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  1. that's actually a really good idea! i think i'm gonna attempt doing something like that (but while still just reading what i feel like most at the moment)
  2. Finished my second book of the year today. I read Rebel Belle by Michelle Hawkins. I really enjoyed how this YA novel kind of mixed the fantasy genre with the contemporary/love themes. I felt it was done in a really enjoyable way, and I found it hard to put the book down once I started reading. It was a really enjoyable read, though I can see some reasons why people might not like the book, however, I found it to suit my reading tastes really well.
  3. I actually did this same thing just the other day xD Looks like I have almost 50 books I want to reread (I have read most of them in Danish before, but would like to read them in English) and around 230 unread books. I really need to get to these before I start getting more books.
  4. Just finished my first book of the year! It was a reread of the first book in Lene Kaaberbøl's series Vildheks (I'm pretty sure it's called Wildwitch in English). I think it was my third time reading this, so safe to say I really enjoy it. It is however a pretty short book (168 pages) as it is middle grade. I've never completed the series, which is actually the reason for me even deciding to reread it - and I really enjoyed it once again. I am still reading Rebel Belle, currently on page 210, and I will start Josefine Ottesen's series Historien om Mira by reading the first installm
  5. I'm definitely going to participate in this! I've wanted to broaden my reading for a long time, so this will probably help me choose what I can read to do this. I have already picked out my tbr for January and most of February, so there probably won't be a lot of books that'll fulfill any of the prompts during these months - however, I will see whether any of the books I've picked out fits into one of the categories. Finished Currently reading Read a YA nonfiction book Read a retelling of a classic of the canon, fairytale, or myth by an author of color
  6. So I've actually set a couple of goals since my last post. First I want to do an indent in my physical tbr. I own a lot of unread books and I somehow manage to get more books than I finish. I want to change this habit. Another thing I want to do is use the library more. Both for studying, but also for lending (more) books and reading these. Our library is really nice and I really enjoy spending time there, but I just haven't made it a priority. Now, I have made a January/start of February tbr. As I am a mood reader it has a lot more books that I will choose from, than I will actual
  7. I would definitely love a spreadsheet - the structure of it just makes me more motivated
  8. I want actually to read consistently this year. I've been a major reading slump for the past years, so I want to start enjoying reading again. I started reading Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins, and I love it already. I also began Wildfire (Wildwitch, #1) earlier today, but this one is a reread which I read when I was a kid. If anyone wants to be friends on Goodreads, my username is SMintYoongi (or you can search for Selma Birkedal, that should work as well).
  9. I really need to get back to updating the things I've completed (both for this week and last week) - let's start with something I do pretty much every single day. What did you do? I completed Life 4: Get creative! Choose an art form and dedicate 15 minutes to it (music, drawing, painting, sculpting, noodle art, doodle, photography, yarn art, etc). I practised violin, viola and piano both Monday and yesterday. What is your experience with it? Did you enjoy it? Was it easy or hard? I'm trying to incorporate practising all of my instruments every day, so this ch
  10. #68 Call or message a friend you have not talked with for a while Just wrote an old friend. We went to school together for 10 years, until we both had to go do something else. We decided to meet next Friday for some talking and just updates on how our lives are going. She's one of the nicest people I've ever known, so I'm really happy that I finally get to see her again. I also wrote another friend (my best friend throughout all of kindergarten), however, she hasn't answered yet.
  11. @WildSonja wowow, you've really been out there doing stuff - good job!! Guess I'll have to step up my game though xD
  12. What did you do? I completed Food 1: Make a healthy dessert. I made some fruit ice cream. What is your experience with it? Did you enjoy it? Was it easy or hard? It was pretty enjoyable and not too hard. It didn't take that much time (or, there was a lot of waiting for it to cool down), so that was nice. Would you incorporate it in a future challenge, or otherwise do it again later? Why or why not? I probably won't, but that's just because I don't really crave desserts. I do enjoy them once in a while, but that's mostly just because it's nice to be with m
  13. What did you do? I completed Food 2: Make a dish with an ingredient you've never used before and post a picture. I made something with cauliflower for the first time. What is your experience with it? Did you enjoy it? Was it easy or hard? I think it was pretty fun to try. I don't really cook usually, so finding something I'd never used before wasn't really that hard. However, I do find it hard to find time to cook - made this while also preparing lunches for the week. Would you incorporate it in a future challenge, or otherwise do it again later? Why or why no
  14. Made a tasty lunch today - sorry for the bad quality, had to take the picture with my computer's camera. This was my first time cooking cauliflower, but it went pretty good I think.
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