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  1. Hello again Nerd Fitness! I've been in the process of moving for a couple of days now, so I haven't been able to reach the forums much; however, I'm pleased to say that I've been keeping up with the goals NF inspired me to set for myself. I've signed up for the Nerd Fitness Coaching program. I'll be starting sometime next month, which gives me time to settle into my new apartment and find new places to exercise. I've been going for an hour long walk (almost) every day (one of the days I only had time for 1/2 hour). I've been restricting myself to no screens (phone, computer, TV) for about one or two hours before going to bed to improve my sleep. While I haven't noticed an improvement in how I feel when I wake up the next morning, I have been feeling much better throughout the day. Last week I was making meals from home almost every day. This week and the next will be something of an exception since most of my cooking supplies are packed away, but I'm happy with that progress. Lastly, I wanted to thank the people who've commented and the others who've read my introduction post. Per aramis' recommendation I intend to participate in the next four week challenge, and if there are any newbie lurkers out there I would recommend they do the same! Good luck out there adventurers. I hope to see you around the next bend.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Matthew, and I'm excited to begin my journey with Nerd Fitness! Like Steve, I've tried several work outs before on my own without much success. I came to Nerd Fitness because I realized delving into the world of fitness is much like delving into a new world in a video game - it's wide, full of traps, and without proper tutorialization or a map to guide you it's easy to get lost and frustrated. I'm coming into this unequipped and inexperienced, but it looks like I may have finally found my hometown here. I'll be exploring the NF kingdom over these next couple of weeks, so please feel free to say hello or direct me towards points of interest! I'm interested in finding other people to have fun and be active with. Right now my main goal is to get myself started in the right direction so that if I get lost or confused sometime later, I'll have solid foundations to fall back on and keep me along the way. My long term plan is to build upper body and core strength, keep the fat off, and get involved with people who can inspire me and hold me accountable to my goals. Thanks for reading this intro. I hope to see you around!
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