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  1. Aramis, the Magician's Guild would focus on technology to lose weight and get healthier. I imagine these are the people who wear fitness trackers (magical items), go to a doctor to use weight loss medication (magical potions), get weight loss surgery (doctors=magicians) and other methods that can be called magic.
  2. Sarakingdom I would probably change the name of the Wizard's Guild to the Magician's Guild, which would be gender neutral. I would also argue that Druid is not interchangeable with Magician, because that's not what is shown in the Tabletop Games like D&D. I am a Nerd, like everyone else here, so I am not the only one who feels a Magician's Guild is needed. In today's world technology has replaced magic, so it makes sense for a guild that is devoted exclusively to magic. I firmly believe that NerdFitness is missing out on a whole new group of nerds who want to join a Magician's Guild.
  3. Aramis, the whole mental part is the most important. Not only should there be a Wizard's Guild, I state that its badly needed and Nerd Fitness will not become a true success unless it creates one.
  4. I weighed in at 255.0 this morning, so that's a gain .04 lbs overnight. I gained weight, so should I quit and go on an overeating binge? Lol No, I keep moving forward. I will cut the calories more and increase activity. That's all for today...
  5. Its day 10 and I weighed in at 254.6 this morning. That's -1 overnight and a total of -9.4 overall. I just noticed that the weight loss since day 7 has ended in a .6 lbs and its been even. That must be an astronomical coincidence of some kind. So far Intermittent Fasting has been working, but yesterday I made 3 protein shakes during the fasting period and for two of those shakes I included a banana. So, I do not know if that's true IF or not?
  6. Its day 9 and I weighed 255.6 this morning. I just realized that was -2 pounds overnight, and the total loss is -8.4 lbs. I am not doing anything radical, but I am doing intermittent fasting. Being on vacation makes doing this easier, but I am not using a lot of energy right now. So, I am wondering how it will work when I get back to teaching in August. I stopped eating at 11:30 yesterday, then first ate around 7:30 am, so the total time fasting was about 20 hours. I will add that during this time I drank two protein shakes that I made, so that curbed the hunger pains. When the hunger p
  7. Its day 8 and I weighed 257.6 lbs, so the total loss for the 1st week is -6.4 lbs. Yesterday I did some intermittent fasting, so that's probably why I had an overnight loss of -3 lbs. I drank 3 protein shakes, so that is what curbed my hunger. Even during radiation treatments I had my appetite never decreased, which can be good, but also not good if your goal is to lose weight. Maybe now that has changed, because I am weighing myself daily and posting those results on here. By weighing myself every morning it demystifies the weight. It really is just a measurement and not some overwhelmi
  8. Its day 7 and I weighed 260.6. I did not workout today and it was probably a combination of the Lupron shot I got yesterday and then feeling down about getting news from the cancer doctor. Even feeling tired I can exercise so that really is an excuse. I can control how much I ate so I did eat much less today. I will get back to it and keep moving forward. The battle continues...
  9. In the 21st century technology is wizardry. We even call people who are great with technology Tech-Wizards. Perhaps the Wizards Guild could be composed of Nerds who primarily use technology to lose weight and get into better shape. This is my idea for a new guild of wizards.
  10. Thanks Elastigirl! I will try to add more walking too.
  11. Its day 6 of my odyssey and this morning I weighed 258.2, for a total weight loss of -5.8 lbs. This morning I did 36 minutes of cardio at the gym, and I intend to do more later today. I want to add here that I am also dealing with prostate cancer, and the treatment I receive makes me feel fatigue a lot. Fatigue + inactivity + overeating = weight gain. I have learned that many cancer survivors deal with weight gain due to their treatments. My hope is that I can find an equation of exercise and diet that I can do even with fatigue. So, that is what I am dealing with, but I will find a way t
  12. That sounds cool to me. I was thinking about it today. Maybe wizards are like the tech wizards today. Technology is the same as magic.
  13. Thanks Sylvaa. Based on the guild descriptions I would be a Ranger, since I am using cardio and weights, but I think Steve is missing out on potential Rebels would see themselves as Wizards or Magicians. In D&D terms, any class could be a Rebel. Based on looking at the guilds I could come up with a description, and there is nothing more nerdy than a magic-user.
  14. Yes I agree they do spend time reading and learning, but I think that's exact;y why there needs to be a Wizards Guild! What we can do is list out all of the guilds and the types of exercising and dieting they represent. Whatever is not covered should be in the Wizards Guild. I really do believe NerdFitness needs this.
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