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  1. Its been a while! Ever since we banded together and approached the CEO - and, since I last wrote here - the manager in question was spoken to, things have changed drastically. I expected him to leave, or to stay and things would be worst: but I was wrong. He has stayed - and took me aside to apologise personally; as he did to every other team member. And things have... genuinely changed for the better. I've been working for years, for companies big and small, and have to admit, I was absolutely wrong here. I'm so glad to have been. I feel far better about staying. I'm still thinking of the future and sustainability and thus will be considering job offers or anything that comes my way on a higher pay bracket intently, but for now its not my main priority! I've created my character and epic quests, and am excited to be visiting home for the first time in a year tomorrow evening.
  2. Wee update: last night I had a good look at places nearby me and worked out I'll be looking to pay about 15% more for my pay. Following the "rent should be maximum 50% of your current earnings" I could possibly manage this in my existing job; but a) we'll have to see how the next paycheck or two play out as I've recently had more hours put atop my full time contract but those additional hours can vary, so we'll see how they add up, and b) as of right now, the workplace is in a state of... transition, and I may want a place with more stable management regardless. So, I've applied to a place today and hope to have a nosy at some jobs nearby me too. As of beginning this battle log yesterday, I came into work today to find my current manager reprimanded for misconduct and demoted, and my supervisor promoted to that position. Its all far from ideal and difficult. I feel good that I made some clear decisions amidst a hazy place (I adore my job and have done all these years; the problem isn't the job itself, its very much the fragility of management, but I truly believe I've done all I can to change it and its beyond me at this level).
  3. Hiya, guys! This is going to be where I share my musings on direction and hopefully some progress along the way. I do love and enjoy exercise and fitness but where I am currently, I feel that its other areas of my life that I want and need to really work and progress on. Right now, as of writing this, I have some long-term end goals (I fell in love with Japan and my partner and I are now planning steps to move there within X many years), but I've decided that I've found myself pretty unsettled in my general foundations and want to start building from scratch. I moved to England a year and a half ago. Whilst my flat has been pretty cheap which was really convenient at the time, where I live and the flats surrounding me are making for a really unhappy home-life and moving into a new flat is my primary goal. So, here are my goals for the next few weeks (no 4wc, maybe next month, for now I just want to work towards these on a casual basis and get a feel for what goals I'll want in time for then), but here's what I want to keep in mind: ♥ Looking at new places and getting a rough idea of price ranges ♥ Analyse my job and work out if I want to stay put and subsidise or relocate ♥ Find past-times out of work to a) get me out of my house a little, b) help me discover the city I live in! I barely have and its been a year! and c) remind me there's a life outside of work (workaholic over here, hehe). Thanks for reading guys. I'll try and keep you updated. I'd love to make some friends on here so feel free to message me! I'm not the fastest at responding but I'll try my best
  4. Hiya! I can relate, I tend to not to go into it but I too have a similar history and am on a similar path: welcome to the forums! I'm pretty outgoing too so I can't wait to see you in the chat! ♥
  5. Thank yoooou! And I know, its my weakness Thank you for asking! I was just popping in with an update: Given hectic more-than-full-time work-life and a penchant for biting off more than I can reasonably chew, then sacrificing my health and sanity to achieve it, I've decided to narrow my challenge down - a lot. The goals themselves are easy, but I think I was allowing for too much. So I'm editing my original post! Are you guys doing challenges? How are they going?
  6. Ah, hiya, welcome! I too am a fellow newbie to the forums. Added you on Pokémon Go! ^-^
  7. I'm a bit late to this but hi, welcome! You seem to have really started off on the right foot. If you get around to a challenge or accountability thread I'd love to have a nosey at your progress! Welcome aboard, anywho.
  8. Hiya! I'm CJ and I'm navigating the scary world of independent living in a new(ish? Oh golly has it been over a year already?) country (not so scary really, just nobody to tell me not to drink coffee at 11pm). I and my challenge are over in the first time sub-forum. I'm addicted to Pokémon Go in particular (in fact, to break out of workaholic mode I'm trying to have some Pokémon Go downtime most evenings or mornings as a wind-down and get-outside), so if you play please hit me up! ^-^
  9. "Suiting up" Hiya, guys! Here's my challenge for the next four weeks! I'm really excited to check in and update as and when I can, and to keep up to tabs on other peoples'! I'm a workaholic and often let my dedication to my job override basic things like eating, sleeping and more. My main goals this month are going to be to navigate my new promotion (yay! Lets nerf this ♡✧ Mission 1: "Check me out, securing the point!" Navigate the first four weeks of my promotion at work ♡ Have quiet TLC time at least x3 work-nights a week. This could be as small as reading a book by candlelight or having a long indulgent shower. Will help to keep my brain at full-power and recharged for the next day! Mission 2: Dasi wanbyeokhage jakdonghanda! Turn my new(ish) flat into a home (and a proper place to recharge and call my own!) ✧ Put clothes away straight away. Is it dirty? Wash. Am I wearing it tomorrow? Hang. Is it clean? Fold and put away. Lets retire that 'clothes chair'. Mission 3: "Think you can keep up with me?" Exercise / get out / adventure; our least favoured enemy currently is the stairs. Lets change that.~ ✿ Walks at least four times a week! I'm aiming for long walks, possibly Pokémon Go. (I'll add some more criteria for XP and stuff tonight hopefully!)
  10. Thank you! I'm very excited. I've missed them!
  11. Hiya, guys! ^-^ I was here years ago (I wish I remembered my username but sadly, I don't!) and then had some health issues that put a halt on a lot. Just on the absolute off-chance that anybody I did know comes across this, I was put out of commission (and well, into hospital) due to unmanageable seizures and the chronic pain that resulted. Its been a while and not only am I back in tip-top shape again (between treatment, surgeries and more!) but I've since moved to England and have a steady career (in the nerdy field! Ay!) I swear, how time flies. I remembered this place a few weeks ago and decided to, rather than as an excited teen, try again as an independent adult. So; hi guys! I'm CJ, I'm based in England, and I'm 21. I'll be partaking in the 4-week challenge (I remember these being 6 weeks! I'm excited for a change of pace... and trying to work out how this all works again I'm aiming for mainly life/career based goals, and right now my goals seem to align mostly with adventurer, but for now I'm back in the rebel camp so I suppose we'll see!
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