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  1. Results from the challenge: 1. I rode my bicycle 227 miles between July 1 and July 28! (Success!) 2. I did not pack my lunch - healthy or otherwise. (Fail) 3. I did play my guitar much more in July - on average 3+ times a week (Success!) 4. I did not read two or more books - or rather I did not COMPLETE two or more books. I started about 4 books. (Mostly fail) BONUS: *) My wife and I had a couple dates this month (Success!) *) I did not keep up with my strength workout goals all month (Fail) *) I did not ride the bus more than once
  2. I just got back from my week-long vacation in Hayward, WI. Here's an update on my challenge: 1) I've ridden 145 miles of my goal distance of 200 this month. 2) I've not yet packed my lunch for work. (On the plus side, I wasn't at work last week) 3) I played my guitar 3+ times last week and will play again tonight with my band. 4) I read some of my book, but not as much as I might have on vacation - so need to read more the second half. Other: *My wife and I were on a date on July 4th. We took our youngest daughter and her
  3. Thanks for the welcome and all the encouraging words. Not quite 3 days in, but I thought I'd post an update: 1) I've ridden 40 miles of my goal distance of 200 this month. 2) I've not packed my lunch yet. Tomorrow is a holiday for me, so Friday is my last chance this week. 3) I played some guitar on Monday night and have plans to play this weekend a couple times 4) Glad I got some vacation time to help me pick up a book again. Other: *My wife went on a date at the end of June (pre-challenge) and I look forward to more dates this month.
  4. I imagine I will feel much like your friend with time. I'll miss it sometimes, but overall not so much. I surely won't miss hangovers or regretting something I said or did after too many drinks. I'm glad to put that in my rear view mirror and look forward to the perspective your friend has of 2+ years. One day at a time. My family and I vacation for one week in Hayward, WI. We rent a cabin set on a chain of lakes up there. My brother-in-law and I typically will ride the quiet county roads up there 3 or 4 times in the week. We have a 35 mile out and back route that is scenic j
  5. Thank you! Staying sober has been a journey and it is far from over, but I'm not a rookie at it and I'm pretty optimistic. I read recently that when you need to start over at least you won't be starting from scratch, but starting from experience. One strategy that works for me is to have some no-alcohol beer around the house or in a cooler if I'm visiting friends at a party - particularly if I will be in the company of others drinking beer and wine. I get in on the social aspects of the party without consuming the alcohol. I've also reached an age where the peer pressure to have a "just o
  6. In the two weeks leading up to this challenge I've been focused on sustaining my sobriety (12 days and counting) and my general health and well-being - finding better balance and growing in gratitude, humility and wisdom. I aim to cultivate a more balanced, fun, grateful, engaged/connected/present, and healthy life. I've titled this challenge "Back in the saddle" because I want to prioritize a few things I've neglected in recent months, biking among them. Here are my four goals: 1) Ride my bicycle 200 or more miles between July 1 and July 28 2) Pack a healthy, balanced lunc
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