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    Fox peers cautiously into the bottomless pool of reality

    Today was a push-pull workout, so I come bearing a few observations: Doing push ups on a stand or dumbbells feels noticeably different than doing it on my palms. Combined with taking a couple days off when various things were hurting, I feel like I've lost a bit of my gains, and/or am just behind. that I've adjusted to the new wrist position, they're starting to feel better. The "shrugging" muscles are still too prone to fatigue/strain when doing push ups and pull ups. This is probably a sign I need to get a lighter weight tension band and do some of those exercises that counter the rounding/hunching/shrugging of the shoulders (which is worsened due to computer usage and video games...I always notice my shoulder hurting when I'm gaming...). I've totally lost my pull up gains after not doing them/using a resistance band instead for a couple weeks. While a resistance band feels like a nice workout, my actual bodyweight pull ups will not improve if I'm not challenging myself with my bodyweight. All that said... I'm starting to worry about the Spartan and things like the rope climb...there are some specific exercises I need to start doing. The next challenge will be focused on those. General report on this challenge: Kaer Morhen Challenge: I've slacked on balance training. It has felt less important when I'm feeling short on time. But I've been stretching every night and I might actually be getting more flexible!! Push ups noted above. Reasonable Human Being Challenge: I've written purely for fun a handful of times. I was feeling frustrated that I still feel overwhelmed at stringing scenes together into a coherent plot and my husband said, "Sometimes when you fall off a horse, you get injured and have to go through rehab and re-learn how to walk before you can ride again. You're in writing rehab." And that has helped SO MUCH. Pumpkin muffins made an appearance in our house. I've called my mom twice. I haven't started a new drawing, but there's still time before the challenge is over! Share the Love Baking Challenge: Ummmmm....yeah we kept all those pumpkin muffins for ourselves... Thanks for sticking around even though I don't post very often.
  2. foxinthenorth

    Novaurora Will Not Bow Down to her Vices

    I haven’t been commenting much but I’ve been reading all your updates and I’m so very happy that things are getting better, you and your hubs are putting in the work to improve your relationship, and you’re refreshing your fitness/food goals in the midst of it! Way to go. You’re tackling problems head on and I’m cheering you on! Your pound a week plan sounds great. You’ve got this!
  3. foxinthenorth

    Fox peers cautiously into the bottomless pool of reality

    I'm doing okay, thanks Salinger. I'm headed up to see my family in Seattle on Saturday, so the weekend could not come fast enough! Yet another reason to get a dog...I dream of having a white German Shepherd and a Finnish Spitz someday. <3 Hope your week is going well too!
  4. foxinthenorth

    Fox peers cautiously into the bottomless pool of reality

    Just popping in to say hello, still alive, challenge is weak but I haven’t abandoned it. @Elastigirl I will find a you a video of aikido wrist stretches! They’re intended to prepare the wrists to withstand locks and pins, as in ideal circumstances it’s the mechanics of joint locking up and not the muscles or tendons straining that keeps you in the pin (and keeping them flexible avoids injury, of course).
  5. foxinthenorth

    Fox peers cautiously into the bottomless pool of reality

    Thanks for the tips! Ive been working on keeping the plank solid as I’ve noticed that insufficient tension in my core has a huge negative impact on my push ups. I’ve been doing them with elbows out slightly, but I think I’ll try switching to military style now. My chiro suggested (strongly) that I do them on dumbbells or stands so I’m not extending my wrists, especially because I spend so much of the day on computers and am at somewhat higher risk for carpal tunnel issues. I had fewer wrist problems when I was doing aikido regularly so I’m going to start doing aikido wrist stretches again, at least twice a day. They’re really quick and easy to do at work.