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  1. Demosthenes

    First Challenge! There is no try....

    Week 2 Update: 1) No soda! 2) Step Goal met 5 of 7 days (missed one) 3) Stretched 2x I had planned to work on my financial goals this weekend, but time got the best of me (as did avoidance, distraction, and just plan procrastination - why do this now when I still have four weeks!). I was really tired this week. But I actually did pretty well with some of the other goals my trainer set for me. Thanks for your encouragement everyone!
  2. Demosthenes

    Caro's Level 1 Challenge

    I'm impressed by your resilience. Working on change with your dad, what a great way to spend some excellent time together. Sending you positive, supportive thoughts!
  3. Demosthenes

    From thought to destiny

    How much light is getting into your room? Some of the current science shows that a darker, cooler room can help with sleep quality. I got black out curtains and it made a real difference. Just thought I'd share what worked for me. Keep up the great work!
  4. Demosthenes

    Jonny2284: Starting Over

    Great work! Kicking fast food is so much harder than it sounds!
  5. Demosthenes

    Seeing Myself (Yourself) Thin / Image

    Thank you both for your comments. Sharing from your personal experience is very encouraging. I love the idea of picking something you love and do that. The body, style, and energy will follow from that (ex: aiming to be a rock climber vs. a yogi). I have gained and lost so much weight over the course of my lifetime, I really need to get the mindset right this time. Thank you!
  6. I have been large for my entire adult life (and most of my childhood if I'm being honest). As a "plus-sized" person, you don't really get to pick a style or decide how your body should look. You just wear whatever fits from the small selection available to you. So....I'm struggling mightily with creating a vision for my future healthy self. What do I want my body to look like? How do I want to present myself to the world? What is even achievable given my starting point? Has anyone else gone through (or is going through) this challenge? I'd really appreciate some words of wisdom or recommendations. Not having a clear vision for the future is creating some challenges for me in the motivation department. Thank you!
  7. Hello Everyone! I have battled my weight for as long as I can remember and seem to have unlocked to code for unlimited respawns (although I sure do wish I didn't need them anymore). I am working on changing my mindset, so I thought having a way to connect with folks going through similar struggles to mine would be great. is my first challenge: 1) Drink no more Diet Soda (or regular soda for that matter) 2) Hit my step goal at least 6 out of 7 days 3) Add some type of stretching to my routine 2 times per week and for the level up goal - I have been trying to bring some order to my finances for some time. SO....I am hoping a little fear of shame might help me actually get started. 4) before the end of this challenge I will develop a budget and create a financial baseline for building wealth. BTW: I'm stereotypical Gen-X - I love to use my technology but I'm not really great with it. I've tried to reduce the size of my photo several times to add to my profile. Any recommendations for how I can do that? Thanks! I pledge to report on my success weekly, and for victory I get to select a piece of jewelry as loot!