My neighborhood is flat, and our morning walks are a 20-minute loop around the neighborhood, but it's really enjoyable and I'm digging the cool partly-cloudy mornings we've been having. Usually its 90-100F in September but it's extremely moderate this year.
  2. Good morning! I am officially dropping the running part of this challenge because of a health-related thing wherein now is not the time to start pushing my cardio. Also my knees have started hurting MORE so I guess more knee rehab is in order. I'm going to walk regularly and incorporate more hills and keep up regular hiking so I can keep up endurance without inducing too much fatigue. The yoga is cemented, though! I've got my sister in on it so every MWF my hubs and I video call my sister and we do a yoga video together. I did it Monday and Thursday last week, and this morning with full expectation the schedule will stick. (Although I'm actually going to visit my sister this weekend and flying back Monday morning, so except for next Monday morning, the schedule is in place!)
  3. they have arrived. it is time. i know the perfect RWBY chibi moment for this but it appears no one has giffed it... i guess i will do it myself run yang run!
  4. They're great 😂 == Good morning, happy Week 1 Tuesday, I did not run today... The truth is I'm waiting for my husband to up for running with me. He's waiting to see if/when the AirPods he is supposedly getting from a vendor who offered them in exchange for a meeting arrive. 😅 But the yoga is happening! That's progress!
  5. I did my yoga this morning! It felt good! My muscles appreciated it. I do not know what is going on in this gif; I haven't seen that many RWBY Chibi episodes yet, but it felt vaguely yoga-related. 😂
  6. Good for the rangers, good for the planet! == On account of having limited gif lookup ability in an effort to avoid spoilers, I shall flavor with RWBY Chibi gifs that have little-to-nothing to do with my post! I slept in this morning instead of running 😶 which.........I guess is okay because it's zero week but I still haven't gotten husband or sister commitment to the plan so...better get on that.....
  7. yeesssss......................we can do it! for sustainability! 😅
  8. I get this feeling for a couple of days, every now and then, and it stresses me out 😆 Hope you feel better today after a good sleep!
  9. Yes! As much as I want to do it all, I also want to Keep Doing It. Also, I forgot to mention in my main post, I may switch yoga and running days to get 3x running and 2x yoga — it depends on what my husband wants to do and if my sister wants to phone in for yoga like we did during the pandemic. I have a few days to figure it out. But this is my starting goal schedule.
  10. Yes! I like this! I'm still trying to finish my novel so I haven't got much of an art or music thing going yet but I want to take this kind of approach once I'm done with this draft. Because it sounds fun, and focuses on doing the thing because it brings joy or relaxation.
  11. Guess who has a new obsession?? I'm in Volume 4 — no spoilers! In between crying over RWBY and working on my novel, I'm setting out to stick to a simple workout routine: Run on Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 15 minutes and increasing by 5 minutes each week Do 20mins of yoga on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (let's hear it, Yogang!!) Hike or go for a 30+ minute walk on Saturday I didn't run this morning so, uh, we'll start on Thursday! I will be getting a shiny new notebook (in an excellent Yang flame color) as a DIY planner for the next quarter, which is the end of week 3. I will be tracking all of my exercise in this new notebook!! (And before it arrives I'll note it in my current planner.) I may also design and print a RWBY sticker for the front of it — I need to check and see if the Makers' Space on campus does clear die cut stickers. Since it's a yellow-orange, doing a silhouette of Yang would be great, though I also considered covering part of it with black tape for Blake (my favorite, though Yang is really vying for favorite right now). But then if I do the two of them I feel like I need to do a section for Ruby and Weiss because I really do love Ruby and Weiss a lot too, maybe the inside covers? And at that point I need more craft materials and I have a strict hobby budget I'm drawing from for this... Anyway, there's my relevant notebook gif. 😂 As I am only in Volume 4 it is challenging to find gifs for this challenge...I will be accepting submissions as long as they occur prior to Volume 4 Episode 10! (Yes, I will update you as I progress through the show.)
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