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    Two-way Street of Accountability

    Hey All, I have been in search of someone to help me be accountable for my actions and lack there of. I am looking for the Drill Sergeant persona preferably. However, I am not blind to the fact that others need and want a loosely similar thing and I am willing to be there to help you out with your goals. I am not looking for anything more than someone to report to on my days activities. I want someone to tell me that I am full of it if I think that I will get where I want to be by not doing what I know I need to do and prescribing a remedial option. I am trying to find a good workout routine but have failed to find a good one that I want to stick to. Now if someone told me to do a certain plan and checked up on me, I would probably do it. I just need someone to help straighten me out and not be afraid to knock a few of my teeth out in the process.