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  1. My parents just moved to Montana, maybe they know someone who has got an old tractor tire! -- Lifted weights last night! Bench: 40lb 2x5, 45lb 3x3 and 1x6 (which means I gotta bump my max by 5lb — I didn't want to, but my husband convinced me to squeak out a sixth rep and even though I felt like I could barely move he said my form didn't break) Squat: 40lb 5x5 Deadlift: 42lb 1x8 and 3x4 (this was harder this week, my back didn't feel stable and it took a while to find something that felt okay. it feels more like flattening my whole spine than "keeping a neutral spine," but in order to prevent hyperextension of my lower back and in order to lock in my shoulderblades, i have to...straighten....at least that's how it feels, not sure how it looks) Yoga this morning, so off to a good start this week.
  2. Not all chiropractors give exercises. I've been to both kinds. The chiropractor I have now is also a sports physical therapist which I like a lot because he's unfazed by weird injuries and works a lot on muscle imbalances. He also employs a massage therapist which is Okay! Thanks! I'll focus on stability and keeping the weight moving in a nice vertical line. -- Been a few days since I updated — mixed success on doing my PT, but I got to swim yesterday and I'm ready for weight lifting tonight. I set a new fitness goal, at the persuasion of a friend who does a lot of goal-setting training for her work — I am going to flip a tire. It's one of the obstacles I failed in the Spartan a couple of years ago, and it will make use of my deadlift training. So...does anyone know where to find a 200lb tire?
  3. I went to my chiro/physio last night and had a whole new set of weaknesses revealed to me (not really, like everything else wrong with my body, this is an old problem, he just wants me to start doing some exercises from before that I stopped doing and added a new stretch). And I got a pinching pain in my back only 3 hours after, so I really gotta do that stretch and get working on fixing some of this uneven muscle tone. So, I have a set of core exercises, resistance band pull-downs/rows, some stretches...doing bodyweight squats will help with weight lifting, and push ups are always a solid option...if I can slap all these together into a routine that takes about 10 minutes, then I can do it twice a day.
  4. Weight lifting success! I benched more than what I thought I could, because I did my plate math wrong, so I'm increasing my max for bench press. Bench: 40lb 4x5; 45lb 1x3, 1x5 (AMAP) Squat: 35lb 6x6 Deadlift: 37lb 1x7 (aiming for 10), 3x5 I can't make the deadlift lighter than 37lb because of the size of the available plates, but that's okay, the program said not making it to 10 was okay. Next week is shooting for a set of 8 so I'm still going to increase by 5lb. I can't help my husband switch out 45lb plates, so it took a long time (about 90min for both of us to do this whole routine, plus warm up and wiping down equipment) but it felt good.
  5. I'm looking forward to it!! -- No weight lifting yesterday, as I worked from home. Tomorrow we have a chiropractor appointment and a church thing so we are weight lifting tonight and just getting one session in this week. Did yoga this morning as well. I'm noodling on developing some kind of grease-the-groove program to really try and shore up my weaknesses to boost my barbell work, because I just need so much more core strength and stability and I tip backwards when I squat (even with bodyweight squats, if I'm trying to keep my knees from going over my toes. if I don't worry about my knees I can go down into a full grok squat and back up no problem). I know doing the heavy lifts will help develop it but with only lifting twice a week, sometimes only once, I think I need some other stuff on off days to get stronger. Right now, getting stronger is the only real goal I feel like setting, so I'm trying to roll with that. Last night on a walk I was really feeling like I just don't have very much hope or optimism for the future, and I feel like, if I can at least get stronger during this time I'll be coming out on the other side with something.
  6. Sadly my baby passed away in the womb and I delivered her 16 weeks early and took disability leave at that time — so I'm back at work now without a baby, when I should have been starting my maternity leave in the final weeks of pregnancy, so being at work at all is a reminder of what happened. I heard it's more scary than usual but honestly season 1 has it's really scary moments! I remember the other seasons being fairly scary too. We'll see. But I may have watched too much last night because I was lying awake with my mind spinning so we'll move more slowly on weeknights. We finished our season 1 rewatch last night. I have heard this! I prefer the spell slot analogy because it's easier to conceive of energy expenditure for different tasks in terms of spell slot difficulty, rather than a number of spoons. -- I followed through on doing my core exercises on Saturday, and I did yoga as scheduled today! The yoga was HARD today. I don't know if slacking for a week just made all my muscles tighten and weaken or if I just really needed the stretch.... It is fully summer here now (early summer, the best stage of summer), supposed to get into the 90s today and the sun is bright and cheery. Now that I have some good everyday shorts with pockets I feel like I can lean into the season.
  7. Yeah, that's my experience for sure. It's like it takes a certain amount of energy just to cope with being alive and all of your normal day to day activities are on top of that new strain. I would say, overall I have more energy as time goes on, but it's really up and down depending on the week/day and this week has been extra hard because my due date is in a few days and I hate the feeling of another milestone passing. This whole month has been hard since it's the month my maternity leave would have started, and I wanted to go down to part-time so even just being at work all day is a reminder. I slept extra last night and had a little breakdown this morning and feel quite a bit more balanced now. We went to REI and spent soooo much money hahaha. I replaced my leather flip flops that lasted me 5 years, and I got some really lightweight hiking shorts I can wear on an everyday basis, and my husband got some good clothes as well. A lot of the colors that are in fashion for men right now look really good on him. I tried on a cute swim suit as well but it looked better on the rack so I'll just casually keep looking. I'm going to get pho for dinner. And I will not forget to do my core exercises tonight! OH BY THE WAY we're rewatching all of Stranger Things because we forgot too much to just watch season 4, so that's our entertainment for the next couple weeks.
  8. Gourmet cookies are worth it! My husband had part of a key lime cookie from crumbl that he highly praised but they rotate flavors so I haven't gotten to try it yet.
  9. Core exercises done yesterday! Walked instead of yoga this morning— we are weak without my sister's accountability, hehhhhhh. She's on a trip and will be back in a week or so. We'll get back on the yoga train tomorrow.
  10. Resetting a sweet tooth can be tricky, but there are lot of ways to go about it and I'm always more satisfied with my sweets when my sweet tooth is more balanced and I'm not craving it. Apple sounds like a good plan!
  11. I did my core exercises last night! No weight lifting tonight since husband has an off-campus event he'll be at. I am looking forward to doing more next week though! We have to get some new shoes for my husband. He only had some running shoes and I could see his feet sliding a little and uneven compression on the soles when he was squatting. I wore my Vans. I don't really feel like I can justifying buying training shoes when Vans work perfectly fine, but, my all-black Vans are one of my work shoes. tbd. I haven't bought new shoes in a while (for fun, that is, i did buy wedding shoes recently) but I did buy two sweatshirts while doing wedding shopping and we have, uh, not exactly engaged in retail therapy so much as, if something reminds us of our baby, we tend to buy it (I refrained from buying a cute ladybug kid's cup at Target) and we have also bought some things that are positive activities to do together, like a couple puzzles and a membership to botanical gardens, and we've indulged in stocking up on some drinks (some sugar free sodas, some canned cocktails, replenished our dark rum). I also had to talk myself out of buying a varsity jacket recently. I'm good at talking myself out of buying things. BUT I am buying some loot from Aroundsquare tomorrow. I have a gift card I've been sitting on since Christmas and he's releasing a set of beads that, while not the exact set I have been waiting for ever since he gave away a production sample in a raffle ten months ago, fills the same aesthetic niche. My dudes, I am still so tired. I think, since I don't sleep well every night, it's just taking me so long to recover from anything that takes a lot of energy. Work has been hard (in my mind, emotionally, moreso than the actual tasks) since I was supposed to be on maternity leave right now, I was supposed to be due next week. And then I don't have any energy leftover at the end of the day for things I want to do (like play my violin, maybe do a little art...) I did make some really good iced coffee this morning. I almost don't want to put any sweetened condensed milk in it, but I *also* want a pseudo-Vietnamese iced coffee, and I did drink half of it black to enjoy the flavor. Thanks for reading my ramble, if you got this far.
  12. My husband and I say that the mourning doves are bouncers for the finches. Mourning doves are adorable idiots, but sometimes we see them on a wire with some finches and sparrows in between them and decide they are using their girth to protect them. Your breakfast boxes sound AWESOME. Yay for mason jars too (boo delay), I have many and love them all. The more variety of shapes and sizes the better :3
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