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  1. I really want to know how this went!!! I've just started at an aerial/pole fitness class and my friend has a hoop up that I can use for practice on occasion. Really enjoying it but there is so much I can't do... Like pull myself up, bend in half, or cope with going upside down because I'm terrified! 😂 I'm having fun just playing about with poses in the hoop and trusting that the fear will fade with familiarity (and that the discomfort will lessen, ow my tailbone!) It seems like a playful way to build strength, flexibility, and confidence tbh. But yeah...
  2. OK. So I got distracted. That's ok. Life update: PhD Deadline extended because of supervisory issues. Which, tbh, I'm glad of. I was not going to hit that deadline with any level of aplomb. NEW DEADLINE: June 30th. Annoyingly I've been instructed by the new supervisor to restructure all my material and shift my focus. THIS WILL BE BETTER, but damn it is a lot of work. It's fine though, I'm making a plan. (10 chapters, 6 months, a month for printing/binding/proofreading... = 5 months. = 2 weeks per chapter...) Recently went to an aerial hoop class! Much fu
  3. Well... I'm not going to make my target, partly because the travel this weekend (6 hours on coaches, each way) triggered back spasms causing sciatica to flare up and I had to stick to gentle movement instead of strength training... And partly because I'd not left wiggle room in order to manage my goal if an emergency hit... And I'm still recovering from the spasms. But I *did* do 8 strength based workouts over the last month (including a couple from before I started the challenges) so I'm actually going to count that side of it as a win, and the whole thing as information gatherin
  4. And yay! Batch cooked! Challenge #2 : work out meal plan and shopping list and batch cook 3 times... Meal 1! Breakfast smoothies! (such a success I've done this twice now!) Meal 2! Rice/chickpea randomness salad! (Great for a cold lunch. Loaded it with Tuna and boiled eggs so it was full of protein, which really worked.) Meal 3! I preprepped baby potatoes and chopped green veggies while something else was cooking... And the next day I cooked roast salmon and veg, with potatoes, for dinner with enough for the following lunch too.
  5. And yay! Batch cooked! Challenge #2 : work out meal plan and shopping list and batch cook 3 times... Challenge #2: COMPLETE! Full report here! My biggest takeaway? I like roast sprouts!!! And breaking it down into smaller stages is much better for me than trying to spend an afternoon cooking.
  6. Aug-Sept Challenge... Challenge # 1 was to calorie track for 14 days... Complete! Progress report on the challenge thread
  7. Challenge 1: Calorie tracking for 14 days... Complete! Week one happened, I took two days off due to dentistry, then returned! I kept it simple. Found a calorie checker website and bookmarked it, and kept 2 notes on my phone: 1 where I noted the calories I'd looked up for easy reference, and one where I recorded each thing I ate and their value. Each day I totaled it up and added it to the list. (there were about 3 days, including the last two, where I forgot I was meant to be doing this and had to write my list at bedtime. Luckily they were days I had
  8. Hee! Please do! On a good day I do alright, but anything less than a good day and my focus is made of scatter... There's that lovely meme about not having ducks in a row, but squirrels at a rave, and it resonates sometimes! (Luckily the folk around have patience with me, that conversation is somewhat familiar in my life too!!!)
  9. Awwww! Thank you, this makes me feel really encouraged. *gratefuldancing*
  10. In other news... Exercise! This week I got a major brick wall of resistance around doing the BBWW... Just couldn't get myself engaged. Today I picked up the "Angry birds" workout (technique?) so I can convince myself to "just do 5 minutes" ... Worked today! Considering alternating and doing squats/push ups one day and rows/planks the next... Is that better /worse /the same than all in one day and a recovery day? Tomorrow is the last day of calorie counting to hit my target! And I batch prepped broccoli today to stop it going smooshy... Yay! Thesis...
  11. Yes! This is what I used to do a few years ago (though inconsistently)... About twice a week, on a good week, I'd make something in a large amount and that'd give me two easy choices... Plus I'd have a couple of staple easy things (pasta + passata was a favourite) that were my defaults. If you've got the freezer space I highly recommend this. I now don't have the space... Trying to find alternatives. As, yeah... I can't eat the same thing for a week either and it doesn't last outside the freezer! (Except oaty type breakfasts, for some reason). Oh. Although... I did ke
  12. *grins* I'm basically really lazy with food so I've got about 5 things I know how to cook which I make using an entire bag (of mince, veg, whatever) and stick the extra in the fridge... Problem is I'm also really bored of those things... But! Today I stuck a kilo of baby potatoes in a pot and boiled them up. A little olive oil, salt and pepper, and they'll be a huge amount of potato salad to eat instead of chips. I also made more breakfast smoothies, and finished chopping the bag of sprouts I was eating with my dinner... While my dinner (my current default of veggie sausage and ch
  13. Challenges! Given that I've tied these into my daily battles/epic quest goals I'm a bit puzzled as to where to put updates to avoid duplications... I've somewhat been alternating between this and my general accountability thread. Any suggestions? Anyway! Slow but steady progress...
  14. Today, inspiration struck! Today I'm at my partner's place with *literally* not enough floor space to lay on. Last week this meant I didn't do my exercises... I mean, there was walking, but no training. Today I woke up and wondered... Can I find some bed-based exercises to do instead? The answer was yes! Exercises for bedspace! I did the first three, then planking and (knee) push ups and a few yoga stretches. I'm thinking I'll gather a few exercises, work out which are the most efficient, figure out a bed based warm up (not like that!) and have an alternative to the B
  15. 1: Back calorie tracking again! Day 8/14 2: Squirrel proofing meals: Brainstormed meal ideals for batch cooking. Made general weekly shopping list... Made this week's shopping list. Bought food! (see pics!) 3. BBWW! One day on, two days off, fairly consistently so far. I can feel I'm getting stronger. 4. Thesis... Working on the final bit of part 1 that needs doing... Taking my books into the sunshine in a bit
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