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  1. It’s been a week. I babysat a kiddo for the first and second time in my life. It went well. My belly dancing class is returning to in person at the end of September. Normally, I’d be really excited about this, but I won’t be able to go. I’ve promised to be available as emergency child care for a few weeks in November for the kiddo I watched earlier this week. For very understandable health reasons, the kiddo’s parents would not be ok with me potentially coming into their house after spending time exercising and breathing heavily with a bunch of other people. And this fall would be a terrible time for me to catch covid for the same reason. So I’m sad that I’ll miss seeing everyone. But it’s worth it to be able to support that family when they need it. My cousin and I will both likely get to see our respective parents later this month. I think the last time that happened for either of us was Christmas and the coming winter means the opportunities for this will soon be limited. I miss my parents and my cousin has had so much going on this year that I know it’s been really hard not to be able to have her parents close by. I’m still liking my new therapist. For a purely objective data point, I’ve had two appointments in a row, which was never a point I managed to get to with the last therapist. With the busy and emotional week both food and exercise went off track, but I’m not particularly bothered by that. I did make pizza (and cheese bread) for dinner tonight instead of buying it, though. And to leave you with one last bit of irony, with everything that has been canceled for covid 19 safety reasons, apparently the one thing that must go on is the (indoors) longevity expo at the community center. I do not understand.
  2. Thanks. I have 62 oz off pineapple juice leftover from making the Mac & cheese, so this is perfect
  3. Overall things feel a lot better than they did six weeks ago. I wouldn’t yet say that I’m in a place that’s entirely healthy either physically or mentally, but I’m a lot closer than I was and working on continuing in that direction. At this point, goals feel like a distinct possibility. 1. Cut way down on carry out. Preferably twice a week or less. This has become a big problem over the past couple months and I’m also getting annoyed at paying $20/meal. 2. Exercise at least 3x per week. This is pretty much holding steady with where I’ve been with swimming since the pool opened up. Bonus points if I can get a yoga habit going again. Thanks to the internet, I’ve found out how to make copies of most of the dishes I’ve been ordering over and over again. I’ll worry about the healthy part of things later. Lately the temptation for restaurant food has been really hard to resist, so I’m making this as easy as possible. And some other life updates. My new therapist already seems like a much better fit than the old one, so I’m very happy about that. The stressful thing that was coming up in my life in August isn’t actually happening until November. This isn’t technically a change, I just misunderstood the timeline. So no real emotional difference there.