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  1. That's so cool Sky! I didn't realize you were an Earth Science writer. I did geological engineering in school, so its a topic that I find interesting. Would you be willing to share the titles of some of your work that I could check out? Recommendations would be great too
  2. Tl:dr I drank too much last week, mostly due to bending easily to social pressure. What strategies do you have for dealing with this? Hey All! Well, I'm learning some good lessons about goal setting. While 3/4 of my goals are going well, end of week one and I've already failed my "Drink only 4 times a week" challenge. After two nights of drinking during the week out of town, I returned home for what I thought would be a quiet weekend. However Friday night turned into having friends over for wine night, Saturday was a last minute invite for board games and dr
  3. Way to start the challenge off strong, Inazea! You've got this
  4. Sorry to hear about your rough weekend Sky . I only just started calorie tracking, and have already realized how tricky that is for homemade food. What are some of your strategies? I'd love to work up to where you are, but for now, am only tracking the food I eat while out of town since it's 90% restaurant foods. I look forward to hearing your thoughts regarding food. Have a great a week! Xelac
  5. Hey Sky! Thanks for checking in. It was Canada Day Weekend up here in the north, so it was a crazy busy time with friends and family visiting every single day. It was a wonderful time! It made me realize though that some of my goals are going to be harder achieve than I thought. I feel a bit ashamed to admit it, but drinking alcohol only 4 nights a week is actually kind of tough right now. When I get home from out of town on weekends, I am trying to cram in lots of social times with friends, which usually involves drinking, or date night with my partner which usually
  6. Love your writing style and goal setting! Following for inspiration
  7. That's an awesome comprehensive list! I'll be following for accountability and support. You can do it!
  8. I'm with you on finding the new normal. It's a tough thing to do, and requires a lot of soul searching, but based on what I'm seeing you've accomplished amazing things. I believe you can keep accomplishing more! We're all in this together.
  9. Sounds like a great plan for the month! My partner and I just moved in and the Mari Kondoing has been real! We're lucky to have a very active "Buy Nothing" group for our neighbourhood where we can give things away. Good luck with your purge. Following for inspiration
  10. Thank you for the continued support, Sky! I'll be following your accolades as well! TGP, thank you for your kind words! I'm fortunate enough that I still get to sleep in civilization, but its a long series of bush roads to get in and out of my site each day. Routine disruption is a real challenge, but one I look forward to taking on now that I have a plan in place. How have you found the transition? Thank you Elastigirl, it's great to be here!
  11. A lone figure, dressed in drab forest greens and browns, emerges from the edge of the old forest. As he exits the cover of the canopy his features come into focus, revealing a thin face with triangluar jaw, two slightly pointed ears, and a pair of emerald green eyes that seem to glow in the lengthening evening shadows. The tall figure winds his way through the hills and dells past the edge of the forest towards town where he can rest his battle-weary muscles and take in a hot meal. When he arrives at the Inn at last, the innkeeper takes in his appearance. His forest greens have be
  12. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement Sky! I've used your signature as a bit of a template creating my character, and changed my name to match it. I think I'll take your advice and join the Rangers, as I've always felt like more a of Jack-of-all-trades in relation to my fitness. I'll see you over on the Rangers Forum. Cheers! Xelac
  13. Hello all! Thanks for all the support, it overall went great! 3/4 goals I achieved 100% completion, and it really helped me improve my mental health on this long out of town job. SUCCESSES 3/4 I've joined a local Planet Fitness, and have started doing the 5x5 Stronglifts workout at least twice a week. My calorie tracking has gone great when I'm out of town and has really helped me pull back on snacking and drinking. Improvement can definitely be made on tracking at home, it is much harder to track homemade food rather than take out.
  14. Thank you Res! Having a plan has really improved my mental health as well, looking forward to getting started
  15. Hi All! I'm Alex, a 20 something working in Environmental Engineering from Ottawa, Ontario. I joined Nerd Fitness Academy in 2016, and it really helped me kickstart some good eating, exercise, and life habits. However 3 years later and many of those good habits I formed doing NFA have fallen to the wayside. I am working out of town for the next 3 months, which means living out of a motel, eating out nearly every meal of the day, peer pressure to drink beers with colleagues every night, and little to no exercise. At least it did. I'm excited to get started with the 4 we
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