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  1. Its been a while! Ever since we banded together and approached the CEO - and, since I last wrote here - the manager in question was spoken to, things have changed drastically. I expected him to leave, or to stay and things would be worst: but I was wrong. He has stayed - and took me aside to apologise personally; as he did to every other team member. And things have... genuinely changed for the better. I've been working for years, for companies big and small, and have to admit, I was absolutely wrong here. I'm so glad to have been. I feel far better about staying. I'm still thinking of the future and sustainability and thus will be considering job offers or anything that comes my way on a higher pay bracket intently, but for now its not my main priority! I've created my character and epic quests, and am excited to be visiting home for the first time in a year tomorrow evening.
  2. Hiya, guys! This is going to be where I share my musings on direction and hopefully some progress along the way. I do love and enjoy exercise and fitness but where I am currently, I feel that its other areas of my life that I want and need to really work and progress on. Right now, as of writing this, I have some long-term end goals (I fell in love with Japan and my partner and I are now planning steps to move there within X many years), but I've decided that I've found myself pretty unsettled in my general foundations and want to start building from scratch. I moved to England a year and a half ago. Whilst my flat has been pretty cheap which was really convenient at the time, where I live and the flats surrounding me are making for a really unhappy home-life and moving into a new flat is my primary goal. So, here are my goals for the next few weeks (no 4wc, maybe next month, for now I just want to work towards these on a casual basis and get a feel for what goals I'll want in time for then), but here's what I want to keep in mind: ♥ Looking at new places and getting a rough idea of price ranges ♥ Analyse my job and work out if I want to stay put and subsidise or relocate ♥ Find past-times out of work to a) get me out of my house a little, b) help me discover the city I live in! I barely have and its been a year! and c) remind me there's a life outside of work (workaholic over here, hehe). Thanks for reading guys. I'll try and keep you updated. I'd love to make some friends on here so feel free to message me! I'm not the fastest at responding but I'll try my best