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  1. All the customers were happy yesterday, so I get to have a normal work schedule this week. Got a fitness benchmark in today that went better than expected and nutrition has been going well.
  2. Got two things cooked today, so I should be good on food for a while.
  3. It’s been a good month or two since I posted here. Suffice it to say the holidays weren’t terribly less stressful than the rest of last year. But I’m here now and I’m going to try to be fairly consistent about that. So, goals: 1. Improve nutrition - I’m planning on using the nutrition levels in the nerd fitness app to guide what I’m eating, although I’ll really take anything that results in less takeout. 2. Exercise 3 times a week - I’m not sure what I’ll do specifically. We’re getting to the point (>2 weeks after new year’s) that I’m not completely uncomfortable
  4. My cousin want into the hospital this morning. I haven’t heard from her yet today, so I’m assuming she’s busy with checking in and trial sorts of things. That was, indeed, me. I was taking virtual classes with a lot of the same people I had been doing in person ones with, but stopped because I wasn’t getting any of the social components of the classes and I was getting bored with drills. The videos are a good idea that I hadn’t thought of. They might not be exactly what I’m used to, but I’m a lot more open to that when I’m not paying the same price as full in person
  5. Unfortunately hospital policy is changing as of tomorrow to not allow any visitors. My cousin is having a hard time with the news that she won’t be able to see even her husband for a solid month. She’s sad, scared, and pissed off that people couldn’t even wear masks or cut down their socializing enough for us to be in even slightly less of a raging pandemic.
  6. I needed this weekend. I got some much needed sleep and now have a much better idea of what day it is. Which happened just in time to order presents for the soon to be six year old’s birthday next weekend. Earlier today I finally got around to cooking the pasta dish that I made sauce for on Tuesday. All other cooking plans are getting pushed off indefinitely as I’m now far more aware of the fact that my parents are going to be getting here on Thursday. My cousin goes into the hospital on Tuesday (this got pushed back again for scheduling reasons, but is now officially
  7. Thanks. Family stuff is stable at this point and we were able to figure out the work issue this morning. So now I’m enjoying an evening of relaxing and looking forward to getting some good sleep this weekend.
  8. I ended up babysitting until 6:30 today so cooking dinner didn’t happen, which I’m fine with. My eventual dinner choice wasn’t the healthiest, but it did come from my freezer instead of a restaurant, so I’ll take the win in that.
  9. It’s been crazy 25 hours. Both work and family stuff have gotten pretty hectic relatively suddenly. Even so, I did actually ended up doing some cooking this evening. There were two things that made this work: 1. I had a plan before everything went sideways to make the sauce for a pasta dish. This was what gave me a chance of getting anything done. 2. The promise of wine. This was what made the cooking actually happen. So it looks like the wine is going to work. We’ll see if I can make it two for two when I assemble the pasta dish tomorrow.
  10. Last week ended up being incredibly stressful (work, election, life) and I worked a decent amount of overtime so food choices weren’t great and not much cooking happened. I did finally get around to making avgolemono soup on Friday... Saturday... what day is it? It also turned out a lot closer to what I grew up with* than the last time I made something similar a few years ago. I’d thought that the soup as I was used to it had a cream base, but it turns out that was actually eggs. So now I can have it without drowning myself in calories, which is wonderful. As far as in
  11. Thanks. As it turns out, there’s not a bed available*, so the hospital date got delayed by two weeks, which isn’t helping her anxiety. It won’t make a difference to the trial in the long run, but I’m worried about her emotional health in the short term. I made a plan to cook after work today. Then I told the customer that I’d package things up and send them over right after the meeting. And then Murphy’s Law intervened and I had a very long and stressful day. Cooking was not a thing I felt like doing by the time I signed off from work, so I heated up a can of soup instead.
  12. The wine worked. At least as far as planning goes. Sometime in the next week or so I’ll be making avgolemono soup and spinach, mushroom, and feta quiche.
  13. The podcast I’m thinking of works pretty similarly. It’s prone to long (amusing) tangents and, when it is on topic, things tend to jump around enough that I can miss some bits and still be ok. Thanks I did cook today, even if it wasn’t temptation bundling. I had fifteen minutes left when I finished lunch so might as well start the slow cooker meal I’ve been procrastinating on for a while.
  14. Working towards the overarching goals eating healthier and feeling more in control of what I’m eating, my therapist suggested temptation bundling cooking with something I like. That’sa much more positively oriented approach than my usual say I’m going to cook and then feel bad if my routine gets thrown off and I miss it approach, so I’m running with it. I’m not sure what I want to use as my thing I like yet, so far my ideas are: 1. Listening to my favorite podcast. I like this one, the only problem is that I usually can’t hear whatever’s playing off I’m doing something at the stove. I did
  15. Got my car back with a shiny new tire just in time to make it to the pool. Now I’m a good kind of tired and sore.
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